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00. Introduction.
01. What is “Globalist Environmentalism”?
02. Goals of Globalist Environmentalism
03. Perpetuating the existence of the Global Industrial System.
04. Crippling the living standards of the System’s serfs.
05. Examples of Globalist Environmentalism propaganda.
05-A. Main propaganda points
05-B. Public reactions to Globalist Environmentalism propaganda.
06. Climate Change(TM): the be all and end all of Globalist Environmentalism.
07. Global environmental performance statistics and maps.
07-A. Concealed issues (chemical birth control).
08. The issue of “global” overpopulation.
09. Conclusion.
10. TL;DR summary
11. Download pack of infographics, images, statistics, etc.

00. Introduction

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll no doubt have seen me ranting at length about the fraudulent, warped and corrupt nature of Globalist Environmentalism. The threads are often long, but due to the limitations of Twitter, they aren’t particularly well communicated or structured. With this blog article, I aim to collate those threads into a cohesive and reasonably sourced argument that will hopefully be comprehensible even to the uninitiated.

I’ll be attempting to paint a holistic picture of Globalist Environmentalism and its relation to the System, highlighting their overarching objectives and exhibiting their propaganda techniques.

With this article I hope not to turn individuals away from environmentalism, but to demonstrate that the so-called “environmentalism” peddled by the System is little more than a brutal attack on its serfdom, with the fundamental goal of expanding its own political power and control. Additionally, I aim to emphasize the necessity of *true* environmentalism, environmentalism that is both disconnected from and uncompromising towards the System.

01. What is “Globalist Environmentalism”?

Globalist Environmentalism *is not* simply caring about the state of the environment around the World, that is, of course, a completely logical and rational standpoint. For example, we all share the same oceans, so trash dumped in India will find its way around to America and vice versa.

Globalist Environmentalism *is* pseudo-environmentalism propagated by the Global System itself, led by the political arm of the Globalist establishment, which includes the United Nations, European Union, International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, & Co.

This pseudo-environmentalism absorbs the energy of genuine environmentalist sentiment among the public and channels it back into supporting goals that benefit the System. Globalist Environmentalism is a pressure release valve, deployed to stop things boiling over into a situation that may threaten the Global System. For an example of this technique being applied politically, see Donald Trump (who was a hand-picked puppet from day one) absorbing rising nationalist sentiments among White Americans, re-directing them back into MutliCulturalism(TM) and the USA’s technoid dystopian future.

Globalist Environmentalism is mainly propagated by the System’s media and education apparatus, in addition to its heinous sub-organizations, all of which are founded or bought-out by the most evil, environmentally destructive people on the planet. See, for example: the United Nations’ Club of Rome, which was founded by David Rockefeller (rest in piss), who owned around 50% of the planet’s “Big Oil” corporations. See also: Extinction Rebellion (XR), which was founded by a small unity of British Government shills who have been involved with the implementation of 5G and other (quite literally) cancerous projects for decades. It would not be unfair to assume that XR’s founders work for MI5 or some other spook organization. If a large and influential organization is not immediately founded by the System, it will rapidly be bought-out by agents of the System. For this, see the once staunchly anti-immigration and anti-globalization Sierra Club. TL;DR: the Sierra Club was bought out by wealthy industrialist and Globalist Environmentalist David Gelbaum (you already know), who paid the organization $200,000,000 to become staunchly pro-immigration. You can read more on the Sierra Club here.

The fact that pretty much all of the shill organizations either praise or originate from the United Nations—an institution founded by the most corrupt, warmongering, uber-capitalist, industrialist, bankers’ bitches on the planet—sort of tells you all you need to know.

Momentary digression:

Extinction Rebellion have also openly admitted that they wish to action the United Nation’s “Agenda 21.”

I strongly recommend watching the documentary below after reading this article. Agenda 21, 5G, and Extinction Rebellion is another deep rabbit hole.

02. Goals of Globalist Environmentalism

The narratives of all major environmentalist organizations are almost entirely geared towards two main objectives, neither of which are particularly beneficial to the environment.

1. Perpetuating the existence of the Global Industrial System.
2. Destroying living standards to enfeeble their serfs.

Of course, these are not the publicly stated objectives of these organizations, but they are the functional results. There are subdivisions within these categories, which I will elaborate on later in this article, but generally speaking, everything that they preach can be placed within these two boxes.

03. Perpetuating the existence of the Global Industrial System.

There is less to be said about this objective as it’s pretty self explanatory.

Firstly, as previously mentioned, the System establishes fake organizations to keep would-be activists, rebels, or revolutionaries in its clutches, sending them on wild goose chases that loop back around to align with the values and objectives of the System*. An example of this would be campaigning for so-called “renewable” energy sources: solar panels, wind turbines, water turbines, and so on. How are these “renewable” systems manufactured? Oil, coal, plastic, etc.; their existence and maintenance is completely reliant upon the technological system in its current, planet-destroying form. These “renewable” sources are also horrendously inefficient, take over vast swathes of nature, and kill masses of animals. They’re the environmental equivalent of trying to re-attach a severed limb with electrical tape.

* This is similar to the way that Communist revolutions throughout history have always had the backing of International Finance, or the way that students enrolled in the capitalist-controlled university system are told to read Marx by professors who get paid $150,000 per year. The best form of opposition is one that you control yourself: System-sanctioned rebellion against the System.

Another way the System propagates itself while feigning eco-friendliness would be Consumerist “Environmentalism”.

We’ve all seen it: the room-temperature-IQ white girl getting tricked by Some Corporation(TM) subversively posting Turtle-With-Straw-Up-Nose.mp4 while they advertise their new mass produced “eco-friendly” reusable plastic straws and cups. File alongside electric cars and bamboo toothbrushes. It solves absolutely nothing, but the proles get tricked into thinking that they can save the planet by consuming Eco-Product(TM). It even comes with the added bonus of a sweet dopamine hit from the upcummies they’ll inevitably get after posting Eco-Product(TM) Virtue Signal Selfie on Instagram.

That being said, we aren’t big or clever for dunking on these people; it’s the environmentalist equivalent of Sargon of Akkad feeding his ego by shitting on 15 year old Tumblr feminists. These normies’ hearts are probably in the right place, even if they’re only spurred on momentarily by their ingrained desire to consume—unlike the Tumblr feminists, who appear to be driven by bitter spite alone. Either way, NPCs gonna NPC.

Related: You should also read my post about Paul Kingsnorth and watch his video documentary linked within.

04. Crippling the living standards of the System’s serfs.

The immediate explanation for this, again, is pretty obvious: keep the slaves weak to ensure that they’re too feeble to revolt. It’s a tried and tested method throughout recorded human history. Why do they promote obesity, sloth, encourage self-damaging behaviors, import drugs*¹, distribute free pornography, and so on? Surely a healthy working population would be more “efficient” and better for “profit”, they are money-hungry capitalists, are they not*²?

No. The last thing the elites want is an intelligent, fit, healthy, cohesive, united, and motivated population, aware of their crimes, filled with rage and vengeance.

An obese, milk-shake-throwing, porn-addicted cumbrain who glues their tits to the road because they’re upset that a hunter killed and ate a wild boar? Perfect. This is exactly the sort of citizen and “environmentalist” that the System desires. Entire countries filled with “Useful Idiots” (or useless idiots, depending on your perspective).

Yes, the System is responsible for the black market illegal drug trade, as well as excessively damaging legal drug trade – see: USA’s opium-based drug crisis (research the Sackler family), a situation that harkens back to the British Empire (System 1.0) intentionally flooding China with opium because China refused their trade.
The belief that the System and elites are entirely motivated by profit is a very common, and very, very foolish mistake. Would you care about profit if you controlled the entire planet’s money supply? Their motives ideological, not financial; they seek power not profit. Money is a utility by which they achieve and maintain power, it is not an end in and of itself.

The UN’s recent Biodiversity Report stated:
“We must undergo huge social and financial transformation”.

What did they mean by this? Were they referring to the 100 corporations* that are responsible for 71% of global emissions? Were they referring to the elites who fly private jets to “Climate Change” conferences? Were they referring to the third world countries that are responsible for 95% of global plastic pollution? Were they referring to India and China, the countries with the highest rates of air pollution and related deaths on the planet?

* These are probably owned by about five umbrella corporations operated by a bunch of System goons from the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group or something.

No, no, don’t be silly. Of course, they were actually referring to the proles, and not just any old proles, specifically the First World proles*, and not just any old First World proles, specifically EUROPEAN proles.

* because apparently Second and Third World industrialism just doesn’t real.

Whites—the people responsible for the least amount of pollution on the planet, the people with the largest concern for animal welfare on the planet, the people who recycle the most, and who implement the most green programs, and so on, and so on—are the primary target of this System’s living standard reduction agenda. This will all be demonstrated in subsequent sections of this article, specifically sections 05, 07, and 08.


Make no mistake: the Europeans were and are no angels when it comes to the environment, the Eternal Anglo and friends are responsible for the Industrial Revolution, in addition to “civilizing” (aka industrializing) much of the third world—though this was mainly the work of Freemasonic elites bankrolled by International Finance (see below images). Still, the fact remains that even in spite of the putrid, materialist, and consumerist culture forced upon us by the System, the Europeans still lead the way in almost everything pro-environment and pro-nature, while non-Europeans are responsible for the vast majority of planetary destruction (see Section 07 ‘Global environmental performance statistics and maps’ for more details). Except, of course, for the based tribesmen living the true “Primitivist” lifestyle.

Back to living standards.

“A huge social and financial transformation”: functionally, what does this mean for us Europeans? Do they mean that we should reduce our living standards in a way that allows us to live in a harmonious and sustainable symbiosis with our local environments? Let’s take a look at the System’s own “environmentalist” media propaganda to find out.

05. Examples of Globalist Environmentalism propaganda.

Take note that the vast majority of Globalist Environmentalism propaganda is targeted towards Whites, via methods such as calculated use of White models in propaganda imagery. By pure coincidence, the living standard reduction agenda just so happens to align with much of the Global System’s pre-existing, non-environmentalist agendas; I have included a couple of articles that are not explicitly environmentally focused to demonstrate this.

05-A. Main propaganda points

Judging from the mass of propaganda I have studied over the years, their main propaganda points seem to be as follows:

  • Living standard reduction, which includes heinous diets that will lead to mass enfeeblement of the common man. (“Eat Maggot, Go Vegan”).
  • Anti-natalism, which is inherently linked to immigration and Climate Change(TM) “refugees”. (“White Babies Cause Climate Change”).
  • Living space reduction or urban expansion to accommodate “global” overpopulation, also linked to immigration. (“Live in ‘Cage Apartment'”).
  • Everything bad in the World is caused by Climate Change(TM).
  • Wealth transfer from White to non-White countries (to a lesser degree).

Wealth transfer (or “Climate Reparations”).

The extortion of wealth isn’t really overtly demanded and hammered home like the other propaganda points, but it is certainly implied. We already see this happening with “foreign aid”, which is nothing more than theft and re-appropriation of White resources by the System. Fortunately, the United Nations were kind enough to provide some transparency via their “Sustainable Development Goals” website:

Put simply, they plan to steal 100 billion dollars worth of taxes from Whitey and the First World Gang by 2020. How do you think that’s coming along? I couldn’t find an update.

In addition to this, the UN’s “Carbon Footprint Offset Platform” aka Pleb Tax website is quite telling. It appears to be designed for Whites who are stricken with Climate Change(TM) guilt to pay away their shame by donating a few shekels towards the industrialization of the third world. Saving the planet one new Industrial Megalith at a time.

Taxes like this will no doubt be mandatory in a decade or two, this is a trial run. They will come under the name of “Climate Reparations.”

This also appears to be reflected in statistics on different races’ views on Climate Change(TM). Is this conscious decision making? Who knows, but I severely doubt that non-White people are, for some reason, too dumb to understand that “more Whites guilty about Climate Change(TM) = more free stuff for us.” Similarly, I doubt that White people are too dumb to understand “more Climate Change = more of our stuff gets taken away and given to people who aren’t us.”

05-B. Public reactions to Globalist Environmentalism propaganda.

99.99% of the time, Globalist Environmentalism resonates with a very specific set of individuals: the “NPC”, the “Lefty”, the “SJW”. These people are, generally speaking, extremely susceptible to guilt propaganda, beta, exhibit strong herd-like behavior, lack critical thinking and intuition. In short, they are the perfect Useful Idiots.

The character outlined in Section 04 – ” obese, milk-shake-throwing, porn-addicted cumbrain who glues their tits to the road” – would be one of the more extreme, but still surprisingly common, examples of this archetype.

In his book Technological Slavery, Ted Kaczynski analyses these individuals, which he labels “Leftists”, with surgical precision. Today, his description can easily be applied to many, many “Rightists” – see, for example, MAGApede Trump fanatics or Libertarians – similarly, not every Left-Wing individual exhibits “Leftist” type behaviors, though these behaviors are far more prevalent among Left-Wingers (hence the “Leftist” moniker).

Side note: Ted is an anti-racist boomer who doesn’t like conspiracy theories, so naturally his works aren’t perfect, but neither is anything else in this world. Kaczynski is a genius and his writing is some of the most important material since the Industrial Revolution. You must read:

Technological Slavery :
Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How

Field Research:

While researching Globalist Environmentalism propaganda and its effects on the populace, I surveyed a multitude of normie posts from normie sources. Overall, there didn’t seem to be much that deviated from the official narrative. The most frequently appearing talking points were as follows (in no particular order):

1) Time is rapidly running out. “18 months until Climate Change(TM) destroys the World!”
2) Europeans and Americans are hugely over-represented in global pollution and environmental destruction.
3) The most “privileged” plebs (codeword: Whitey) must make the most drastic lifestyle changes*
* Despite being the least responsible for global pollution.
4) Climate Change(TM) is the biggest problem ever, all solutions must be focused on Climate Change(TM).
5) Veganism is an absolute necessity.
6) Eating bugs is also an absolute necessity.*
* Eating 5-20 animals per year is somehow worse than eating millions of animals per year, probably because insects aren’t stereotypically “cute” and they don’t have “real” (anthropomorphized) faces.
7) Communism will save us.
8) Recycling.
9) “Sustainable” Industrialism (solar panels etc).
10 a) The world is very overpopulated so you (Whitey) need to stop having babies (because something something Climate Change CO2 etc)
10 b) The world is very overpopulated so I (White woman) should not have any babies.
11) Subsequently we all need to live in tiny bug hive apartments.
12) The UN and/or EU are AMAZING and our saviors.
13) These politicians are “incompetent”, so it’s up to us to do something!*
* This one is at least partially true, it is up to us to do *something*.
14) Muh straws.
15) Muh poor Climate Change(TM) refugees.
16) Offsetting muh carbon footprint, thank you based United Nations.

A couple of people mentioned the requirement for some sort of planet-wide GLOBAL(ist) organization required to tackle environmental crisis on a planetary scale [hand rubbing intensifies]. They were outliers, but the World Government seed will definitely be planted in the heads of many normies via Globalist Environmentalism.

Of all of the forums, news article comments sections, and social media posts that I read, I saw a grand total of…

*Drum roll*

Two people say: “these cursed elite industrialists are trying to blame all of their dastardly crimes on us, the slave class; they are destroying our living standards while they continue to live lavish lifestyles.” Thank you, two based and redpilled normies, 100% true.

Here are a few normieposts I spotted on Twitter:

Aside from the hilarious fact that normies think going vegan and buying a bamboo toothbrush and an electric car is a viable solution to an irreversible planet-wide mass-extinction event that will occur within a year and a half, it’s very evident that most people have zero desire to bite the hand that feeds them. All they want to do, or more accurately, all they’ve been programmed to do is self-flagellate and apologize.

“You poor darling Climate Refugee, I’m SO SORRY for living in Evil Evropa, by microwaving my privileged McMaggot Snack Noodles it was I who caused that random tornado to destroy your desert home. Please take my life savings and birthright as penance.”

See below, for example (possible unconfirmed Fellow White Person):

To summarize, the normie take, or their System-implanted thoughts on the issue are:

It’s all our fault, the European proles of the world, our governments are incompetent*, so we’re the only people who can do anything about this. The only viable course of action is to destroy our own living standards and emaciate ourselves by eating vegan-friendly bug paste while we toil away our tiny bug hive offices and sleep in our tiny communal bug hive high-rise apartments. It’s also very, very important that we stop breeding to make space for the millions and millions of third world Climate Change(TM) refugees, who we must accommodate and financially support via copious reparations, as we, the White plebs of the World, are wholly responsible for Climate Change(TM).

* Apparently, most normies still think that the governments of the world are incompetent and not malevolent, which is surprising after the past few decades of hell and deception. It would seem that the System’s actors have effectively maintained their ‘Bumbling Idiot’ facade.

This goes without saying, but the normie opinion on this issue is a perfect reflection of the mainstream media’s Globalist Environmentalism propaganda.

06. Climate Change(TM): the be all and end all of Globalist Environmentalism.

First labelled “Global Warming”, then re-branded to “Climate Change”, and soon to be popularized as “Climate Chaos” *. It’s doubtful that many have put much thought into the subtle terminological re-framing of this issue, but this altered terminology has changed the scope of this psyop from:

“Planet go warm, it your fault”


“Any minor natural disaster happening anywhere in the world can now be blamed on your individual actions.”

* See also the lesser known “Global Weirding”, which was invented in the early 2010s, but assumedly didn’t catch on because it sounds completely retarded and lame.

Before delving into further into this topic: YES, the Earth’s climate is changing. The climate has been changing since the dawn of time. The climate was changing before the birth of humanity. My argument is not that climate change is not real, but that a completely natural and unavoidable process has been successfully weaponized by the System against its serfs.

Continuing on…

When it comes to environmentalism, the globalists, leftists, elites, and so on, preach “Carbon”, “CO2”, and “Climate Change” to the point that it’s almost been deified. There is religious fanaticism towards Globalist Environmentalism among many normies, so it’s no surprise that Climate Change(TM) has been granted a place within the New World Order’s Holy Trinity.

There is a substantial list of environmental problems throughout the World, from deforestation, to microplastics, to megafauna extinction, to endocrine disruptors (EDCs)*, and so on; so why the myopic focus on Climate Change, and CO2/Carbon in particular? It’s not like these globalist elites and organizations don’t have any data available, they have all the data.

* These are quite literally turning animals gay, transgender, and sterile, more on that later.

Personally, I think that the most logical conclusion is that the effect of Anthropogenic [man-made] Global Warming (AGW) has been grossly over-inflated for political purposes, and that there is a chance that AGW may even be completely fabricated. We will probably never know the truth of the matter, but what we do know is that the biggest scumbags on the planet absolutely adore Climate Change(TM). Aside from Diversity being Our Greatest Strength(TM), and The Other Thing (you know the one), there’s very little that globalist elites and their puppets love ranting about more than Climate Change(TM).

More to the point: if Climate Change(TM) is real and we are all going to die due to irreversible man-made changes to Gaia’s atmosphere, then the solutions proposed by these pseudo-environmentalists are so laughably meager and ineffectual that we may as well start digging the mass graves immediately.

If the planet really has 18 months to live, as the System’s institutions claim, then the next 18 months should be dedicated solely to the total and absolute destruction of the Global Industrial System, and the capital punishment of all of those elites responsible for the destruction of the Earth. However, the carefully constructed web of pseudo-environmentalist pressure release valves, the bread and circuses, and the luxury cummies will continue to ensure that no mass revolt against the Global System happens any time soon. Certainly not within the next 18 months.

The 18 month timer will expire, and nothing will change. “Activists” will continue to glue their tits to the road and shit on supermarket floors before returning home to watch PornFlix on their 40 inch widescreen, all while the System continues to encroach upon what little “freedom” we have left.

Below: small selection of images that dispute AGW. You should do your own research and form your own conclusions, I do not recommend blindly following my opinion any more than I recommend blindly following the opinion of anyone else.

A hilarious and overlooked part of Climate Change(TM) propaganda is the “everywhere is warming faster than everywhere!!!11!!1” meme. The below images are self explanatory.

07. Global environmental performance statistics and maps.

PLEASE NOTE: I will be making an separate post (with high res downloads) dedicated to global environmental statistics and maps to both support this argument and for general distribution. You can also download all of the images used in this article and more via the link in Section 11.

First up, the biggie: CO2 emissions.

As you can see (below), White countries are generally responsible for the most CO2 emissions per capita. Curiously, this is one of the only instances in which libtards and other System drones miraculously understand what “per capita” is. Really makes you think, doesn’t it?

Surprise, surprise, India and China lead the way for total annual emissions, though White countries are still rank highly. For now, we’ll disregard the fact that we have (apparently) some of the lowest planet-wide CO2 levels in recorded history. And the fact that CO2 emissions have contributed about 70% to all re-greening (forest re-growth) on the planet.

CO2 is a bad guy, okay? The System said so.

Next up: all of the other stuff.

The wider the range of global maps and statistics we compare, the easier it becomes to understand the Globalists’ myopic focus on Carbon/CO2.

Note: It is interesting that both India and China have some of the lowest deforestation levels globally – perhaps due to re-greening from CO2? Couldn’t say for certain, I have no data on the topic.

Most polluted countries, globally.
Most polluted cities, globally.

Did you notice anything?

Every single map is basically a polar inversion to the per capita CO2 / “Carbon” / “Climate Change” map. In every way except CO2 emissions Europeans, including Americans and Australians, are by far the most environmentally friendly people on the planet (except for the aforementioned based tribal Primitivists).

Why aren’t normie environmentalists screaming about China and India?

Why are White countries the only ones to be legally bound by the Scumbag Nations’ Kyoto Protocol Climate Change(TM) framework?

07-A. Concealed issues (chemical birth control).

Alongside the completely lop-sided and anti-White reporting on global environmental issues, as mentioned in Section 06, there are many genuine issues that are either overshadowed or totally overlooked due to what can only be described as purely ideological motives.

One such issue is the effect of chemical birth control upon ecosystems around the World.

Chemical birth control has been proven to cause a wide rage of genetic mutations and disorders in all complex animal life forms*, mainly effecting their reproductive cycles; causing still births, intersex mutations, sterilization, and more. It is also incredibly unhealthy for humans, both male and female (obviously). Click here to read my Twitter thread on that aspect.

* I am producing a “meta analysis” on this topic and currently collating as many studies on the issue as possible.

Unlike many eco-crimes that are blamed entirely on White proles, in this instance we are genuinely one of, if not the major culprits. In the United States 98% of sexually active women have used birth control at some point in time, and 62% of those of reproductive age are currently using birth control [Wiki]. The prevalence of chemical birth control throughout the White world is insane.

There are shocking quantities of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) being pissed into ecosystems every single day, yet no influential environmentalist organization dares to even broach the subject – it is totally off-limits for public discussion.

Presumably, this is due to:
1) the fear of “offending” women who view casual sex with strangers as a human right;
2) the fact that planet-wide distribution of chemical birth control is part of the United Nations’ Agenda 21;
3) the fact that promiscuity undermines cohesive families, causing disunity and instability within society, directly reducing a communities’ ability to resist the System’s tyranny.

Beyond this, Globalists and their peons would have you believe that the evidently correlated meteoric rise in EDC usage, reproductive mutations among animals, and prevalence of human LGBT sexual “orientations” are all completely disconnected from one another. In some White countries, an individual may be charged with the crime of “Anti-LGBT Hate Speech” for even suggesting such a thing. The undeniable links between EDCs and reproductive disorders require immediate attention, but the laws imposed by the System responsible for spreading EDC pollution deny us the right to impartial investigation.

How can we trust people who flat-out deny the existence of basic biological concepts (such as sex and race) to act as loyal and honest custodians to Nature? It’s already evident that their warped and dogmatic ideological views prevent them from perceiving reality as it is.

This is how Globalist “Environmentalism” functions: an eco-crime that we are committing is not only concealed from us but painted by the System to be hugely beneficial, the pinnacle of “Human Rights”, while we simultaneously get blamed for committing 100% of eco-crimes that we are only 5% responsible for.

08. The issue of “global” overpopulation.

One quick glance at global racial population projections paints a very clear picture of our situation: Africa and Asia are almost entirely responsible for the “global” overpopulation crisis.

This is not to say that Europeans’ countries would not benefit from population reduction, but that our birth rates have now been below replacement levels for decades, thus our population is reducing itself. Without the mass of immigrants and so-called “refugees” flooding into White countries, the issue of overpopulation within our homelands would be resolved in a matter of generations. This would make it infinitely easier for us, and our descendants, to return to a lifestyle harmonious with Nature.

More importantly: why do we keep FEEDING THEM? Our “foreign aid” (aka, wealth that gets extorted from our nations by the System) is causing a completely unnatural population boom, a boom that will inevitably result in a bust. This bust will ecologically destroy any part of the planet that the boom has reached. This population bust will not only use up all resource types that we are currently using, but will completely consume entire ecosystems, as billions of people become un-feedable and revert to scavenging, devouring everything in their path.

When considering the above information, the System’s media shilling in favor of human cannibalism (seemingly out of the blue, as of August 2019) certainly activates the almonds, doesn’t it?

Maggots and manflesh, the diet of the future.

Anyway, the inevitable population bust is a planet-destroying event waiting to happen, and the System wants to place it directly on your doorstep, while elites hide in New Zealand Apocalypse Bunkers, with enough quality food and resources to last for decades.

Do you think that they don’t see what’s coming? They’re engineering it.

With regards to the threat of global overpopulation, the accusatory finger should be firmly pointed at Asia and Africa. Why should we Europeans be guilt tripped into reducing our already dangerously low birth rates or giving up our homelands to compensate for the foolish irresponsibility of mass-polluting people who pay no heed at all to the state of the planet?

09. Conclusion.

As demonstrated throughout this article, Globalist Environmentalism has successfully co-opted the energy of legitimate environmentalist sentiment among the public and re-channeled it into supporting the goals of the System. Globalist Environmentalism is focused on little more than destroying our living standards to enfeeble us past the point of resistance, while the System extorts us and ethnically replaces us with a new Third World serfdom, disguised as “Climate Change Refugees(TM)”. The will to resist this tyranny has been almost completely pacified by bread and circuses, Virtual Reality PornFlix, and McMaggot Estrogen Burgers. The small resistance that remains has been effectively subsumed into ineffectual controlled opposition foolishness, such as Extinction Rebellion.

What we need now more than ever is genuine, holistic, and fearless environmentalism; environmentalism that is completely divorced from the System’s functionally insane Leftist ground-troops; environmentalism that completely disregards the easily-bruised feelings of the emotionally unstable cat ladies and soyboys who currently pollute the movement; environmentalism that refuses to shy away from the truth or kowtow to the unhinged freaks and dirty money of the Modern World.

Should we lose, the future that Whites and the rest of humanity have to look forward to is bleak: A disgusting world-government technoid dystopia, in which drugged-out and sexually-sedated slave-citizens are forced to live in grossly overpopulated, solar-powered Megacity slums. The people of the World will be cooped up in tiny communal cage apartments, eating maggots and soy, while our overlords relax in huge tropical island mansions. Depending on the elites’ resource management skills, this may be promptly followed by a global mass extinction event, caused by a planet-wide catabolic collapse. But don’t worry, the chief Globalist Environmentalists will be safe and secure in their Apocalypse Bunkers.

Or perhaps the elites don’t actually want any of the above, maybe they just want to destroy our civilizations with the inevitable population bust that will result from booming Asian and African populations flooding into tiny and already overpopulated European lands. Who knows what will happen to the USA? The most likely scenario appears to be a slow Brazilification with an eventual slide into dystopian technoid South Africadom.

What is absolutely certain is that none of the “solutions” proposed by the System’s “environmentalist” organizations will ever achieve their publicly stated primary objective: End Climate Change(TM).

It is also absolutely certain that the System’s end game with regards to reducing our living standard doesn’t even come close to resembling a harmonious and sustainable symbiosis with our local environments.

10. TL;DR summary

00. Introduction.
– This article is the content of multiple long Twitter threads, organized and collated.
– The aim is to prove that Globalist Environmentalism is sinister, corrupt, and ineffectual.

01. What is “Globalist Environmentalism”?
– It is not: caring about the state of the *whole* planet.
– It is: fake “pressure release valve” organizations set up by the Global System that covertly promote the System’s agenda.

02. Goals of Globalist Environmentalism
– None of Globalist Environmentalism’s objectives are truly beneficial to the environment
– They are: 1) propagating the Global System, and 2) enfeebling the serfs.

03. Perpetuating the existence of the Global Industrial System.
– Non-solutions that are reliant upon the System to exist, i.e, “renewable” energy, etc.
– Consumerist “eco”-products for dumb normies to buy and do an “I’m Helping :)” dot jpg post on social media.

04. Crippling the living standards of the System’s serfs.
– Enfeebled slaves don’t revolt.
– The System does not want an intelligent, fit, healthy, cohesive, united, and motivated population.
– Whites are the primary target of the living standard destruction agenda (see Sections 05, 07, 08 for evidence).

05. Examples of Globalist Environmentalism propaganda.
– Lots of images

05-A. Main propaganda points.
– Eat maggots
– Go vegan
– Live in tiny box house
– Urbanize the planet
– Stop having children, Whitey
– Accept Climate Change(TM) refugees, Whitey
– Pay billions of dollars to the Third World for your climate crimes, Whitey (Climate Reparations)
– Everything bad in the world is because of Climate Change(TM)

05-B. Public reactions to Globalist Environmentalism propaganda.
– 99.99% of the people who embrace this propaganda are NPCs, Leftists, SJWs.
– Read Technological Slavery by Ted Kaczynski for his very accurate description of the Leftist mindset.
– When conducting field research, it was evident that most eco-normies parrot the System verbatim.
– Normies think the System is incompetent and not malevolent.

06. Climate Change(TM): the be all and end all of Globalist Environmentalism.
– Global Warming, renamed to Climate Change, soon to be renamed Climate Chaos, all for political purposes.
– Climate Change is the ultimate weasel word, it won’t commit to the extent or direction of change, just that change is happening, no matter what happens, ‘climate change’ is real.
– Globalist Environmentalism has myopic focus on Climate Change(TM), CO2, and Carbon, and overlooks a heap of environmental issues.
– AGW is either greatly over-inflated, or even totally fabricated, purely for political purposes.
– If climate change is real, then none of the solutions suggested by Globalist Environmentalism will have any real effect within the 18 month “Planet’s gonna die” time limit.

07. Global environmental performance statistics and maps.
– Lots of images.
– Everyone has terrible environmental performance except Europeans.
– Europeans emit the most CO2 per capita.
– India and China emit the most CO2 annually.

07-A. Concealed issues (chemical birth control).
– The System conceals prevalent environmental issues for ideological purposes, such as the highly damaging effect of chemical birth control.

08. The issue of “global” overpopulation.
– It’s literally all Africa and Asia.
– Europeans are self-depopulating via below replacement birth rates.
– Europeans are guilt tripped into reducing our already dangerously low birth rates or giving up our homelands to compensate for foolish irresponsibility of non-Europeans.

09. Conclusion.
– You should read all of the conclusion.
– The System wants you to believe and repeat the following: “It’s all our fault, the European proles of the world, our governments are incompetent, so we’re the only people who can do anything about this. The only viable course of action is to destroy our own living standards and emaciate ourselves by eating vegan-friendly bug paste while we toil away our tiny bug hive offices and sleep in our tiny communal bug hive high-rise apartments. It’s also very, very important that we stop breeding to make some space for the millions and millions of third world Climate Change(TM) refugees, who we must accommodate and pay copious reparations to, as we, the White plebs of the World, are wholly responsible for Climate Change(TM).”

11. Download pack of infographics, images, statistics, etc.

Please feel free to download and share this infographic pack, it includes all images used in this article in high res and more: