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I’m assuming that many who read this may be familiar with the infamous deep ecologist, Pentti Linkola, but for those who aren’t, here’s a small introduction to him and his work:

Kaarlo Pentti Linkola was born in Helsinki in 1932 and has been involved with naturalism and environmentalism from a young age. He’s currently retired and lives in a forest cabin, where he earns a living selling locally sourced fish from a horse-drawn cart, having spent much of his life working as a professional fisherman. Pentti also worked as an ornithologist, and in 1995 he founded a forest conservation charity called the Finnish Nature Heritage Foundation. In short, he’s the realest of deals when it comes to practicing what you preach.

Throughout his life, Pentti has been a prolific writer, authoring many works on environmentalism and ecology. At the age of 23 he wrote his first book, shortly after he abandoned his university studies of zoology and botany. Though Pentti is well known in Finland as one of the nation’s most famous ornithologists and infamous environmentalists (a quick YouTube search will turn up his multiple television interviews), unfortunately, the majority of his literary works have been unavailable in English until the last decade or so.

To say that his ideas are considered off-limits in the West’s culture of Liberal/Marxist bastardization is a huge understatement. According to the System and it’s brainwashed hordes, Pentti is the Literally Hitler™ of environmentalism – which, of course, means that his work is worth paying attention to.

The ideas of Linkola are often described as “eco-fascist”: he is anti-democratic, unrepentantly pro-genocide, and advocates a complete ground-up restructure of all modernized civilizations across the planet. He is a radical thinker in the truest sense, yet his arguments always remain firmly grounded in reality. In short, Pentti believes that humanity does not deserve to survive at the expense of Nature. Fundamentally, humanity will not survive at the expense of Nature, but we will take down countless species with us as we destroy ourselves, something that Pentti would rather avoid.

“Can Life Prevail?” (originally titled Voisiko elämä voittaa – ja millä ehdoilla? in Finnish) is the first of Linkola’s major literary works to be translated into English. It’s regarded as a seminal piece in modern “right wing” (non-libtard) environmentalism and deep ecology, and has been reluctantly described by libtards as “an inconvenient truth”. The book is a collection of Pentti’s essays, and covers a wide range of topics, from animal rights and deforestation, to t*rrorism and 9/11.

Rather than attempting to summarize the book, undoubtedly butchering it in the process, I’ll post a selection of quotes below, and advise you to read it yourself (either buy a copy or download/read the PDF linked at the top of this page).

Alright, go read his book.

‘Can Life Prevail?’ PDF: