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Are you excited to learn about the biggest criminal syndicate in recorded human history? It’s far less complicated than the chart below, trust me.

People sometimes ask what I mean when I say “the System.” At some point, I will go into everything in detail, but for now, please read the succinct introduction below; it covers the entry points for basically everything you need to know.

As many people reading this may have already read the works of Ted Kaczynski, I’ll begin by explaining “What the System is Not.”

The System is not what the Kaczynskiites claim it to be: a semi-amorphous, un-steerable mass of self-propagating technological development, with no true masters and no true captains. While Kaczynski was certainly a genius, and entirely correct that in his theory that the Technological aspect of the System is too big to reform, his theory that the System is too big to control is incorrect. I don’t aim to detract from his brilliant work analyzing the System, simply to fill in gaps where Kaczynski was limited: he had no internet access, was anti-racist, anti-conspiracy theorist, and anti-“kook”, so naturally, his understanding of the System and his worldview were flawed in some ways – no man is perfect.

The System is both the global Political network and Technological (Industrial) network; they are intrinsically interlinked and inseparable.

The System’s industry and technology is predominantly controlled directly (via board members, CEOs, chairmen, etc.) by elites from “think tanks,” such as the Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, and Bilderberg Group, in addition to political agents from the United Nations, IMF, etc.

The aforementioned big three “think tanks” (which are nothing more than well-presenting criminal syndicates) own, via umbrella corporations and subsidiaries, all resource corporations on the planet (food, energy, etc.), in addition to every mainstream media organization (I’m sure you’ve heard the “these five companies own all media in the USA” stuff before).

As you may have noticed from the diagram at the top of this article, the global political network is quite an incestuous web. For example, Rockefeller owned 50% of all “Big Oil” corporations, but also helped found world banking system (via Chase Bank, JP Morgan, etc), and assisted in the founding of the United Nations. His close compatriots, the Warburgs, founded the Federal Reserve, helped found the European Union, the United Nation, and also co-founded Chase Bank with Rockefeller. Very busy hucksters.

The map below represents the “Political” structure of the global System. It includes Think Tanks, NGOs, Secret Societies, the Banking System, and more (basically it doesn’t include the corporate/technological/industrial aspect of the System). It’s an adaptation of an old boomeresque conspiracy theory map (see below), color-coded and digitized. I checked every single connection implied by the map and they’re all 100% legitimate.

This is a visual representation of the “New World Order” / World Government System

This PDF is the step-by-step history of the System’s creation, from founding of the Federal Reserve to present day, names of all major key players and so on. You may have seen me post it before: https://files.catbox.moe/g44f0z.pdf

Below is the rough process of how the System came into being from the start date of the current iteration of the world government conspiracy. (It would take far too long to make a PDF like above for the entire span of said conspiracy).

It should be noted that the World Government / New World Order is “Biblical” in origin. There is 100% a metaphysical aspect to the System, which is often overlooked due to people like Alex Jones ranting about inter-dimensional beings in the most unhinged way possible. (Although he is amusing, he is a CIA asset and Disinfo Wars is a sham). That isn’t to say that there is no “occultism” involved. If you don’t already know how that goes, the TL;DR is that Pizzagate is real and the System’s elites rape and murder children. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but those who rule the System aren’t simply “greedy old men,” as per the common Leftoid perception.

Read the Old Testament for starters. If you’ve already read it and doubt what I’m saying, then read it again, but put your (tinfoil) N.W.O detecting hat on this time.

I wrote a thread about 6 months ago explaining what the System’s “ideology” actually is, but it needs updating.

I think that covers everything.


System = New World Order = World Government.
System = Industrial/Technological System (Resource Control) + Political System (Population Control)

Corporate + Industrial Networks (Resource Control) and Media Networks (Population Control) are primarily controlled by goons from “think tanks,” such as C.F.R., Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group. *

The Global and “National” government networks (UN, EU, countries’ national parliaments etc.) are primarily controlled by goons from “secret” societies, such as Skull and Bones, Rhodes Milner, Freemasons, Fabian Society, etc. **

Both “think tanks” and “secret” societies in turn answer to elite international banking families (Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Warburgs, Sassoons, and so on).

The origin of the “New World Order” is metaphysical in nature, see “Solomon’s Third Temple” and the Old Testament.

This should be enough information to give you a general understanding and a starting point from which you can conduct your own research.

* As demonstrated earlier with the various charts, the corporate organizations of the world are largely owned by a tiny handful of umbrella corporations. (I will edit this post to include some more and add a note at the top of the article as to which were included).

** Nation-States no longer exist, since end of The Second World War, they are now open-door multi-cultural dystopias, and the “Nation-State” governments are now nothing more than local front offices for the Global System.

P.S.: I know the “NWO Pyramid” is boomer as fuck but this is actually pretty much how it all slots together, in terms of power hierarchy.