The above quote was originally posted to Twitter by an embittered Person of Melanin, and bizarrely enough, this seemingly extreme rhetoric isn’t an outlier, but a fundamental theme in anti-White propaganda:

“You didn’t build anything.”
“You didn’t create anything.”
“All your ancestors’ creations were made by slaves.”
“Your entire race only steals from more creative ‘People of Color’.”

And so on, and so on, the stream of bogus nonsense goes.

Imagine saying this about any other race? Most of the enemy occupied White countries would throw you in jail for “Hate Speech” for saying anything of the sort.

Unfortunately, many self-loathing Whites are subsumed by the relentless bombardment of this vile rhetoric that spews forth from our occupied media and educational institutions. The NPCs genuinely seem to believe that their ancestors’ vast wealth of achievements were literally reliant upon, or stolen from people of other races.

Obviously, this is complete lunacy of the highest order; our people, White or European people, are the most creative and laborious in recorded history, and have been so for thousands and thousands of years.

Alongside our countless inventions and technological advances*, Whites are the progenitors of many great civilizations and cultures, spread far and wide across the planet, from the Americas, to Asia, to Africa, to Australasia. We’ve conquered, built, and created civilizations on every continent on the globe… And that’s before taking into account how much of our ancient history that has been erased from knowledge.*

* No matter how beneficial they may be at this point today, we are responsible for something along the lines of 97% of recorded inventions. An insane figure.

* I’ll be writing a small introductory post on the lost expanses of ancient White territorial lands and their cultures at some point in the near future.

Back to the quote:

I first saw the quote superimposed over an old photograph that staunchly disproved it. This original edit (below) was created by my compadre PressEscToGoBack (see his work on Twitter).

This simple juxtaposition Esc had created really struck me for some reason.

For so long I’ve seen this trash anti-White rhetoric, but never summarized as succinctly as “Whites have never built anything”. Via a random, throwaway, five-word-Tweet of butthurt, this bitter Person of Melanin had unintentionally boiled this specific anti-White propaganda angle down to its quintessence.

Too good of an opportunity to miss. I asked esc if I could steal has idea and set about creating my own versions.

The juxtaposition of majestic White creations against the disparaging, bitter, and jealous quote was too good to miss. See some examples below.