“Saddam was evil, he was gassing his own people!”
“Gaddafi was evil, he was killing his own people”
“Assad is evil, he was gassing his own people!”
And the family favorite, “Hitler was evil, he was gassing his own people!”

What did these “regimes” and “dictators” have in common? The desire to free their countries and people from international debt slavery, the petrodollar, and, in Syria’s case, opposition to US oil interests in the Middle East.

What is a fiat currency and what is a petrodollar, from where did they originate, and how do they tie into debt slavery?

In this article: an ultra simplified, layman’s history of international bankers’ currency swindling, and how that is responsible for the abominable financial mess we find ourselves in today.

Note: we’re starting around 1900, but the swindling dates back much further than that. Look into the history of “merchant banking” (http://archive.vn/4a91x).

The Second World War was the major turning point in international financial swindling, as it was with almost everything globalism-related.

Before 1945, the vast majority of countries valued their currency via tangible anchors, such as the gold or silver standard. In short, money had real value because it was based upon and could be exchanged for physical, valuable goods. Immediately after the Second World War was over, these tangible anchors (gold and silver standards) were abolished by the Soviet and Allied victors via their Bretton Woods Financial Conference.

This conference led to the development of the centralized global finance network that dominates the world today. Every major institution responsible for enforcing currency standards globally was formed at the Bretton Woods Conference; this includes the IMF, World Bank Group, World Trade Organization, etc.

Though this conference was superficially headed by the leaders of the United Nations, the “Big Four” (aka USA, USSR, UK, and China – http://archive.vn/pjTco), these states were at the mercy and command of international bankers, and each major political leader was assigned a financier handler. Exactly who was being pimped by who is listed in detail in this PDF https://files.catbox.moe/g44f0z.pdf, but the short explanation is that the states and their leaders were either pimped by the Federal Reserve gang (Warburg, Schiff, Baruch, etc.) or the “British” banking gang (Rothschilds, etc.), which collectively form one closely-knit international banking cabal.

The situation at the post-First-World-War ‘Paris Peace Conference’ (http://archive.vn/KBgb1), where the Treaty of Versailles was signed, was very similar. According to UK Prime Minister David Lloyd George, who was supposedly one of the heads of said conference, “the international bankers swept statesmen, politicians, journalists, and jurists all to one side and issued their orders with the imperiousness of absolute monarchs.”

This cozy relationship between heads of state and international bankers is nothing new, but the absolute dominance of financiers was realized at the Bretton Woods Conference, with the earlier creation of the United Nations, and with the creation of the UN-adjacent world finance network.

It’s worth noting that the United Nations (the current de facto world government attached to various globalist control networks) was formed by the “Big Four” in 1942, long before the Second World War had ended (https://archive.vn/9bQXu).

Anyway, back to the Bretton Woods Financial Conference, at which the CEOs of globalism were busy deconstructing the currencies of the world.

So, the gold standard was abolished globally and the US dollar was set as the global base currency in its stead. All money was ‘pegged’ to the US dollar, and, in turn, the US dollar was ‘pegged’ to gold. This meant that all currency around the world had a fixed base rate dependent on the price of the dollar, which in turn was dependent on the price of gold. Simple enough, right? The USA would exchange dollars from countries around the world for gold, and any trade imbalances would be fixed via loans (etc.) from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Who actually owns the IMF? Presumably the same banking cabal (Rothschilds, Warburgs, etc.) that was pimping out the leaders of the United Nations. Today, almost every country in the world is a “member” of the IMF (aka, is pimped by the IMF). Check the IMF member-state list here: http://archive.vn/mAsPT. 188 countries.

Routing all global currency through the USA’s Federal Reserve already sounds sketchy, but it gets even sketchier. The Federal Reserve is neither federal nor a reserve, but a private bank founded in 1913 (the same year as the ADL, pure coincidence) by the Warburgs, Rockefellers, etc., cousins of the Rothschilds. Remember when I said the banking cabal was close-knit? I meant incestuous. (Again, see this PDF for names, places, dates, etc: https://files.catbox.moe/g44f0z.pdf).

Things get sketchier still: In the 1970s, President Nixon (presumably under the orders of his financier handlers) canceled the US dollar being pegged to gold. This meant that the USA ‘floated’ the currency and, as a result, all currencies around the world that had previously been based upon the tangible value of the gold standard (routed via the US dollar) became fiat currencies. A fiat currency is a currency without intrinsic value, based on nothing tangible at all, AKA, functionally worthless monopoly money. Supposedly “Nixon’s” cancellation of the dollar’s gold standard was due to economic stagnation within the USA but considering everything else we’ve covered, it would be safe to assume that it was a malevolent attack on currency – all part of the plan!

Do you see what they did there?

Here’s a TL;DR:

>They ensnared every country on the planet with their IMF/World Bank/BIS network (this was done forcefully in many cases).
>They initially sold a globally consistent currency based on the tangible gold standard (which, of course, would be managed by their globalist cartel).
>They waited a few decades before removing the tangible valuing system for all currency around the globe, essentially rendering all currency worthless.

Very sneaky.

An example of why this is dangerous occurred in 1992, when George Soros attacked the British Pound, believing that it had entered the European Exchange Rate Mechanism at an excessively high rate. Soros’ attack forced the Bank of England to devalue the currency and withdraw from the ERM. The lone financial swindler profited over one billion dollars, and the UK Treasury (aka the UK taxpayer) lost over three billion dollars. The biggest joke of all is that the Bank of England is essentially the UK’s equivalent of the Federal Reserve, a privately-owned central bank. An independent banker entered into a currency war with a private bank and extracted billions of dollars of taxpayer money from people who had no part in any of it. What are the chances that the bank and Soros shook hands behind closed doors? Gets the cogs whirring, doesn’t it?

The Bank of England was supposedly “nationalized” in 1946, immediately after the Second World War and the creation of the world finance and world governing systems rendered nation-state governments completely obsolete. The various states of the world are now owned by private financial and corporate interests. Your government is fake and gay, staffed by Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations members, and a selection of weird pedophiles from elite clubs, like the Skull and Bones society.

Quick TL;DR on the petrodollar: trade deals with oil-exporting countries that guarantee oil exports will be paid for in dollars, functions in a similar way to ‘pegging’ currencies.

Hopefully, you haven’t forgotten about the aforementioned gassings and killings. How does all of this financial trickery relate to those?

Saddam planned to drop the petrodollar a few years before he was attacked for his completely non-existent WMDs. Gaddafi was on a mission to free Africa from the dollar via the introduction of a new gold-backed currency. Assad fucked with USrael’s pipeline plans and thus fucked with the petrodollar. Another contemporary example is Venezuela, which abandoned the petrodollar in 2017; now look at the state of their country, filled with totally-not-CIA-engineered social chaos.

Nazi Germany was the pesky thorn in the side of these globalist financiers and was almost responsible for derailing their entire operation. With Germany we see a pattern repeated all too often: initially, Germany played ball, which gained them the support of some globalist organizations, corporations, and even financiers. The globalists even overlooked Germany being mean to the jews – the economy was booming, the business opportunity was too good to miss! However, when the German government moved to nationalize their central bank via the Reichsbank law (passed June 15, 1939) all hell broke loose. We all know what happened next. Skip forward 80 years and Nazi Germany is the evilest creation known to man in the entirety of recorded history. Just as Gaddafi was the evilest dictator of North Africa. Just as Saddam was the evilest dictator of the Middle East. Just as Assad is the evilest dictator of the Middle East today. Whether these men were/are evil or not is by-the-by, the point is that the switch flipped as soon as they moved to detach themselves from the international finance network.

You see the pattern:

>State frees or moves to free itself from debt slavery.
>State suddenly starts committing atrocities against its own civilians for no apparent reason.
>State is subsequently destroyed by globalists.

When people talk of a lack of “Rothschild owned central banks” as the reason for these wars, it’s somewhat of an oversimplification, but more or less accurate. Naturally, finance isn’t the sole motive for war in the Middle East (Iraq and Syria both occupy “Greater Israel,” and thus must be destroyed by Israel’s chief golem, the United States). Still, finance is a major tool by which the globalists exact control over the world today. Technology and centralized corporate production combined are probably equally as important, but one must never forget the power of finance.

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