Coronavirus AKA Wuflu AKA SARS2 AKA SARSAIDS AKA Chinese Cringe AIDS — we need to come up with some consistent branding for this thing. I did like Cringe AIDS when it was only afflicting the Chinese but now that there’s a chance that I might die of “Cringe AIDS” I’m no longer a fan.

This article is a summary of my thoughts and probably contains a few useful talking points for you to use. I’ve tried to cover most aspects but may have missed something out. My memory sucks, but what can you do?

P.S I haven’t edited this nor checked it for errors so there may be some mistakes and some parts may be jumbled and retarded. May do that in future but probably not since this is basically just a news post and not a super serious article.


– PSA: Masks
– Globalism in General
– The Responsibility of “Our” Governments
– The Global Government
– The Mainstream Media
– Economics
– Industrialism
– Environmentalism
– Multiracialism
– State Overreach
– China
– Geopolitics and Conspiracy Theories
– Conclusion and Shitposts


Wear a mask. Even a slap-dash homemade mask is effective at preventing infection to some degree.

Do you want this? No, I don’t think that you do.


Globalism is the primary cause of this plague outbreak. This entire article will be shitting on different aspects of globalism but, on the most basic level, the fact that any chump can waltz straight into almost any country on earth without issue is probably the number one causal factor of the Chinese SARSAIDS pandemic. It’s interesting to note that closed-bordered North Korea — the ideology of which, ‘Juche,’ literally translates to “self-reliance” — managed to hold out uninfected for a fairly lengthy period, despite bordering China, the plague’s epicenter. Additionally, when your own countries’ vital industries are reliant on trade with other countries, this movement of people is functionally impossible to stop, as goods shipments require staff. I’ll get into industrialism later.

All of you reading this will be fully aware of the danger that open borders pose to a nation. The colossal spike in terrorism, grooming, pedophilia, rape, and murder that has been caused by the importation of millions of young Doctors and Scientists are no secret. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people either simply do not care about these issues (as they are unlikely to be personally effected) or they fear the colossal political, social, and economic repercussions that an individual faces for daring to illuminate the problem of demography. In an individualistic world populated by self-serving, narcissistic, gratuitous hedonists, the fact that an individual is much more likely to be personally afflicted by a SARSAIDS plague than “Swedish” grenade attack or a “British” rape gang makes this viral outbreak a useful rhetorical weapon against globalism.

At the very least, it has proven beyond a doubt that open borders are a threat to public safety. Will this outbreak force normies to at least consider the non-disease related threats of open borders? Will they spare a second thought to the mass of raped and murdered women and children? You can call me a cynic but I’m not holding my breath.


Those most responsible for the spread of this plague into our lands are “our” governments. As I’ve covered innumerable times, these are not our governments at all but front office facades acting on behalf of the world government of international finance.

If you completely discount the conspiratorial aspect of this situation — taking the incredibly naive stance that our governments aren’t completely fake and gay — you should still acknowledge the fact that Western governments will undoubtedly have been forewarned about the plague by their intelligence agents inside China, long before the public was made aware of the full extent of the threat.

If you want to pretend that the Western governments have no spies in China and that they were completely in the dark about the truth of the situation, then according to the information available to the general public, Western governments have had from December to close the borders, prepare vital infrastructure, and mass-produce vital supplies (masks, etc.) in case of emergency.

Of course, the SARSAIDS outbreak isn’t the first potential global pandemic that has threatened the First World. Consider ebola: it arose in the 1970s and seemed to peak in the 2010s. It was declared a “world health emergency” and had a mortality rate of around 50% (25-90%) via extreme hemorrhaging — meaning that ebola patients bleed to death from every orifice. Were any travel restrictions put in place? Of course not, and millions of Sub-Saharan Africans were imported into Europe during the peak of the virus. Scientists and others have warned our governments of this precise scenario for decades.

Instead of preparing adequately for the threat of a global pandemic, “our” governments have done the complete opposite, downplaying the threat to the maximum degree.

The United Kingdom, with its natural moat, is in the best geographic position in Europe to enact isolationist, closed-borders policies, yet even to this day, when the entire population is locked down in quarantine, the country’s borders remain open. Their initial official strategy to deal with the SARSAIDS outbreak was to intentionally infect 80% of their population.

There is no excuse for this supposed incompetence and it’s likely that the state won’t provide the terrified public with any excuses at all. Of course, these governments are not “incompetent” but malevolent. We are occupied by people who are hostile to our existence on a racial and metaphysical level. They abhor us; they want us not just dead, but suffering immensely. They are deranged, depraved, and vindictive people with a revenge complex so strong that the average man will never be able to comprehend it. In the words of Sam Hyde, “do not forget that these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think it’s funny.”


Beyond the reach of our “nation-state” governments, various arms of the world government, such as the WHO (which is owned by the IMF and World Bank gang via the United Nations), have consistently put out lie after lie after lie, endangering billions of people worldwide. This includes claims that the virus was not airborne, that there was no human-to-human transmission, that masks were pointless and ineffective, that there should be no travel restrictions, and so on and so on.


The international media apparatus has also been spreading insane amounts of disinformation, claiming that SARSAIDS is “just the flu” and telling people to hug immigrants because “racism is the real virus.” This media apparatus is centralized in the Western world via less than ten corporations, which are all controlled by corporate goons from various globalist pedoclubs (such as the Bilderberg Group and Council on Foreign Relations). The global media is very much a part of the global governmental elite, one of the most integral parts. This situation has demonstrated, once again, that the media is the enemy of the people.


I don’t have a lot to say about this issue other than that I think everyone’s takes have been utterly retarded. The economically left-wing appear to be operating within the framework that we actually have a “free” market, rather than total dominance at the hands of a tiny elite who have centralized all industries under their control. The economically right-wing are somehow trying to blame Socialism and/or Communism. A complete shitshow.

In any case, this plague has demonstrated that an insular economy that is in the hands of the Nation, be it centrally planned or not, is vastly superior to a globalized, rootless economy. My general stance on economics is that the industrial system is unsalvageable and eventual collapse is inevitable. However, if it was salvageable, and if Whites could retake their countries intact, we would have to immediately nationalize every major industry and corporation above the level of small business, since they are entirely occupied by people hostile to the Nation: Bilderbergers, CFR members, Freemasons, and so on. Going “full Communism,” so to speak, is not an ideal economic situation but a means to an end to remove the forces of globalism. In my opinion, this is all pure fantasy and our ship is already sinking.


This issue may be alien to a few of you who aren’t familiar with the works of various anti-technological/anti-industrial thinkers or are new to following me on Twitter (as I post about it less frequently these days). I’ll keep it simple. All of our vital sustenance (water, food, fuel or energy) is highly centralized in the hands of the “state” and corporations. As I’ve already explained, the state is now in the hands of a fiercely hostile international cabal who are working to destroy us. The corporations are also in the hands of this cabal.

This means that everything you require simply to exist is in the hands of people who completely despise you and view you as a subhuman slave. I’m sure I don’t need to elaborate on why putting an entire nations’ food and water supplies in the hands of a tiny hostile elite is a bad thing, however, even if these vital resources were centralized in the hands of a benevolent state or corporations, this method of production would still be “problematic.” One major hiccup and everything that the nation needs to survive suddenly disappears. In a heavily globalized economy that is entirely reliant upon international trade, any major global disruption (such as a Bat Soup SARSAIDS pandemic) can bring a population to the brink of starvation in a matter of weeks.

Most people never stop to ponder the question of what will happen when their mass-produced McSlop ready-meals stop magically appearing on supermarket shelves.

The answer is that they starve to death.

Hopefully, the supply chain disruptions caused by this plague outbreak will demonstrate that, at the very least, food and water should be in the hands of the people, not controlled by corporations or the state, and certainly not by a cabal of hostile rootless internationalists. As it stands, the people of the West are no better than battery farmed animals; localized production of vital sustenance has always been the best option.


Due to the lockdown and humanity’s lack of industrial activities, plants and animals are bouncing back. It always astounds me how quickly this can happen, how rapidly nature can repair itself. It’s a wonderful thing to see.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t resulted in any real reflection on humanity’s place in the biosphere or how we could live sustainably, but the typical misanthropy from the schizoid Leftists who populate our societies: “What if humanity is the virus and corona is the cure?” Many people subsequently accused these retards of being “eco-fascists,” but even the most ardent “eco-fascists” view humanity as a natural part of the biosphere. This sort of nihilistic view is completely alien to the life-affirming Fascist worldview. In any case, I’m glad that people are at least considering the environment, though I can’t see this driving any real change — the overlords certainly won’t want any further disruption to their precious industrial system once this all blows over.


We’re yet to see how the diversity issue will play out in full, but I’m predicting a general rise in tribalism and racial chauvinism. We’ve already seen a huge spike in anti-Chinese racism from people of all races (for example, there are multiple videos of African Americans assaulting Chinese people). There has been open hostility from normies towards “refugees” and “migrants” (invaders) flooding into Italy during the plague crisis. One scientist compared them to gorillas, then doubled down after being called out by some angry libtards, saying that even the gorillas wouldn’t be so thoughtless. I’ve also noticed a rise in immigrants expressing concern for their historic homelands, even if they have never visited them.

As I’m sure you’re all aware, diversity simply leads to racial/ethnic chaos, hostility, conflict, and instability (as I’ve documented at length Relationships between racial and ethnic groups will become increasingly hostile as competition for vital resources increases.

Alongside the exacerbation of all existing multiracialism-related issues, we’re also seeing a very consistent pattern of lawlessness and quarantine-flouting on behalf of non-Whites. Various European countries that have large colonies of invaders (such as France) appear to be struggling to quarantine them. The New York Jewish community has been threatened with total permanent synagogue closure as they have been completely ignoring all quarantine restrictions. Of course, they haven’t faced any actual repercussions for recklessly spreading the plague, but an angry normie New Yorker who threatened to baseball bat them has been arrested by the FBI. Incredible. Similarly, there are numerous videos of African American populations being scorned by police while having what appears to be street parties in protest of restrictions. I can see the People of Brown being bullied into submission by the state temporarily, but if resources dry up we can expect an explosion of rioting, looting, and so on. Of course, to even suggest that such a situation may occur is the gravest sin in Diversity World, but when have we been wrong about this sort of thing? Never.

Remember the “ice cream challenge?” A big favorite of the People of Brown.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a government controlled by nationalists acting in an authoritarian manner while trying to protect the nation from harm, that is an excellent thing. However, as I’ve already explained a thousand times, our governments are occupied and malevolent, filled with relentlessly power-hungry people who hate us and are trying to sneakily genocide us. This is the perspective that we should take towards the state until it is possible to regain control of our territories. I don’t particularly care how that is achieved as long as our enemies are ousted and redacted, but the fact remains that those in power are extremely hostile to us.

Any state overreach, threats of martial law, increased surveillance, increased police powers, and so on, should be viewed through the above lens. Remember that “our” governments have had months to prepare for this specific plague outbreak and decades of warnings of potential outbreaks before this incident. They’ve intentionally allowed this crisis to afflict us to justify an expansion of their oppressive powers — it’s the same old Hegelian formula that they’ve used from the beginning: Thesis->Antithesis->Synthesis.

The best examples of state overreach in action can be seen in the ever-oppressive United Kingdom, which is years ahead of all other White countries in terms of New World Order-ism. A few highlights include their police using spy drones to record and publicly name-and-shame Brits hiking in the middle of nowhere, banning people from accessing large areas of the countryside (it’s fine to quarantine urbanites, it’s not fine to ban ruralites from walking in their natural environment), and reminding the populace that any heated Bat Plague related gamer-moments will be charged as a “hate crime.”

Usually, the British police are so ineffectual (perhaps intentionally so) that the UK has the worst knife crime and pedophilia problems of any White country. Approximately 19,000 children were groomed and raped in 2018, almost all of whom are native Whites being targeted by non-Whites. The police in Europe only seem to do their jobs when they need to keep the public safe from the deadly threats of hikers and boomers posting the N-word on Facebook.

The UK is the pristine example of a hostile occupation government controlling its populace through fear and anarcho-tyranny, as well as through covert, implied, and second-hand violence. Unlike America, British police won’t murder you in cold blood, instead, they’ll imprison you for disrespecting an Esteemed Guest and quietly hope that a gang of Rocket Scientists uses a sharpened toothbrush to poke a few holes in your vital organs.

China has also used this plague outbreak as an opportunity to ramp up its technological-dystopianism, enhancing its surveillance software and social credit system. For a preview of the latest NWO patch updates, check on either the UK or China.


I’ll keep this one short. While our occupation governments are responsible for the entry of SARSAIDS into our territories, the Chinese government, which is as NWO-occupied as our own, is wholly responsible for the SARSAIDS outbreak.

In collaboration with the NWO’s WHO, they lied about the severity and nature of the virus for months, in addition to attempting to conceal the outbreak from the outside world. (Check this long Twitter thread detailing WHO/China connections: Not only did they fail to contain it within their own country, but they also failed to restrict travel to and from China — as far as I know, any chump can still catch a flight into China to this day.

The Chinese have also been selling masses of faulty medical equipment to White countries. Even if China was not NWO-occupied, they would still be absolutely perfidious, as they always have been, and should be viewed as such.

This situation has also de-masked the Sinophiles — from Alt-Right weirdos to NRx autismoids — who have unveiled themselves as a wretched fifth column, happy to ally with the anti-White Zionistic NWO behemoth of the East. Is there anything this plague can’t do? Astounding.

Not siding with anti-White eastern ZOG is anti-White, according to Evan McLaren of Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute. Don’t you want to be on the winning team? The one that causes a SARSAIDS pandemic and then sells your people faulty medical equipment during its peak?

The Alt-Right and its consequences have been a disaster for the nationalist movement.


There have been so many theories thrown around that it would be impossible to cover them all, so I’ll go over the main theories that I’m familiar with. The huge quantity of theories at least demonstrates that the general populace now has very little trust in mainstream narratives, which is excellent.

Virus Was Artificially Engineered:
Seems pretty believable to me. Here’s a video on the subject:

Likelihood? 7/10

Virus Is A Hoax Or 5G Coverup:
I’m not buying this one. I do see a lot of Masonic tags all over virus-related news articles (vast quantities of ’33’s, far too many to be coincidental), which usually indicates that we’re being fucked with, but it doesn’t always mean that we are being hoaxed. Not every psyop is a hoax, they’re more believable when they aren’t hoaxes. The overlords may be doing some nefarious things with 5G while everyone is indoors, so I’ll give it SOME credence. If anyone has any solid evidence for this, HMU on Twitter. I haven’t seen any.

Likelihood? 2/10

The Virus Was Intentionally Released (Our Greatest Allies Did It):
No comment.

Likelihood? No comment.

Bill Gates’ Mass Microchipping And Vaccinating:
This has essentially been confirmed by the man himself.

Likelihood? 10/10

Virus Was Released To Cause Global Depopulation:
I assume most people reading this will have heard of the Georgia Guidestones and Agenda 21, but if you haven’t you should look them up. In my opinion, there is a plan to depopulate the globe, but it seems that globalists are going to achieve this by artificially inflating Third World populations (specifically that of Sub-Saharan Africa) and then flooding First World countries (specifically White countries, plus Japan and Korea) with immigrants. This would create a boom/bust scenario that would cause extreme depopulation by starving everyone to death. Was the virus created to depopulate the world? I don’t know. Perhaps elites are using it as an opportunity to dispose of the older generation of White people who are far more conservative than the youth? Again, I don’t know.

Likelihood? 3/10

Martial Law or Apocalypse Test Run:
The idea behind these two theories is that the virus was released to usher in martial law or to see how a population would react to the enforcement of martial law. It’s always a possibility and should never be ruled out — you can never be too suspicious of our occupation governments, measures have been in place for martial law in the US for a long time (FEMA camps, mass graves, and so on). At the very least the government will be using this as an opportunity to test the population.

Likelihood? 6/10

Virus Was Released To Discredit Drumpf:
He discredits himself.

Likelihood? 0/10

Virus Was Released To Destabilize The West:
Our governments are perfectly capable of destabilizing our countries without assistance from the Chinese but it is always worth remembering that the global elite is one large network of secret societies and pedophiles being pimped out by international bankers. Our elites are Rootless Cosmopolitans, and they will happily collaborate with Rootless Cosmopolitans on the other side of the planet to fuck us over. Regardless of whether this is all one big conspiracy, it’s undeniable that this virus is being used to tank the Western economy, while the East rises. I believe that this is being used to achieve the overall NWO scheme to shift their power base away from the “Atlanticist” West (specifically the US) to the Eastern ‘Eurasian Union’ (USSR2.0 + China) — does this mean that the virus was intentionally released to achieve these aims? I don’t know. Is the virus being utilized to achieve these aims? Undoubtedly. If you haven’t taken the ‘Eurasia = Bad’ pill yet then maybe you should think about taking it.

Likelihood? 9/10


There is no conclusion, I just wanted to include a few plague-related shitposts I saw this week to lighten the mood.

STAY HEALTHY. Remember to eat your zinc.