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I shouldn’t have titled this article “an introduction” because it’s ten times longer than an introduction should be. If you don’t want to read 12,000 words, then please read this much shorter article, which covers the same information and includes a two-minute-long TL;DR explanation. This longer article does contain some extra information that you may find useful but I recommend reading the shorter article.


1. Introduction
2. Who is Aleksandr Dugin?
3. Dugin’s Literary Works
4. Eurasianism and National Bolshevism
5. The Foundations of Geopolitics: What is Neo-Eurasianism (“Duginism”)?
6. Dugin’s Main Geopolitical Aims (‘Foundation of Geopolitics,’ TL;DR version)
7. Dugin: Anti-Racist, Anti-Nationalist, and Virulently Anti-White
– Edit / Amendment: “Ethnopluralism”
8. Dugin’s Views on Race (TL;DR version)
9. Concluding Part 1: What the hell is going on with the Alt-Right?
10. Addendum/Update: Post-Article Responses

UPDATE! See this article here for a lengthy exposé on Alt-Right Duginism.

“[Duginism] is a case of ideological subversion that is plainly obvious and honest, yet you are called a conspiracy theorist whenever you talk about it.”
– Freedom Alternative, ‘What is Duginism and Why it Matters’

1. Introduction

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about Dugin and Duginism. “What the fuck is a Dugin and why should I care?” is generally the standard reaction. Unfortunately, most nationalists have no idea who Dugin is and they certainly don’t know what “Duginism” means. I’m partially to blame for this, after I posted a long Twitter thread on the issue that gained some traction. The thread was poorly structured and contained no introductory explanation to Dugin or his history — it was basically just a rant, not particularly helpful. This article should, hopefully, repair that damage by providing nationalists in the West with a solid introduction to Dugin, covering his history, his connections, his beliefs, and his overarching objectives.

Unfortunately, this is going to be a very lengthy multi-part article, there’s so damn much to write about.

The aim of this article is to introduce Westerns to Dugin and Dugism from a Nationalistic perspective, as well as to conclusively demonstrate that Dugin is by no means our ally and that his political theories are completely toxic and subversive. Dugin isn’t even remotely close to being somebody that a European nationalist, White nationalist, or generally pro-White individual should ever be associating with. Yet, that won’t stop swathes of influential figures of the New Right, Alt-Right, and Identitarian movements from singing his praises and regurgitating his shitty ideology.

Duginism is difficult to summarize in brief, as it contains numerous elements that require historic or even esoteric background knowledge to fully understand. An ultra-succinct summary is that Duginism is to the right what “Cultural Marxism” is to the left, though this is an oversimplification and a very surface-level analysis. “Cultural Marxism” is an informal label for the forms of Marxist thought relating to and including Western Marxism, Freudo-Marxism, etc. Basically, “Cultural Marxism” includes all of the forms of Marxism that butthurt Tankies/Stalinists insist are not Real Marxism™ but “Radical Liberalism,” because “muh economics.”

Anyway, both Duginism and Cultural Marxism are forms of Communist entryism that have been neatly refined to appear ostensibly less Communist, or even un-Communist, in order to appeal to non-Communists and subvert more effectively. Duginism, Cultural Marxism, and Communism itself are all part of a much wider political force; a colossal multi-century conspiracy to construct a singular world government, led by international finance. They have essentially already achieved this objective in a non-official capacity. This article won’t be getting into any of that in detail, but it is always important to remember that the System (or the ‘New World Order’) is not, and has never been, only Marxism or only Liberalism, but a collaboration of both. Liberal elites crush us from above while Marxist intellectuals and grunts undermine us from below, and those who control the money supply sit atop of the pile.

Note: “New World Order” is the globalists’ own name for the world government. “Conspiracy theorists” didn’t pluck that one out of thin air. If you check YouTube or BitChute, you will undoubtedly find many clips of leading politicians, bankers, oligarchs, etc. using the term. E.g.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBSJvtkPICM&t=97s

2. Who is Aleksandr Dugin?

Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin, the man behind “Duginism,” is a Russian political strategist with ties to some of the most powerful people in Russia; various oligarchs, billionaires, Kremlinites, military men, and even Putin himself. This includes people such as Sergey Naryshkin (Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service), Igor Rodionov (Defence Minister), and Gennadiy Seleznyov (Chairman of the State Duma). Dugin’s father was a colonel-general of Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU), which is essentially the Russian militaries’ own KGB; a foreign-intelligence agency. GRU was originally established in the USSR by Leon Trotsky’s deputy. Because Dugin’s father was an extremely high ranking glowie, Dugin was born into spookdom; the number of influential KGB agents that Dugin has collaborated with is too long to list: http://archive.vn/iOvCT.

Wikipedia will tell you that Dugin is a Fascist. He is 100%, unequivocally not a Fascist. Dugin was an early member of the Communist ‘National Bolshevik’ (NazBol) party and assisted in the party’s organization. That should be a huge red flag to any of you with even a basic understanding of the scourge that is Bolshevism and its hellish influence on European people – I’m sure I don’t need to elaborate on that. The Russian NazBol party was founded by Eduard Limonov, who (fun fact) most likely worked as a homosexual male prostitute while in the US working as a Communist overseas agent. In 2001, Dugin founded his own ‘Eurasia Party.’ Four years later he founded the Eurasian Youth Union, which is banned in Ukraine due to the party’s destruction of a Ukrainian exhibition documenting the Holodomor (the genocide of Ukrainians by the USSR, 1932 – 1933).

There are a few common misconceptions about Dugin and Duginism in the West, largely propagated by the lying mainstream media, but also by clueless (or subversive?) nationalists spreading disinformation. These include claims that Dugin is…

• A Fascist.
• Nationalistic.
• Anti-imperialist.
• Anti-Liberal.
• Pro-Christian (specifically Orthodox).
• Traditionalist (capital-T Traditionalism of René Guenon and Julius Evola).
• Somehow beneficial to White nationalists within the West.

These claims are not just “slightly untrue” or an “easy mistake to make,” they’re quite literally a polar inversion of the truth. All of the above can generally be debunked in under ten minutes via a quick web search, or by reading Dugin’s own words, so you should be quite skeptical of anyone making any of these claims. At best they are clueless (which is forgivable, due to the vast quantities of disinformation on Dugin) or, at worst, they are malevolent liars.

In addition to being deeply involved with high ranking elites of Russian secret services, military, government, and an assortment of internationalist billionaires, you can also find Dugin cropping up in the most bizarre and unexpected places. See the montage below, featuring some renowned “right-wing” characters. Please bear in mind that I’m not claiming that all of the people listed below are “Duginists,” merely demonstrating that Dugin’s tentacles span far and wide, to debunk the farcical claim that he has limited influence or no influence whatsoever.

Furthermore, I don’t believe that everyone who parrots Dugin’s rhetoric should be accused of being a “Duginist,” as it is entirely possible to unwittingly absorb an ideology via osmosis, which is, in fact, the most common way that people absorb ideology. Consider the modern shitlib leftoids of today: Do any of them understand that their ideas on race and gender were created by a bunch of literal-CIA-and-KGB-agent Marxists who were funded by David Rockefeller and friends (Frankfurt & New School)? Of course not! They don’t understand where their idiotic beliefs originate and most are never informed of the true origin of their delusional worldview. What’s the point in subverting somebody if you tell them that you’re subverting them?

It may only take a handful of influential individuals to inject a subversive ideology into a movement, political party, or even a nation-state, in order to steer it in the wrong direction. I’m sure you’re well aware of COINTELPRO, the influence of “think tanks” such as the Council on Foreign Relations, or even the Rothschild family. A few charismatic men can have a big impact.

3. Dugin’s Literary Works

Dugin has written a hell of a lot of things over the years. Though this piece will feature quotes from a variety of his books, articles, and blog posts, the two texts that are key to understanding Dugin’s political theories and strategies are The Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia (‘FoG,’ 1997) and The Fourth Political Theory (‘4PT,’ 2009).

Foundations of Geopolitics is by far Dugin’s most important work. Dugin himself describes it as an “indispensable guide for all those who make decisions in the most important spheres of Russian political life – for politicians, entrepreneurs, economists, bankers, diplomats, analysts, political scientists, and so on.” In FoG, Dugin outlines his ‘Neo-Eurasianist’ geopolitical strategy, which includes a multitude of instructions on how to subvert, manipulate, and conquer various countries in order to create a Eurasianist empire.

As Dugin said, the book is highly influential among Russian elites, including the military, who used it as a textbook in their Academy of the General Staff. It was co-drafted by Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, head of the International Department of the Russian Ministry of Defence. After writing FoG, Dugin was hired as a guest lecturer by the military, to explain his geopolitical Neo-Eurasianist theory to Russian officers and the likes. Seleznyov, a former Russian State Duma speaker and a buddy of Dugin, urged that FoG should be incorporated into the Russian school curriculum.

The most important thing about FoG is that it is, essentially, straight-to-the-point and completely “mask-off,” which you’ll see when we get into the contents of the book in the following sections. Fourth Political Theory, on the other hand, couldn’t be more different. You may have seen 4PT being praised by various nationalists in the West, as it has been heavily marketed to Westerners by Arktos Media (which publishes and translates Dugin’s work for Western consumption) and other “New Right” or “Alt-Right” influencers. 4PT is not designed for Russian consumption, but to be read by hapless Western nationalists. Dugin’s aim with 4PT is to ideologically subvert nationalists in the West, making them more malleable and likely to assist (passively or actively) him in achieving the political goals he laid out in Foundations of Geopolitics. 4PT is overflowing with psychobabble, verbose gobbledygook, and complete bastardizations of various historic right-wing thinkers — particularly notable is the manner in which Dugin mutated and completely inverted the Traditionalist School of thought. 4PT will be quoted throughout this piece, but for an idea of the sort of nonsense included in the book, chapter 13, “Gender in the Fourth Political Theory,” is devoted to arguing in favor of a-sexual transgenderism. Behind the shoddy and transparent mask of phony “Traditionalism,” nothing separates Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory from the extant ideology of the New World Order* that he claims to oppose.

* Often labeled as “Neo-Liberalism,” though I personally believe that this label is inaccurate and insufficient.

In summary:

FoG is Dugin’s political strategy document, in which he outlines highly detailed plans on how to create a Eurasian empire by subverting foreign nations, it was written for Eurasianists, to benefit Eurasianists. 4PT is an implementation of FoG’s political strategy, in that 4PT is a subversive book written for Westerners and disseminated in the West, to channel Western nationalism towards Eurasianist ends.

In brief:

FoG = Mask Off = Duginism-For-Me (For Eurasianists) = Influential among elites of Russia.

4PT = Mask On = Duginism-For-Thee (For the enemies/subjects of Eurasianists) = Promoted in the West by the Alt-Right, New Right, and Identitarians (specifically European Identitarians).

4. Eurasianism and National Bolshevism

The basic idea of Eurasianism, which is an ideology/movement dating back to the early 1900s, is that Russia belongs to neither Europe nor Asia and, therefore, must expand to conquer both. The basic aim of Eurasianism is the creation of a single Eurasian superstate/empire; an expanded USSR. To use a trite pop-culture reference, yes, just like ‘1984.’ Eurasianism wasn’t necessarily synonymous with Bolshevism but there was a lot of crossover between the two. Not all Eurasianists were Bolsheviks but all Bolsheviks were Eurasianists, this includes Bolsheviks in Europe as well as those in Russia. Eurasianism has been endorsed by a whole range of disreputable characters throughout history, and by that I mean our mortal enemies. Eurasianism has also been endorsed by a handful of characters generally regarded as reputable, such as Francis Parker Yockey. Eurasianism should be recognized as a form of Russian imperialism and malevolent globalism; it’s certainly, nothing that a nationalist should want to be involved in, though you don’t necessarily have to be a “nationalist” to oppose ultra-globalist hegemonies.

One renowned Eurasianist that you may be familiar with is Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, the Freemason who founded the European Union on behalf of the Rothschilds and Warbugs (of the Federal Reserve). Kalergi is infamous for the below quotes from his book ‘Adel’ (1922), which were republished in his later work ‘Praktischer Idealismus’ (1925). http://archive.vn/6piTP

The idea of a ‘United States of Europe’ has long been endorsed by globalists from Churchill to Trotsky, to present-day EU officials. A European superstate is a necessary step on the path to a continent-wide Eurasian superstate.

Eurasianism was embraced by the German National Bolsheviks, such as Fritz Wolffheim, Heinrich Laufenberg, Ernst Niekisch, and Karl Paetel (who ret*rds will try to tell you were actually “based nationalists!”).

You may ask yourself: “How is it possible to merge Bolshevism – an explicitly globalist, anti-racist, anti-nationalist, Communist ideology – with nationalism?” It isn’t. All historic attempts to merge nationalism with Bolshevism have ended in failure. The result of NazBol is always Nationalism sans-Bolshevism or Bolshevism sans-Nationalism, mostly the latter and never both in unison. Lenin ridiculed German NazBol’s views (on nationalism and race) as “absurd,” and all of the leading NazBol figures were expelled and banned from Germany’s Communist parties. (So much for the “Red/Brown alliance”). The deepest foundations of Bolshevism are anti-nationalist, and a house built upon rotten foundations is destined to collapse.

Many German NazBols opposed German expansionism but simultaneously favored USSR expansionism or pushed for Germany to join the USSR. With regards to Eurasianism, Niekisch wrote “in 1919 Laufenberg already thought in terms of continents.” Paetel’s ‘National Bolshevik Manifesto’ states that: “Revolutionary nationalism must take sides. In other words, to unambiguously be a fighting-comrade, to be with the anti-Versailles forces, to be with the formations that want to fight for the Socialist Fatherland of tomorrow, one must therefore belong at the side of the KPD.” The KPD was the German Communist Party, which also founded ANTIFA.

The NazBols’ economic policy was identical to that of the other Communist parties (dictatorship of the proletariat, banning private property, and so on), and after the Second World War, Niekisch became a regular Orthodox Marxist, as well as a sociology lecturer.

The National Socialists and National Bolsheviks were not the best of friends. Basically, NazBols called NatSocs Capitalist shills and NatSocs called NazBols Judeo-Marxists (Judeo-Bolshevism or Judeo-Masonic Bolshevism being one of the primary NatSoc theories). Eventually, National Bolshevism was outlawed.

With regards to German “National” Bolshevism, Dugin wrote the following in ‘Fourth Political Theory:’

“In 1932, the German National Bolshevik, Ernst Niekisch, whose ideas were remarkably similar to both the Russian National Bolsheviks (Ustrialov) and the Eurasianists, wrote a book with a revealing title: Hitler: Disaster for Germany. Niekisch fought against Nazism and the Nazis, and predicted earlier and more precisely than most others what would be the consequences of their bloody rule for Germany and mankind. He did not give up. He threw down a challenge to ‘evil fate’, not putting down his fists. Most importantly: he resisted a strength that seemed invincible with a handful of like-minded anti-Nazis. A group of Niekisch’s followers — one of them the National Bolshevik Harro Schulze-Boysen — became the core of the ‘Red Orchestra’. It was him, almost blind by then, that the Soviet troops freed from a concentration camp in 1945. He did not see the physical victories for which he gave his life, but until the end of his days he remained convinced that it is necessary to stand opposed to the evil fate of human history, even if it arises from its deepest flywheels.”

47 pages later, he wrote:

“The only thing that we insist on in creating such a pact of cooperation is to put aside anti-Communist, as well as anti-fascist, prejudices. These prejudices are the instruments in the hands of liberals and globalists with which they keep their enemies divided. So we should strongly reject anti-Communism as well as anti-fascism. Both of them are counter-revolutionary tools in the hands of the global liberal elite.”

I guess he doesn’t count writing about “disastrous consequences of the evil and bloody rule of the Nazis” as espousing “anti-fascism.” Dugin’s political stances are completely schizophrenic, as you’ll see in the following Sections.

Note: A lot of people on the internet claiming to be NazBols aren’t actually NazBols but shitposters who claim that Stalin and Hitler were based because “le funny genocide men.” They probably have absolutely no idea what National Bolshevism (or regular Bolshevism) actually entails, ideologically. The simple fact of the matter is that most people don’t really care about reading political theory. And who can blame them? It’s usually very boring.

5. The Foundations of Geopolitics: What is Neo-Eurasianism (“Duginism”)?

Though ‘Duginism’ (aka Neo-Eurasianism) is now a “refined” form of subversion (it’s still quite obvious if you know what to look for), fortunately, it didn’t start that way. FoG paints a crystal clear picture of Dugin’s geopolitical agenda and the nature of Neo-Eurasianism in general.

The defining aspect of Dugin’s Neo-Eurasianism is that it is, at its core, an oppositional ideology, built upon hatred of the “unipolarity” of the “Atlanticist” West, specifically the United States.

• Dugin, Foundations of Geopolitics, 1997 http://archive.vn/mh0oi
“The new Eurasian empire will be constructed on the fundamental principle of the common enemy: the rejection of Atlanticism, strategic control of the USA”

• Dugin, Foundations of Eurasianism, 2015 http://archive.vn/PD0mc
An important aspect of the Eurasian worldview is an absolute denial of Western civilization. In the opinion of the Eurasians, the West with its ideology of liberalism is an absolute evil.”

• Dugin, Lecture on Eurasianism at Johns Hopkins University http://archive.vn/3p4WZ
“Eurasia and our space, the heartland (Russia), remain the staging area of a new anti-bourgeois, anti-American revolution”

Duginism is opposed to “American” geopolitical and cultural dominance (or “Atlanticist Hegemony”). The existence of “Atlanticist Hegemony” may seem ostensibly true to those of you with a poorer grasp on the nature of globalism. While the US is certainly dominant, it simply serves the larger “New World Order” by acting as its chief golem. The USA is the NWO’s international military, so to speak. Once the US is bled dry, the NWO gang will simply pack up shop and move their HQ to Russia and China, which will replace the US as the NWO’s global military enforcer. This is something that we already see happening today (and one of the purposes that Duginism serves). See below.

Note: I include the vast quantity of montages below in the hope of dispelling the utterly ludicrous notion that Russia and China are somehow “based and Anti-Z*G.” Anyone arguing that is the case is either a clueless noob (forgivable), a complete fucking idiot (less forgivable), or intentionally deceiving you (unforgivable).

The argument frequently made by ret*rded Alt-Right ecelebs, that Russia and China are somehow opposed to the New World Order, is completely insane and delusional. It is so obviously and easily falsifiable that I find it completely implausible that somebody would ever make this argument in good faith — In other words, that they are not intentionally deceiving you by making said argument.

Anyway, continuing…

In FoG, Dugin describes his Neo-Eurasianism as “the battle for the world rule of Russians,” stating that “the maximum task is the ‘Finlandization’ of all of Europe.”

[Note: as you’ll see in following sections, Dugin is a race denialist, so his idea of the “world rule of ‘Russians'” has absolutely no ethnic or biological basis whatsoever.]

Finlandization is when a powerful entity (usually a country but not necessarily) forces a less powerful country to abide by its laws while allowing the less powerful country to maintain pseudo-independence and its own political system (within the confines of its master’s laws). You could describe the dominance of the New World Order globalists (UN, EU, World Bank, IMF, etc.) over our own countries as a form of Finlandization on a global scale. Finlandization is similar to the creation of vassal states, but unlike a vassal relationship, the small state does not benefit at all.

FoG sets numerous “tasks” to be completed by Russia, Eurasianists, or Dugin’s globalist friends around the world. Remember, this book was written in 1997.

“Tasks in the United States:”
• Russia should use its special forces
within the borders of the United States to fuel instability and separatism. For instance, provoke “Afro-American racists.” Russia should “introduce geopolitical disorder into internal American activity, encouraging all kinds of separatism and ethnic, social and racial conflicts, actively supporting all dissident movements – extremist, racist, and sectarian groups, thus destabilizing internal political processes in the U.S. It would also make sense simultaneously to support isolationist tendencies in American politics.”

“Tasks in the Middle East and Central Asia:”
The book stresses the “continental Russian-Islamic alliance” which lies “at the foundation of anti-Atlanticist strategy”. The alliance is based on the “traditional character of Russian and Islamic civilization”.
Iran is a key ally. The book uses the term “Moscow-Tehran axis“.
Armenia has a special role and will serve as a “strategic base” and it is necessary to create “the [subsidiary] axis Moscow-Erevan-Teheran”. Armenians “are an Aryan people … [like] the Iranians and the Kurds”.
Azerbaijan could be “split up” or given to Iran.
Georgia should be dismembered. Abkhazia and “United Ossetia” (which includes Georgia’s South Ossetia) will be incorporated into Russia. Georgia’s independent policies are unacceptable.
• Russia needs to create “geopolitical shocks” within Turkey. These can be achieved by employing Kurds, Armenians and other minorities.
The book regards the Caucasus as a Russian territory, including “the eastern and northern shores of the Caspian (the territories of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan)” and Central Asia (mentioning Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirghistan and Tajikistan).

“Tasks in Europe:”
Germany should be offered the de facto political dominance over most Protestant and Catholic states located within Central and Eastern Europe. Kaliningrad oblast could be given back to Germany. The book uses the term a “Moscow-Berlin axis“. [Note that this is the same aim as old German NazBols and modern Russian NazBols]
France should be encouraged to form a “Franco-German bloc” with Germany. Both countries have a “firm anti-Atlanticist tradition”.
• United Kingdom should be cut off from Europe [Brexit]
• Finland should be absorbed into Russia. Southern Finland will be combined with the Republic of Karelia and northern Finland will be “donated to Murmansk Oblast”.
Estonia should be given to Germany’s sphere of influence.
Latvia and Lithuania should be given a “special status” in the Eurasian-Russian sphere.
• Poland should be granted a “special status” in the Eurasian sphere.
Romania, Macedonia, “Serbian Bosnia” and Greece – “orthodox collectivist East” – will unite with the “Moscow the Third Rome” and reject the “rational-individualistic West”.
• Ukraine should be annexed by Russia because “Ukraine as a state has no geopolitical meaning, no particular cultural import or universal significance, no geographic uniqueness, no ethnic exclusiveness, its certain territorial ambitions represents an enormous danger for all of Eurasia and, without resolving the Ukrainian problem, it is in general senseless to speak about continental politics”. Ukraine should not be allowed to remain independent, unless it is cordon sanitaire, which would be inadmissible.

Foundation of Geopolitics TL;DR:

Utilizing racial minorities (but also racists) to cause disruption and chaos within “Atlanticist” territories.
Isolation of the Anglosphere (or the “Atlanticists”) from the rest of their European brethren.
• The merging of various (mostly European) countries to create larger geopolitical blocs.
• The necessity of a Russo-Islamist alliance.
• Absorption of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe into Russia itself.
• The creation of a “Third Rome.”
• The creation of a “Multipolar” world.
• Dugin really hates Ukraine for some reason. [Old Bolsheviks did too].

Below are some extracts from the catechism (doctrine summary) of Dugin’s ‘Eurasian Youth Union’ organization (http://archive.vn/nVLZQ):

“You were born to rule Eurasia. Our goal is absolute power. We are the Union of Gentlemen, the new masters of Eurasia. We will affirm our will sovereignly, unwaveringly, irrevocably. Dominance begins with oneself, then passes to the neighbors, then to the distant, and so – in circles – wider and wider, until it reaches the maritime borders of the continent. We are Eurasianists precisely for this reason: our will overturns the borders, it is certainly wider than allotted, allowed, measured, allowed. We are the imperial builders of the newest type, and we don’t agree on less than power over the world… we are the masters of the earth. Until we gain victory, we will be evil. Good should be shown to the vanquished and weak. A strong adversary who is not going to give up and retreat deserves our hatred. Our enemy is the civilization of the far West, on the other side of the ocean. USA. To preserve our “I”, we must introduce strict anti-American hygiene. This is the first step on the path of the great war of the continents: Eurasia against the Atlantic. Our Union has an absolute enemy. This is the USA. This is the beginning and end of our hatred. This is the law of battle: first we bring down the main – great – enemy, then we deal with each other. Eurasianism knows no borders, it crosses the oceans, our cells, squads, squads are growing everywhere.”

You can also check Dugin’s Eurasia Party Wiki for a very brief rundown on his “Eurasian empire.” TL;DR: It will be a multi-racial empire (globalism disguised as nationalism, Civic “Nationalism”), anti-“separatism” and anti-“localism” (anti-racist), founded on “Bolshevik values” (Communist in principle) and feature federalism (Finlandization of smaller states). (http://archive.vn/QEhXI). Evidently, Dugin’s claims of “anti-imperialism” are a unidirectional attack on the “Atlanticist” powers, considering that his core objective is the re-establishment of a Eurasian empire.

Dugin’s Neo-Eurasianism, which is Communistic in nature (though Duginists will often deny that fact for “optics” purposes), is heavily inspired by the expansive imperialism of the USSR. Dugin referred to Stalin as a ‘Eurasianist elder brother:’ “Stalin was not a separate individuality, but a collective person, an Elder Brother, a manifestation of Eurasianism in its communist variant.” (http://archive.vn/IP9Se pg. 140). In a 2012 interview, Dugin said: “I’ve been struggling with this for 25 years […] wanting to unite Soviet and Russian patriots […] We are on the side of Stalin and the Soviet Union” (http://archive.vn/oCN7s). Dugin’s journal ‘Elementy’ began by praising Jean-François Thiriart, who advocated a “Euro-Soviet empire which would stretch from Dublin to Vladivostok and […] need to expand to the south, since it require(s) a port on the Indian Ocean.”

In 2014, Dugin published an article titled ‘Horizons of our Revolution. From Crimea to Lisbon’ via his 4PT website (http://archive.vn/xAmTj), in which he stated:

“We aren’t going to limit ourselves by annexing Crimea. That for sure. […] our revolution will not stop in Western Ukraine. It must go further in Europe. This is the most interesting aspect: With Kiev’s Maidan the U.S. have opened Pandora’s box in Europe. And it cannot be not closed anymore. […] Europe faces a Revolution in both cases: if we, Russians, win, and if we stop somewhere under NATO pressure. If we win, we will begin the expansion of liberational (from americans) ideology into Europe. It is the goal of full Eurasianism – Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok. Great Eurasian Continental Empire. And we will build it. This means European Revolution will be Eurasian Revolution. This is our last horizon.

In this article, he also argues that any resistance to Eurasianist imperialism will be the act of “neo-Nazis” who are funded by the “global financial oligarchy,” which is as hilarious as it is ludicrous, considering that Dugin’s buddies and backers are globalist financial oligarchs. Dugin also argues that European nationalists’ resistance to immigration, Islam, and the LGBT agenda (which he has labeled “neo-Nazism”) can only be stopped via Eurasianist imperialism. More on Dugin’s support of Islam, immigration, and the LGBT agenda later.

The basic summary of the article is: “We’re going to conquer your country in addition to flooding it with immigrants and promoting degeneracy, and if you resist any of that then you are literally Hitler, which justifies our aggression against you.” Where have we heard that one before? How about every single SJW / Libtard / NeoCon / NeoLib / Globalist / Communist ever? (http://archive.vn/xAmTj)

One day after Putin came to power in 2000, Dugin embraced his glowie heritage and published an article stating that the KGB should be “the backbone of the Eurasian Renaissance.” (http://archive.vn/jljgv). Some people have claimed that Dugin’s Eurasia Party was initially bankrolled by the FSB, a successor of the KGB, though I couldn’t verify that for certain. (http://archive.vn/T9Cus)

You could be forgiven for assuming that Dugin’s Neo-Eurasianist project is, for all intents and purposes, simply a rebuild of the USSR and a revival of Bolshevism. The Bolsheviks and European Communists have advocated for the creation of a Eurasian superstate since the early 1900s, after all. You could also be forgiven for assuming that Dugin is simply another Communist, indeed this duck not only quacks but swims and flies as well. My stance is that Dugin, like the Communists of the past, is simply an agent of the New World Order, utilizing Communism as a political tool to advance the NWO’s world government agenda. Communism is a piece of a larger puzzle.

Most importantly, this brief introduction to Dugin’s true mask-off geopolitical goals should be a decent indicator that he and his agenda are hostile to Europeans and White people internationally. Dugin’s pseudo-opposition to “Liberalism” does not make him our ally in the slightest. If you still aren’t convinced that Dugin is the enemy of White people, stay tuned for the undeniable evidence listed in Section 7; he spells it out for us very clearly.

6. Dugin’s Main Geopolitical Aims (‘Foundation of Geopolitics,’ TL;DR version)

• Create chaos in the West (especially America) to cause its collapse.
• Promote pro-Russian and pro-Eurasianist attitudes in White countries.
• Increase globalism via the creation of superstates (like the European Union).
• Promote Islam in a positive light.
• Promote relationships and alliances with Muslim countries.
• Cut off “Atlanticist” (Anglosphere) states from other White countries.
• Create a “Multipolar World” – AKA, move the NWO’s power base from the West (Atlantic, USA) to the East (Eurasia, Russia).

It seems that the overarching agenda is to engineer a conflict between eastern NWO and western NWO, promoting the Cold-War style false dichotomy that Russia and USA are free entities, distracting from the fact that both are sock puppets of the singular World Government. I assume the overall end game is the engineering of a Third World War, which will result in overt world governance (rather than the covert world governance that we currently live under), as every other major step on the path towards the NWO has followed immediately after a large conflict. See rough timeline below.

Maps that illustrate Dugin’s geopolitical strategy.

7. Dugin: Anti-Racist, Anti-Nationalist, and Virulently Anti-White

This has to be made crystal clear: Dugin despises the White race.

Combined with his prominent anti-Racist and anti-Nationalist stances, this is the most vitally important aspect of Duginism, as far as we should be concerned. Though Dugin claims to simply oppose “Atlanticism” and “Liberalism,” he clearly regards the terms ‘White,’ or ‘European,’ “Liberal,” and “Atlanticist” to be interchangeable. It must be noted that Dugin is simply continuing the Bolshevik tradition of anti-racism that was pioneered by Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, etc. (find the relevant quotations here).

“Marxism puts forward internationalism to replace all forms of nationalism, the fusion of all nations into a highest unity…” – Lenin, 1913

USSR’s anti-racism campaigns:

This section will demonstrate:

1. Dugin’s personal opposition to racism.
2. That Fourth Political Theory (4PT) is 100% anti-racist.
3. Dugin’s belief that all Europeans are racist.
4. Dugin’s endorsement of anti-racist Cultural Marxist and Liberal ultra-globalists.
5. Dugin’s flat-out denial that races and ethnic groups exist on a biological level.

In short, this section will conclusively demonstrate that Dugin’s schizophrenic views on race are identical to those of the anti-White System, its purple-haired SJW drones, Cultural Marxists, Neo-Liberals, and every other wretch of the ‘modern world’ that Dugin claims to oppose.

Dugin’s stances on race are longstanding, when he and Limonov revived “National” Bolshevism in Russia in the 1980s/90s, their party had a staunchly anti-racist program, borrowed directly from the old Bolsheviks’ stances:

• Dugin, National Bolshevik Must Know, NBP – FAQ http://archive.vn/rsqp0
Any form of xenophobia, anti-Semitism, racial intolerance is alien to the National Bolsheviks. […] the NBP has nothing to do with neo-Nazis and all kinds of narrow-minded Hitlerists. […] National Bolsheviks are nationalists of the soil, not nationalists of the blood. This means that for us the ethnic origin of a person does not matter Soil nationalism, imperial nationalism – this is a true manifestation of the Russian idea, in contrast to racist ideas fashionable in certain circles, borrowed from the West and foreign to our national mentality. Unlike ethno-nationalists (neo-Nazis), we do not want to separate the Russians from other peoples who have lived with us for centuries. […] we consider the Soviet period of our history as a historical stage in which Russia reached the highest point of its power. The October Revolution, the Great Triumph of 1945 – these are the unconditional victories of Russian civilization. Our Bolshevism, the hammer and sickle on the flag means that the National Bolsheviks see themselves as the continuers of these achievements.”

He also wrote the following about National Bolshevism (NazBol is basically just another name that Dugin uses for Neo-Eurasianism, as he views NazBol and Neo-Eurasianism as a continuation of Old Bolshevism and the USSR):

• Dugin, EITHER US – OR NOTHING, 1998 http://arctogaia.com/public/eng-ed8.htm
National-Bolshevism does not mean the pragmatic ways of Bolsheviks and European Nationalists, conditioned by Realpolitik. Nor does it mean the identical aspects of both “projects”. It is something deeper that could appear only after the fall of the historical incarnation of one of the ideologies – the Soviet Union. […] National-Bolshevism is by far the most interesting phenomenon of the 20th century. The sole alternative for the modern world […] is NATIONAL-BOLSHEVISM. Either it, or nothing. No compromise will change anything.”

Fourth Political Theory and Dugin are explicitly anti-racist:

• Dugin, Putin vs Putin: Vladimir Putin Viewed from the Right, 2014 http://archive.vn/KZJFl
Fourth political theory expands the critique of racism to not only biological racism and nationalism, but into all forms of the acceptance of inequality in human societies, whether based on cultural, religious, technological, or economic grounds. The Fourth Political Theory rejects all forms of racism and refuses to consider “race” […] as the subject of history.”

As above
The dividing line between the European 4PT and the third way [Fascism, Nationalism, etc.]: the refusal of any kind of nationalism, chauvinism, Eurocentirsm, universalism, racism, or xenophobic attitude.”

As above
“One must learn to build an international system on the basis of broad and thoughtful social and cultural anthropology and not on the basis of Western-style American-European cultural racism

As above
“Thus, modern Gramscianism calls for a counter-hegemonic bloc, a Global Revolutionary Alliance, that brings together all […] those who oppose the hegemony of Euro-centrism and racism

Antonio Gramsci: a Communist who invented the ‘Long March through the institutions of power’ form of political entryism favored by the Frankfurt School and utilized by Communists in the West from the 1950s onward. This strategy is an origin of Western (“Cultural”) Marxism. See: http://archive.vn/iefvN and http://archive.vn/WLy9d.

• Dugin, Vladimir Posner Interviews Alexander Dugin, 2014 http://archive.vn/YvZcQ
“I think that racism is a form of the pathological development of the person and I am categorically opposed to racism in all its forms, but there are many kinds of racism besides biological racism […] Racism as such is in my opinion one of the most revolting pathologies.”

• Dugin, The Magic Disillusion Of A Nationalist Intellectual, 1995 http://archive.vn/0rq2f
“I am completely against the Antisemite racist ideals”

• Dugin, Fourth Political Theory, 2012 http://archive.vn/W8OiJ
We should strongly oppose any kind of confrontation between the various religious beliefs — Muslims against Christians, the Jews against Muslims, the Muslims against the Hindus and so on.”

All Europeans are explicitly racist:

• Dugin via Der Spiegel, Every Westerner is a Racist, 2014, http://archive.vn/aLiEt
Every westerner is a racist… Western civilization is a racist, ethnocentric civilization… the civilizations of the West and the East are very different. The eastern one is superior in that it fights against the racism of the western one. […] The ethnocentrism of Western Europe is a constant. You don’t have to be surprised about the concentration camps. […] All European philosophers are racists.

>Every European is racist and thus personally responsible for the Holocaust.

• Dugin, Fundamental Racism Of The West, 2013 http://archive.vn/WjXfI
It is necessary to discard this racist model of the division of different societies (both biological racism and cultural), to affirm that civilizations are different, and that the criterion of Western civilization is not universal. […] we first need to develop a theory of a multipolar world, a theory of the equality of civilizations, and in the most brutal way to overthrow the West-centric racism

• Dugin, Horizons of our Revolution. From Crimea to Lisbon, 2014 http://archive.vn/xAmTj
“If in Ukraine energy in the Maidan was Russophobia of Ukrainian neo-Nazis, without which Maidan would not acquired such a radical form of staging a coup, in Europe the same fuel of hatred will become the hatred of nationalists towards immigrants, to Islam and to LGBT.”

• Dugin via 4PT, Vladimir Posner Interviews Alexander Dugin, 2014 http://archive.vn/YvZcQ
“Liberalism, incidentally, liberals, were the first to create, the English, the most thoroughgoing racist theories for the justification of their colonial domination.”

The idea that Liberals, of all people, created racism, is absolutely schizophrenic — but that’s Dugin all over.

• Dugin via 4PT, Vladimir Posner Interviews Alexander Dugin, 2014 http://archive.vn/YvZcQ
human rights is a classic racist theory, because in this theory of human rights, the Western concept of the human is taken as a norm.”

Libtards who believe in giving brown people “human rights?” Classic racists, according to Dugin.

Race does not exist, especially the White race:

• Dugin, The Magic Disillusion Of A Nationalist Intellectual, 1995 http://archive.vn/0rq2f
“What comes to the myth of “the solidarity of the white race”, it is a complete utopia that leads not only to the Holocaust of the Jews, but also to a genocide of the Slavs. The remains of the Third Reich are a basis for this miserable, contradictory and [c]ompletely false conception.”

White people understanding that they exist means that Jews get Holocausted, according to Dugin. Do you think he was talking about Holodomor when he was referring to the genocide of Slavs? Probably not, since he denies that it happened and advocated for the genocide of Ukranians in 2014: http://archive.vn/8CfRi.

• Dugin, The Magic Disillusion Of A Nationalist Intellectual, 1995 http://archive.vn/0rq2f
“I am certain that many non-white peoples of Eurasia are a thousandfold closer to us in spirit and culture than Americans. In this question I am 100% affirmative with the visions of L.Gumilev.”

Gumilev regarded Russians not to be the kin of Europeans, but the kin of Turks and Mongols. This isn’t even remotely true. When the Rus’ were conquered by Turks and Mongols, they collaboratively banded together with other White ethnic groups, such as the Germanics and Nomadic Iranics (Vandals, Goths, Alans, and Scythians), to expel the East Asian invaders from their homelands. Yes, the White race is clearly divided into subgroups, but in times of crisis, such as mass territorial invasion by an alien race, Whites as disparate as Romans and Scythians were capable of banding together.

• Dugin via Der Spiegel, Every Westerner is a Racist, 2014, http://archive.vn/aLiEt
We Russians are not nationalists, we have never been a nation. When we speak of “ours”, it is not meant ethnically. The Chechen also belongs to us or the Uzbek. We have said to the Turkish or Mongolian peoples: You are now part of the Orthodox culture, but we will not persecute you. You will have your mosques, you will be able to pray. When we speak of an orthodox folk spirit, it does not mean that we declare war on other cultures.”

Russia is named after the Rus’, White North European peoples who were either Varangians (Norse Vikings) or Slavs. They inhabited what is currently present day Western Russia and Ukraine, around the Indo-European Urheimat (original homeland). ‘Belarusians’ literally translates to ‘White Russians.’ The Rus’ expelled the Turkic Khazars in the late 900s but were invaded by the Turkic Mongols in the mid 1200s. Dugin is wrong, the Russians, specifically the White Russians (not civic-nationality citizenship Russians) have historically been a nation / tribe / ethnic group. (See: http://archive.vn/TyZ8z)

• Dugin, On “White Nationalism” & Other Potential Allies in the Global Revolution, 2013 http://archive.vn/cQUjo
I can’t defend the concept of the nation, because the idea of the “nation” is a bourgeois concept concocted as a part of modernity in order to destroy traditional societies (empires) and religions”

The above is complete nonsense, the term “nation” refers to a tribe of people, and can be traced back to the root 6500-to-9500-year-old Proto-Indo-European term ‘*gene-,’ to “give birth.” It was communists themselves who warped this term to conflate it with “state” or “country,” which are the territorial or political constructs of a nation (a people). See Stalin’s ‘On the National Question,’ which stated: “What is a nation? A nation is primarily a community, a definite community of people. This community is not racial, nor is it tribal.” http://archive.vn/tik1t

• Dugin, Ethnosociology: The Foundations, 2019 (via the Occidental Observer) http://archive.vn/bTF5b
With regards to race, Dugin asserts that “ethnosociology does not ascribe any substantial or semantic indication to physical resemblance,” stating that even someone “altogether uncharacteristic for the main population of Eastern Slavic-Great Russians” should “undoubtedly” be considered “a member of the Russian ethnos” as long as he “considers himself Russian, speaks Russian, thinks in Russian, and is a co-participant in Russian culture.”

As above
With regards to the scientific validity of race, Dugin states that “the physiological, biological, zoological and anthropometric components of this society are not only not the cornerstone; they are not studied at all, since there are no reliable studies (besides racist nonsense) about their credible connection with social peculiarities.”

• Dugin, Ethnosociology: The Foundations, 2019 (via the Occidental Observer) http://archive.vn/bTF5b
Related to Dugin’s denial of race is his condemnation of the idea that some civilizations are more developed than others. Dugin describes such approaches as “racist,” “absolutely unscientific,” and “inadmissible.”

As above
Boas achieved a real revolution in American Anthropology, wherein, prior to his arrival, evolutionary and Social Darwinist approaches dominated, and racial theories, which explained sociological particularities by innate, inherited markers and racial belonging, were popular, and an inflexible conviction in the absolute superiority of modern Western (European and American) society, its technology and values over the rest of the world, reigned. Boas built his scientific program on the denial of all three forms of racism: evolutionary, biological, and Eurocentric.”

Franz Boas, a Jewish immigrant to the United States, did this for the purpose of facilitating mass migration into America because Madison Grant (from whom he and his students took the American Anthropologist Association via a Zerg-rush coup) had authored a new immigration law that would prevent Jews from entering America. I’ve already covered Boas to a degree in my article on “Cultural Marxism.”

Dugin’s praise of anti-White Cultural Marxists, Postmodernists, Neoliberals:

Social Constructionists, Cultural Marxists, Postmodernists, Neoliberals, take a lucky dip in the bag of anti-White globalist intellectuals and you can guarantee that the name you pluck out will be somebody that Dugin has praised. This includes people such as the aforementioned Franz Boas, who pioneered all modern race-denialist ret*rdation, and Claude Levi-Strauss, who co-authored the United Nations’ anti-racist ‘Statements On Race,’ which pioneered all modern anti-racist legislation (“hate speech” and the likes). The entirety of Dugin’s “racial” thesis reads like it was written by some ret*rded purple-haired otherkin from Shitbutt University. You can tell when he’s in subversion mode because he goes big with the psychobabble.

• Dugin, Fourth Political Theory, 2012 http://archive.vn/W8OiJ
the greatest American cultural anthropologist, Franz Boas […] as well as Claude Levi-Strauss and his school

Dugin is referencing the Rockefeller Foundation-funded ‘New School,’ which took in various Communist and Leftist social theorists who fled Fascist-occupied countries during the Second World War: http://archive.vn/H2LYP. The New School taught the Cultural Marxist theories of the closely-related ‘Frankfurt School.’

• Dugin, Ethnosociology: The Foundations, 2019 (via the Occidental Observer) http://archive.vn/bTF5b
Dugin describes Franz Boas as an “outstanding ethnographer, philosopher, and anthropologist.”

Dugin, Political Platonism, 2019 (via the Occidental Observer) http://archive.vn/bTF5b
Dugin asserts that “the basic idea of Eurasianism” is “the plurality of civilizations and the baselessness of the Western pretension to universalism,” stating that “the plural anthropology of Boas and Levi-Strauss” is in the same trajectory as Eurasianism.”

• Dugin, Putin vs Putin: Vladimir Putin Viewed from the Right, 2014 http://archive.vn/KZJFl
“the major representatives of the structural linguistics in Russia were Levi-Strauss’ teachers and taught him the basics of structural analysis […] Thus an intellectual continuity can be traced: Eurasianism to structuralism to Neo-Eurasianism

• Dugin via 4PT, Vladimir Posner Interviews Alexander Dugin, 2014 http://archive.vn/YvZcQ
Franz Boas, Levi-Strauss, they showed wonderfully that human society cannot be measured by a single ruler, and that those who are called primitive tribes are in many senses more sound than contemporary Western society.”

• Dugin, Ethnosociology: The Foundations, 2019 (via the Occidental Observer) http://archive.vn/bTF5b
Citing Boas, Dugin asserts “the sole correct form of the classification of ethnoses is their placement on the scale “simple — complex,” with the admonition that “the concepts of simplicity and complexity should not carry anything at all positive or negative; these are two neutral constants, founded on the description of a phenomenon. There are simple societies and complex societies. Neither one is better or worse than the other. They are simply different.”

Once again, does this sound any different to the opinions of the modern “Western Liberals” that Dugin supposedly despises?

• Dugin, Ethnosociology: The Foundations, 2019 (via the Occidental Observer) http://archive.vn/bTF5b
Dugin has much praise for Boas’ “resplendent constellation of his students, among whom are gathered almost all the stars of American Ethnology, Anthropology, Linguistics and Psychology.”

Race suddenly exists when non-Whites are praised while Whites are abused:

As with all Leftoid scumbags, Communist and Liberal alike, suddenly they recognize the issue of race when it comes to weaponizing non-Whites against Whites, or shaming Whites for the actions of their ancestors. Fourth Political Theorists and NazBols* are no different to the average System goon, SJW, etc., in this regard (and in many other regards).

* Again, actual NazBols, not shitposters who think Hitler and Stalin are both based “because genocide and stuff.”

• Dugin, Fourth Political Theory, 2012 http://archive.vn/W8OiJ
“Claude Lévi-Strauss demonstrated that savages think in the same way that we do, only their taxonomy is built differently, so they do not have ‘less’ logic than we do; perhaps even more so, and they think in a more refined manner.”

Race is denied until Whites must be derided by implying that “le noble savages” are actually intellectually superior. I don’t know if this is a bad translation, but the way Dugin has used the word “taxonomy” is totally nonsensical. In layman’s terms, he’s arguing that Africans and Europeans are different only because ‘African’ starts with the letter ‘A’ and ‘European’ starts with the letter ‘E.’ Ridiculous.

• Dugin, About the absolute of neo-Eurasism and the phased development of the Eurasian movement, 2001 https://web.archive.org/web/20170425143037/http://arctogaia.net.ru/article/1277
White racism – except for its extremely peripheral and non-indicative branches – is a completely disgusting thing, it’s Atlantist and the root of many great geopolitical catastrophes. The notorious unity of the “white race” is as stupid as the concept of a “united Christian world”. This is the most harmful Atlantist propaganda. Africans = Eurasians.”

Aside from “Africans = Eurasians” being nonsensical even on the most basic level (given that Africa is not part of Eurasia), “Africans = Eurasians” is exactly what the European Union claims. This quote is a particularly good example of the schizophrenic mind of the globalist: somehow White racism is unified and all whites are evil and racist, but the concept of White racial unity is “stupid” and “harmful.” (Note: Africans and Eurasians are very genetically distinct from one another, see: http://archive.vn/5LFbN)

The quote below isn’t from Dugin, but it is from an open Duginist / Fourth Political Theorist:

• Pisarenko via Dugin’s 4PT site, The United States Must Dissolve, If America Is To Survive http://archive.vn/T5je5
When one makes reference to the “American people” (a common mistake in political speeches), one is referring to something that has never existed. […] a singular American ethnos has never existed – unless of course one considers the American Indians, who are the only “Americans” that have a justifiable historical claim to the entire North American continent. […] The colonizers themselves have come from every habitable country on the planet. I cannot in good conscience refer to them as either “immigrants” or “settlers” simply because the land they colonized (and continue to colonize) happens to be stolen property, taken from the American Indians (or Natives) by force of arms. […] the great majority of the colonizers came from Europe. This majority was collectively responsible for perpetrating three great evils: (1) the mass genocide of the Native population, (2) the enslavement of tens of millions of Africans, and (3) the creation of an ideological Beast called “Americanism.” […] many are so fanatically racist that they are blind to what must be done – oblivious to the fact that salvation does not lie in hating other races, but rather in destroying the governmental-military complex which controls their very lives […] all anti-liberals and anti-U.S. nationalists – regardless of race, culture and political orientation – are the natural enemies of the United States as well as the natural allies of the North American anti-Globalist resistance. Be they Black Panthers, Aztlan militants, Southern secessionists or whomever – all those who seek the demise of the United States Government are our comrades in arms.”

• Dugin, On “White Nationalism” & Other Potential Allies in the Global Revolution, 2013 http://archive.vn/cQUjo
Muslims form a part of the Russian population, and are an important minority. Therefore, Islamophobia implicitly calls for the break-up of Russia. The difference between Europe and Russia in our attitude toward Islam is that, for us, Muslims are an organic part of the whole, while for Europe they are a post-colonial wave of re-invaders from a different geopolitical and cultural space. But since we have a common enemy in the globalist elite, which is pro-Pussy Riot/Femen, pro-gay marriage, anti-Putin, anti-Iran, anti-Chávez, anti-social justice and so on, we all need to develop a common strategy with the Muslims. Our traditions are quite different, but the anti-traditional world that is attacking us is united, and so must we become. Being anti-Communist, anti-Muslim, anti-Eastern, pro-American or Atlanticist today means to belong to the other side.”

• Dugin, On “White Nationalism” & Other Potential Allies in the Global Revolution, 2013 http://archive.vn/cQUjo
“When “White nationalists” reaffirm Tradition and the ancient culture of the European peoples, they are right. But when they attack immigrants, Muslims or the nationalists of other countries based on historical conflicts; or when they defend the United States, Atlanticism, liberalism or modernity; or when they consider the White race (the one which produced modernity in its essential features) as being the highest and other races as inferior, I disagree with them completely. I can’t defend Whites when they are in opposition to non-Whites because, being White and Indo-European myself, I recognize the differences of other ethnic groups as being a natural thing, and do not believe in any hierarchy among peoples, because there is not and cannot be any common, universal measure by which to measure and compare the various forms of ethnic societies or their value systems.”

This is an absolutely fucking ret*rded statement for too many reasons to list. For example, the Indo-Europeans, from the time of the Proto-Indo-Europeans thousands of years ago, have been among the most hierarchical people in recorded history, who viewed some races not only as subhuman but non-human. In this instance, Dugin is simply using language that would appeal to the audience of his writing, i.e. those who he is aiming to subvert: White Nationalists.

Dugin openly supports the ethnic cleansing of Whites, 4PT is pro-White genocide:

Here’s one of the most important quotes, in which Dugin calls for the global genocide of Whites due to the fact that a bunch of foreign occupier subversives control our media and enslave us with pozzed corporations, and states that Russians will be spared due to their lack of “purity” (which is a bizarre thing for a guy who completely denies the biological reality of race to say):

• Dugin via Kommersant, Are you for black or for white? 2002 http://archive.vn/UyPU
“I am a supporter of blacks. White civilization; their cultural values, false, dehumanizing model of the world, built by them – did not pay off. Everything goes to the beginning of the anti-white pogroms on a planetary scale. Russia saved only by the fact that we are not pure white. Predatory multinational corporations, oppression and suppression of all others, MTV, gays and lesbians – this is the fruit of white civilization, from which it is necessary to get rid of. So I am for reds, yellows, greens, blacks – but not for whites.

• Dugin via E. W. Clowes, Russia on the Edge, 2011 http://archive.vn/2N5tw
[He notes that the New World Order will not come about by means of] “aging gentlemen meeting in seminars.” [He advises the following:] “You must take a knife, put on a mask, go out of the house in the evening and kill at least one Yank.”

• Dugin via Fronda.pl, Dugin: I am waiting for Ivan the Terrible (Interview), 1998 http://archive.vn/gYCFd
“West is geographical Satan, geographical Antichrist. The West should pay for everything. It would be best to settle it with Chinese, Tatars, Muslims, all this Eurasian nomadism. […] The West is dead land. He will revive only when he is settled by Cossacks, Tajiks, and Kazakhs. They will bring life with them.”

Here’s a supplementary quote from Kalergi (who is the “the man of the future will be a Eurasian-negroid” guy that founded the European Union with the Rothschilds and Federal Reserve crew):

• Kalergi, Praktischer-Idealismus, Wien/Leipzig: Pan-Europa-Verlag, 1925, p. 23
The precursor of the planetary man of the future is the Russian Slavic-Tatar-Finnish mongrel of modern Europe; because he, among all the peoples of Europe, is the race of the typical multi-soul people with a wide ranging, encompassing soul”

Many of the above quotes are very similar in nature to the supposed “hoax” quote below:

We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

The quote was published in 1912 via The Washington Star and originally attributed to one ‘Israel Cohen’ of the Communist Party. However, it was subsequently claimed that the quote was a hoax/forgery/fabrication/whatever, and re-attributed to Eustace Mullins, who somehow organized the whole scheme 11 years before he was born in 1923. Miraculous. Regardless of the quotes authenticity, history has played out exactly as the quote describes (at this point, we’ll never know if the quote is genuine or not, but we can safely assume that Mr. Mullins isn’t a time traveler).

In any case, it’s now safe to hammer the final nails into the coffin of the “Dugin is an ally of Whites!” meme that is propagated by the various misguided noobs and subversive swine of nationalism.

And, just to clarify, race is detectable on a genetic level with over 99% accuracy:

Edit / Amendment: “Ethnopluralism”

Unfortunately, I forgot to explain “ethnopluralism” in this article. Ethnopluralism is particularly toxic and subversive. It is sold to nationalists in the West as a form of “each race in their own territory, we love and respect all nations!” when, in reality, is is a form of crypto-multi-racialism that entails forced cultural assimilation of foreign races into the host race’s culture, thus “resolving” the problem of multiculturalism. The idea was propagated mostly by Alain de Benoist, who belonged the National-Bolshevik-dominated French ‘Nouvelle Droite’ movement and has been repeatedly named by Dugin as a major influence on ‘Fourth Political Theory.’ Unfortunately, the National Bolshevik origins of the French New Right and European ‘Identitarian’ movement have, conveniently, been scrubbed from Wikipedia. Under “ethnopluralist” theory, de Benoist has proposed things such as allowing “Sharia ghettos” of non-White immigrants to permanently remain in Europe. These ridiculously subversive ‘New Right’ ideologues (de Benoist, Guillaume Faye, Dugin, etc.) laid the foundations for the entirety of the modern “right” wing. Jonathan Bowden is probably the only redeeming character of the entire ‘New Right.’

8. Dugin’s Views on Race (TL;DR version)

Race has no biological validity at all.
All cultures are equal.
Africans are Eurasians.
Actually, on second thoughts, noble savages are superior to White people.
[Insert Marxist/Liberal/Postmodernist/Neoliberal] is a true genius.
Race doesn’t exist but all White people are evil and racist.
White racism caused the Holocaust.
White racism is responsible for all problems in the world.
The West should be settled by non-Whites en masse.
We need planet-wide White genocide.
Any White people who protest the above are neo-Nazis who justify us carrying out the above anti-White actions.

As previously stated, all of Dugin’s ret*rded racial views are textbook ‘Cultural Marxism,’ identical to the views of the purple-haired, “SJW libard” drones churned about by our occupied, cancer-ridden education systems.

9. Concluding Part 1: What the hell is going on with the Alt-Right?

Though this article contains a vast amount of information, perhaps too much for the casual reader, I wanted to make sure that it is absolutely undeniable that both Dugin and Duginism are our enemy. This isn’t a case of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” – Dugin and Duginism are the enemy, a wing of the NWO. Nothing Dugin espouses with regards to the things that actually matter — Tradition, Race, Nation, “Gender” (Sex), Metaphysics, White people not being exterminated or bred out of existence — opposes the agenda of the “Neo-Liberal” World Order that he and his fans claim to oppose. It is an identical agenda re-packaged for Russian civic nationalists (globalists) and foolish Western Nationalists. Make no mistake: Duginism is as bad for White Russians as it is for White Westerners.

After reading all of the above, you may now understand why the various New Right / Alt-Right / Identitarian e-celebs who parrot Dugin’s rhetoric recoil in horror when they are called out for doing so, denying their Duginist beliefs to the grave. When you call these people out on their weird connections and weird Duginist-esque rhetoric, they will sperg out and strawman you relentlessly, calling you a Neo-Con, Liberal, conspiracy theorist, Russophobe, Sinophobe, Glenn Beck, Hillary Clinton, and more, in addition to accusing you of accusing everyone of being a Duginist, and so on. Their ridiculously hostile and defensive reactions don’t exactly scream “innocence.”

The Alt-Right publisher “Arktos” first published Dugin’s works in English.
(Yeah, there’s nothing Evolian about these people, they’re just Marxists).

However, as I explained in the introduction, not everyone who espouses Dugin’s rhetoric is even aware of the origins of their idiotic and subversive beliefs. In this sense, some people who deny being a Duginist, despite parroting Duginist talking points, may actually be completely honest in their denial. That being said, any leading figure who relentlessly espouses Duginist rhetoric should be viewed with great skepticism. “Thought leaders” should be held to a much higher standard than the average nationalist.

Unfortunately, some people in the nationalist movement are absolutely untrustworthy. Even more unfortunately, many of those people are very influential figures. A prime example is Richard Spencer, who stated that the ideology of the Alt Right is “a kind of Fourth Political Theory” via an article published on Dugin’s Geopolitica website. Since then, Spencer has denied being a Duginist, while his rhetoric has only became more brazenly Duginist in nature.

Spencer has been promoting Dugin since 2012:

I know a lot of new people who don’t really understand CIA, KGB, and M*ssad trickery don’t like to hear this, but yes, a number of your “movement leaders” are completely disingenuous and literally glow-in-the-dark. Take the fat r*t*rd Matt Heimbach, for example. After spending years espousing subversive crypto-Communist rhetoric via the “Traditionalist” Workers Party (the logo of which was a Duginist “Eurasianist star”) and destroying nationalism’s public image with his grotesque organization and physique, Heimbach relinquished his past hateful ways and joined an anti-racist, anti-extremism organization. He is now a multi-racialist, globalist, Orthodox Marxist, with a shit ton of information on a huge range of nationalists. What a coincidence!

Leading figures of Heimbach’s TWP, Eric Striker, for example, are now leading ideologues in the Alt-Right. TWP was openly Eurasianist with clear links to Dugin. Striker relentlessly shills for Putin, Xi Jinping and Eurasia in general, constantly making insane claims that China and Russia (the governments, not the populace) are somehow opposed the NWO.

Matt Parrot, who designed the TWP’s logo.

Above & below: Striker shamelessly shilling for “eastern Z*G.”

Note that even other members of the Alt-Right/New Right are asking these people what the fuck they’re doing.

Am I supposed to believe that all of these influential figures are simply ret*rded and clueless? Give me a break. Something fishy is going on with the Alt-Right, and I’m not the only person who has noticed.

There is a trend among the Totally-Not-Duginist crowd to claim that Western/Cultural Marxism is actually “Cultural Liberalism,” thus absolving Marxists (especially the USSR) of their huge role in the creation of the NWO. The USSR, particularly under Lenin, was a pioneer of degenerate Western/Cultural Marxism.

By making this claim, the Totally-Not-Duginists re-frame the NWO as an exclusively “Western” creation, in an attempt to absolve “Eurasia” of blame, strengthening their pitch that Eurasia is the resistance to the “Atlanticist World Order.” Obviously, both the “Eurasian East” (Marxists) and the “Atlanticist West” (Liberals) are to blame.

Keith Woods, who hosts a podcast with Richard Spencer and claimed that the right wing “needs its own Karl Marx.”

This attempted rehabilitation of Marx as a “based racist” is, at best, a heavily distorted version of the truth. For starters, the essay that Woods is referencing is actually a (partially sarcastic) response piece on the topic of Jewish emancipation, secularity of state, economic equality, and material constraints. Marx was not an anti-Semite.

If it quacks like a Marxist.

According to Spencer, Bolsheviks didn’t target Russian (i.e.: White) culture, Holodomor was a lie, the Kalergi Plan is fake, and Kalergi (who was direct friends with the international bankers who founded the Federal Reserve, IMF, and World Bank) founding the EU is irrelevant.

Anyway, as I have said numerous times throughout this article, not everyone who regurgitates this garbage is an intentional Duginist, many won’t even be aware that what they are espousing is Duginism. However, regardless of that fact, the Alt-Right is evidently saturated with Duginist thought. It could even be argued that Duginist-esque thought is the very foundation of the Alt-Right (and ‘New Right’).

Additionally, I strongly advise everyone to ask ecelebs as many awkward questions about Duginism as possible. Ask about their weird connections to organizations with direct links to Dugin. Ask why they support Putin and Xi Jinping when Russia and China are obviously compromised. Ask why they are shilling for Islam and Muslim states after the hundreds of years of Middle Eastern invasions into Europe. Ask why they deny that Western Marxism is real when it evidently dominates the political rhetoric of the globalist left and globalist right.

The only way to highlight this problem is to ask the people responsible for spreading Duginist rhetoric — whether they are doing it intentionally or not — what the fuck they are doing and what the fuck their end game is.

As a quick reminder, the core aspects of Duginism as laid out in Foundations of Geopolitics (and other core documents) are:

  • Relentlessly promote visceral anti-American anti-Western hatred.
  • Promote anti-imperialism/colonialism (from the perspective that “West is racist”).
  • Promote pro-Russianismin the West.
  • Promote pro-Eurasianism in the West.
  • Promote anti-racism (and anti-White-ism).
  • Promote “ethnopluralism.”
  • Create chaos to cause the collapse of the West.
  • Increase globalism via institutions such as the EU.
  • Promote Islam in a positive light as an ally against globalism.
  • Promote relationships with Muslim countries.
  • Cut off the Anglosphere (“Atlanticists”) from Europe.
  • Create a “Multipolar World” (aka create the conditions that can facilitate the NWO shifting its base of power from the USA to Russia and China).

Now, compare these core tenants of Duginism to things that major Alt-Right e-celebs have been promoting for years (some of which is documented above):

  • Advocating for a Pan-European superstate or “taking over the EU” (lol).
  • Defending the USSR, specifically Stalin.
  • Attempted rehabilitation of Marxism.
  • Claiming that Western Marxism is actually “Cultural Liberalism” (this re-frames the East / “Eurasia” as innocent and the West / “Atlanticists” as the sole creator of the modern world).
  • Russophilia, claiming that Putin “opposes Z*G.”
  • Sinophilia, claiming that Xi Jinping “opposes Z*G.”
  • Calling everything “Liberalism.”
  • Promoting “ethnopluralism” (which has now moved into “racism bad” territory, as of 2020).
  • Promoting anti-imperialism/colonialism (from the perspective that “West is racist”).
  • Defending Islam (often via a range of obvious falsities).
  • Downplaying the historic conflicts between Europeans and the Middle East, especially the attempted Muslim conquest of Europe.
  • Defending Muslim countries and/or calling them valiant allies against the NWO.

I’m not seeing a whole lot of difference here, except that the Alt-Right claims to be “pro-White,” while Dugin is pretty openly anti-White. Take note of influential people who promote the above agendas and regard them with suspicion.

That’s all for now. See Addendum below.

Stay tuned for Part 2 (eventually), in which I will cover Dugin’s deranged metaphysical beliefs, which includes a mixture of Satanism, Thelema, Aleister Crowley, Chaos Magic, Freemasonry, Kabbalah, Shabbatean-Frankism, and Jewish Messianism. Dugin’s emblem, the “Eurasianist” star, is the symbol of Chaos Magic, which was featured a couple of times in Aleister Crowley’s Tarot deck. Despite his claims of Orthodoxy, Dugin is as un-Christian and anti-Christian as it gets.

10. Addendum/Update (Post-Article Responses)

This article caused a degree of butthurt and people are now talking about Duginism, which is good. Predictably, the people who regurgitate Dugin’s rhetoric almost word-for-word are using the “deny everything and call accusers mentally deranged” defense.

Their other main defense is to claim that they couldn’t possibly be Duginists or espouse Duginist rhetoric because they disagree with Dugin’s political stance on X, Y or Z, or his personal belief on A, B, or C.

I shouldn’t have to explain why this is flaccid and ridiculous, but I will.

Do Marxists agree with all of Marx’s personal beliefs? Probably not considering that he called someone a n*gger and said that Africans were too undeveloped to adopt Communism. Do open Marxists even agree with all of Marx’s theories? Of course not, just look at the ideological stances of the Marxist-Leninists and Western/Cultural Marxists. Are they fake Marxists? No. I’m sure that the National Socialists, including leading members of the NSDAP, didn’t agree with 100% of Hitler’s personal beliefs or even 100% of his policies and ideological stances. Were they fake National Socialists? No.

If an individual is parroting most of the core of Duginist ideology;
• Anti-“Atlanticism” (vehement anti-Westernism)
• Anti-Imperialism (“West is racist”)
• Anti-Racism
• Pro-Eurasianism (pro-China, pro-Russia)
• Pro-Middle-Easternism (or pro-Islam in general)
• Pan-Europeanism
• Superstatism
• Defending or downplaying Communism
• Defending the USSR (Stalinism, specifically)
• etc.

And if that individual is using Duginist lingo;
• “Multipolarity”
• “Ethnopluralism”
• “Atlanticism”
• etc.

AND if that individual has direct links to Dugin, belongs or belonged to an organization that had direct links to Dugin, or sold and promoted Dugin’s literary works, then what are we supposed to assume?

Should we believe that they aren’t Duginists simply because they claim that they aren’t? That they aren’t Duginists because they don’t agree with some of Dugin’s personal beliefs or his schizoposting?

You wouldn’t be a very good subversive if you wore a name badge and announced the fact that you were subverting people. (This is basically what Dugin did with ‘Foundations of Geopolitics’ before he realized that probably wasn’t the best approach and created ‘Fourth Political Theory’ to disseminate his ideas more subversively).

[ Job Title: Duginist Subversive ]

Person A: [Parroting 95% of core Marxist ideology]
Person B: “You are a Marxist.”
Person A: “I am not a Marxist because I don’t agree with Marx calling Lassalle a Jewish-N*gger.”

Person A: [Parroting 95% of core Duginist ideology]
Person B: “You are a Duginist”
Person A: “I am not a Duginist because Dugin denies that race is biological and I am ‘pro-White.'”

Give me a break. This is gaslighting, pure and simple. Which, ironically, is a typical strategy of the Cultural Marxist left — “Haha what? Nobody is trying to ethnically replace you, Whitey, you’re so paranoid :^)”

Once again, I have to clarify that some people (or perhaps many people, as the case may be with the Duginism-saturated Alt-Right) have simply absorbed this ideology via osmosis or proxy. Modern shitlibs have no idea who Adorno is, but they still regurgitate the thesis of ‘The Authoritarian Personality’ almost verbatim. However, in some cases, the circumstantial evidence is simply undeniable, see Richard Spencer, Matt Heimbach, Arktos Media, etc.

UPDATE! See this article here for a lengthy exposé on Alt-Right Duginism.

“If you point out peoples’ weird rhetoric and connections you are Glenn Beck and a conservative.” — Predictable, trite.

“It’s misrepresentative to point out documented evidence of self-admitted Duginism (4PT)” — I wasn’t sent this response.

“The very clear and self-admitted connections between Dugin and the Alt-Right are spurious!”
>Blaming the Liberals for everything, yet again

>Double down and sarcastically amplify

“Yes the organization was Eurasianist, yes we used the Chaos Star for the logo, yes the color scheme was taken from the European “Identitarians” who are Fourth Political Theorists, yes it was inspired by Golden Dawn (an organization funded by Dugin) but we were NOT Duginists!”

“I’m not an ideological Duginist because I disagree with some of his personal beliefs.”

Finally, all I have to ask you is: Do you believe that all of this is “pure coincidence”?