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Everything you need to know:

– Negative effects of porn:
– – health (psychological/physiological)
– – relationships
– – etc.
– Addiction
– The criminality of the porn industry
– Benefits of quitting
– How to quit
– etc.

Porn is one of the greatest, but most overlooked, problems of the modern world. It is impossible to overstate how big of an issue pornography is. It is evil, and so are the people responsible for creating this industry. If you’re in doubt, keep reading. 


25% of all daily web searches are pornographic.

The average age that most people first see pornography is 11 years old.

As of 2017, children under the age of 10 make up 22% of online porn consumption for under 18s.

Remember those statistics, because you’re gonna learn how much regular pornography usage can damage an adult’s mind, let alone the developing mind of a child.


How do you know if you’re addicted?

If you tell yourself things like “I can quit any time I just don’t want to,” or if you try to quit and fail after 2 or 3 days, or if you can’t go longer than 1 or 2 weeks without watching porn/fapping. The internet (and MSM) will tell you that you are only addicted if you watch porn in situations like at work or in public. Bullshit. That’s EXTREME addiction.

Go by this measure instead: If you can’t even go 3 weeks without watching porn or fapping then you are an addict.


Porn addicts regularly suffer from anxiety, depression, social awkwardness, lack of motivation, lack of energy, headaches, poor memory, foggy brain, inability to talk to women, erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction in general, self-loathing, etc.

Not everyone will be affected in the same way, but the above problems are very common in porn addicts.

Excessive pornography/masturbation has a huge array of negative psychological (and physiological) side effects.

This is partially because you are destroying the normal functionality of your endocrine system, which regulates your body’s hormones, which in turn regulate how your body and mind function. (Healthy body, healthy mind). More on this later.


Below are a few studies on the negative effects of porn. There are a lot more out there, but this selection should be enough to demonstrate that the negative effects mentioned above have been verified scientifically/medically.

Burned out dopamine receptors
– archive.vn/B6uJb

High prolactin (kills motivation)
– archive.vn/Q0tXf

Hypofrontality (kills memory and associated with ADHD, bipolar, depression)
– archive.vn/82sdo
– archive.vn/PE5Sc
– archive.vn/Yi616

Measurable brain damage (loss of gray matter)
– archive.vn/jUhcj
– archive.vn/UgWMX

Stronger cravings than drug users (meth)
– archive.vn/JxBBF

You can easily find more studies online.


It takes 7 days for testosterone (T) levels to recover from one fap. After 7 days, your T begins to stabilize at its “normal” level. However, if you fap regularly, your “normal” level of T may be bottomed out, but you can increase it: archive.vn/gWfFM

“Regularly” is anything more frequent than once every 1 to 2 weeks (as this means your T-levels are never fully recovering). According to most statistics, 50% of young people masturbate 1-7 times per week. The average is 3 times per week, once every two days.

There is a bad counter-argument that “fapping doesn’t lower test but abstaining from fapping does increase test.” Of course abstaining increases testosterone when everyone is running on empty 24/7. Anyone making this argument is an idiot. Fapping kills gains.

(If you are a regular masturbator, all of your other hormones will be out of whack too, due to your fucked up endocrine system. This also applies to women, I’m just using testosterone as an example).

Men today have less testosterone than men of the same age of the previous generation – porn is a large contributor to this (alongside endocrine-disrupting chemicals, such as birth control). It seems to be an approximate 20% drop per generation. It’s probably more with zoomers.


You may have heard that “regular masturbation is good because it de-stresses you!”

To be blunt, this is extremely harmful bullshit propaganda. Yes, dopamine (which is released during masturbation) can reduce stress hormones (e.g. Cortisol), however…

Excessive dopamine release causes the body to become much *more* stressed than usual. A simplified explanation is that the chemical imbalance in your body forces your you into a constant state of “fight-or-flight,” generating far more stress hormones in the process. 

Is it any wonder that this harmful myth is propagated by people like Planned Parenthood? It’s also in the interest of governments and corporations’ to promote harmful myths like this. Keeping the population in a state of stress leads to more consumption, less action, more fear.


Porn destroys relationships. Porn is a contributing factor in 60% of divorce cases, half of which was due to excessive porn usage.


If you use all of your coom power on egirl foot pics, and your brain is hooked on fucked up porn, you are going to lose connection to your gf/bf. This isn’t rocket science. Don’t let dopamine-harvesting eg*rl demons drain your vital energy, save it for your bf/gf.

Your perception of male/female attractiveness is destroyed when you watch a lot of porn (or fap a lot).

You are, essentially, hacking your brain into only being attracted to the finest human specimens in existence (who are out of the league of 95% of people reading this).

Don’t masturbate for 4 weeks and watch those 7/10s become 10/10s as your perception of the opposite sex slowly returns to normal. The longer you abstain, the more you will be attracted to “normal” members of the opposite sex (i.e.: people in your own league)


That should be obvious. It’s worse than bad, its a weapon.

Isra*lis broadcast pornography on Palestinian TV in 2000s.

Did they do it to be nice to the Palestinians? Just being good neighbors, showing porn to the kids?

Of course not.

They did it because pornography is extremely damaging and addictive, and it ruins peoples’ lives.



Pornography websites are rife with human trafficking, pedophilia, rape, sex slavery, bestiality, etc. These websites are filled with abusive and inhuman videos.

With regards to P*rnhub hosting child pornography, their community manager “Katie” said that P*rnhub users shouldn’t report the videos to the police, FBI, etc., but to simply flag them with P*rnhub’s internal report system. Can’t have PedoHub getting busted for hosting CP, right?

There are masses of these stories out there.

These porn companies are EVIL.


Porn companies also intentionally promote the most fucked up and degenerate shit possible. The purpose is to subliminally hack your brain while you are in hornt mode. You take in all of the degenerate peripheries while using their websites.

Studies have proven that porn addicts constantly require more & more extreme pornography to satisfy themselves: archive.vn/BMNof

To keep users hooked, porn producers make more and more extreme content, though there is likely a malevolent ulterior motive.

There are also various reports from tr*nsg*nd*r people stating that porn addiction may have been a causal factor in them questioning their “g*nder identity.” Remember, porn is being consumed en masse by children and designed to be more and more addictive the longer it is used.


The same people who are behind degenerate hook-up apps, the degenerate music industry, the degenerate film industry, and every other source of poz imaginable.

I’m gonna go with “check the CEOs ‘Early Life’ sections on Wiki” for optics purposes.


Here are the important points covered so far:

– 25% of all web searches are pornographic
– The average age people first see porn is 11 years old
– Children under the age of 10 make up 22% online porn consumption among under 18s
– If you can’t go 3 weeks without porn you are an addict
– Most people watch porn 3 times per week (every 2 days)
– It takes 7 days for your body’s hormones to normalize after one fap
– Porn addiction is likely causing your “depression and anxiety” – Porn literally gives you brain damage
– Porn is more addictive than drugs
– Porn destroys your hormonal system
– Porn destroys muscle gains in men
– Men have considerably less testosterone than last generation
– Porn INCREASES stress (not degreases) – Porn contributes to 60% of all divorces
– Porn destroys your perception of the opposite sex
– Porn is designed to make you sexually dysfunctional
– Porn companies (such as P*rnHub) enable and host: sex trafficking, bestiality, pedophilia, rape, sex slavery, etc. – Porn was used as a weapon to inflict psychological terror during war


I think it should be pretty obvious by this point that pornography is evil and literally a psychological weapon. It clearly violates the UN’s genocide conventions too:


Many genius men through history have advocated nofap, such as Nietzsche, who was an insanely prolific author.

Interestingly, “精” in both Chinese and Japanese means ‘spirit, energy, vigor, vital essence,’ but also to ‘semen:’ https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/精%23Japanese

Aside from the fact that you won’t be supporting PedoHub and evil pornographers and giving yourself quantifiable brain damage, here’s a selection of benefits to nofap. (From this vid)

The point of stopping watching porn isn’t just to counter the harmful physical and psychological effects, but to undo the damage that those effects have had upon your lifestyle. This could be a lack of confidence, physical activity, girlfriend, drive to create and succeed, etc. 

To stop watching porn you need to quit cold turkey. That means NO stalking egirls on Instagram and Tiktok, NO hentai, NO foot pics! I know what you degenerates are up to, always RTing smut onto the TL.

You have to quit for an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM of 3 weeks. If you’re badly addicted you will need around 3 months of nofap to allow your fucked up brain and endocrine system to repair themselves. You may even need more time than that. Go for as long as possible. 

Due to the high levels of dopamine released via excessive masturbation, you will have a dopamine addiction. You need to ween yourself off this by replacing the dopamine rush of cooming with something else. 

Because the coom rush is big, you need lots of little things to compensate: fix your diet, start exercising every day, lift 3 times a week, do some dynamic stretches (I like Bodhidharma’s Thousand Luohan Hands), take up creative hobbies, join sport clubs, and things like that. 

It’s very important to keep busy. I know that’s hard under quarantine with constant temptation and internet access, which is why I made this thread


– Deleting all porn and lewds on your HD.
– Put a calendar on your wall to manually track progress (this will also get you into a goal-orientated mindset).
– Create a list of life goals to work towards.
– Create weekly list of goals to achieve.
– Install a web plugin (or something) that blocks porn websites.
– Keep up a good, consistent routine (always go to bed and wake up at the same time, eat at the same time, etc.)
– Turn off your PC / phone / etc. in the evening.
– Don’t do anything that lowers your self-control, such as drinking alcohol, SMOKING WEED (quit that shit already, doofus), taking drugs, and so on. If you do any of this, you will fail. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


You will fail at some point. Don’t be too mad at yourself if you do. The most important thing is to avoid reverting back into your old habits (whatever they were) and start going with nofap again immediately.


What to expect & when.

– Day 2-3: You are most likely to fail
– Week 1: You’ll think about porn 24/7
– Day 7: Strong urges to fap, when testosterone is peaking
– Week 2: You may suffer from insomnia and other side effects, such as irritability, mood swings, etc. You may also suffer a total loss of any sexual energies/urges at all (don’t worry if that does happen, they will return).
– After 2-3 weeks: Your hormones and mood begin to stabilize and general vitality returns.
– 1-2 months: You’ll see the most notable spike of improvement in psyche and general health.
– After month 2: You’ll barely think about porn at all (huge change from every 5 minutes in week 1).
– Month 3: Your brain finally starts to fully ‘reset’, but some people need longer.


– No, you cant just replace porn with something else (photos, anime girls, your imagination) & keep fapping. Yes, that is better than porn but you’re still programming yourself for negative sexual behaviors and your endocrine system won’t repair itself if you keep cooming.

– Yes, watching porn all the time is bad for women too. Stop it.

– “How often should I watch porn?” Never.

“How often should I masturbate?” Never, ideally, definitely never be more than once every 2-3 weeks, since your testosterone only normalizes 7 days after you coom. 

– Yes, nofap will help you “get gf/bf” if you are “tfw no gf/bf,” but that shouldn’t be your sole aim. Your aim should be to improve yourself, your life, fitness, health, motivation etc. When you do that, you will improve your ability to talk to men/women and from there you will find what you’re looking for. If you are driven purely by lust for women, instead of the drive for self-overcoming, then you are still in the coomer mindset and have a higher chance of relapsing back into your old degenerate ways.

– Yes, you can still have sex with your bf or gf (SP says NO to promiscuous sex, you’re just replacing porn with th*ts), but just be aware that you will probably get strong urges to watch porn the following day. If your aim is to end porn/fapping addiction, it may be best to abstain from sex for a few weeks. I’m not saying that you should blueballs your partner though. I’m saying that you aren’t allowed to coom. They are allowed (unless they’re addicted to fapping and porn too, in which case you should help them quit). 

– “Haha I’m still gonna watch porn you dumb weeb”

Okay. Enjoy your fucked up endocrine system and psychological defects and ruined relationships because you can’t stop yourself from being a cuckold creeper and watching other people have sex through your computer screen.