EDIT 2022: If you don’t want to read 8,000 words, then please read this much shorter article, which covers most of the same information and includes a two-minute-long TL;DR explanation. However, this longer article does contain some extra information that you may find useful.

8000 words (sorry).


1. Introduction
2. My general thoughts on the situation
3. Relevant Background Info on Dugin
4. The Alt-Right x Dugin Connection
5. Alt-Right Proselytization Strategy 2020
6. “Racist Liberalism”
7. It’s All Irony, Bro
8. Third Worldism
9. Anti-Racialism (Edit 05/23/2020)
10. Rehabilitation of Marxism, Bolshevism, Communism
11. Spergouts, Shitstorms, Meltdowns
12. Conclusion
13. Final Note

1. Introduction

I wasn’t going to write about this topic anymore because, frankly, I’m bored of it, and everyone else is bored of it too. I want to return to writing helpful things* but I keep getting dragged back into this shitshow in various ways. That’s probably because I was the guy who originally pointed out the Alt-Right’s increasingly deranged nonsense to a lot of people and explained ‘Duginism,’ so I guess I don’t have any right to complain. It’s not that I think that this stuff is completely useless to talk about, it’s just that I would rather spend my time working on the many, many, vastly more useful projects that I could be working on.

Unfortunately, this article is a long one. As this is my final word on this matter, I don’t want to leave anything to ambiguity.

* I promise the anti-pornography articles are coming soon. They’re hard to write because I get too mad when working on them.

To be honest, I think I’ve already sufficiently made my point via Twitter, evident by the fact that other influential nationalists have noticed the same bizarre trends and are in agreement that something r*t*rded and fishy is going on.

In this article, I’ll summarize and expand upon my arguments, in addition to presenting a mass of supporting evidence. Thank you to all of the people who sent me quotes, Tweets, information, etc. I wouldn’t have been able to compile all of this without your help. And, for any Alt-Righters reading this: No, there was no organized “gayop” here, people just started randomly sending me all of this stuff, so I saved it.

2. My general thoughts on the situation

My overall argument is that over the past few years, the Alt-Right has devolved into a bizarre cult of hot-takes and mindless e-celeb worship, filled with disingenuous and obtuse pseudo-intellectuals who seem to care more about feeling big-brained on the internet than they do about White people. This “culture” appears to have been propagated by a few leading e-tellectuals with very shady personal connections.

Many people are tired of this vapid “intellectualism” and pompous fart-sniffing. Not because intellectualism as a whole is evil or unnecessary, but because the hot takes drummed up by these e-tellectuals are consistently atrocious, and becoming progressively more terrible as time drags on. They frequently go beyond the point of mere stupidity and into the realm of being actively harmful to our cause. Nobody seems to be questioning this consistent idiocy and ineptitude. Why? Are they scared of “big names”? Scared of losing “clout”? Scared of losing a few followers? Scared of “dividing da moobment”? Who knows.

Many people on the Alt-Right (but by no means all) appear to be driven by an egotistical desire to superficially LARP as the most “radical dissident” possible, attempting to “out-radical” all other “dissidents” on the internet. This quest for novelty and obscurity is not exclusive to nationalism, but a widespread and widely studied sickness of our “extremely-online” era. The porn addict’s endless quest for increasingly depraved and perverse fetishes is perhaps the most renowned example of this phenomenon.

William Luther Pierce has talked about this type of character at length: “They are defective people, either they are people who simply can’t function successfully in society, that they are losers or anti-social misfits looking for company, or they are escapists or adventurers, who don’t really want to serve our cause but are looking for some politically incorrect diversions; some politically incorrect self-gratification.”
[You can find the full clip on YouTube: “William Pierce Speech, Jul 20, 2007”].

Since the dawn of the “migrant crisis” in Europe, the accelerated rates of foreign invasion into the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and the total collapse of South Africa, public inclination toward “our ideas” (aka the truth) has increased dramatically.

The rising nationalistic sentiment among the public is a natural response to the rapid destabilization of our civilizations and societies. This shift is evident in the ever-growing support for so-called ‘populist’ parties. Most nationalists know that these parties are completely fake and g*y. They are fielded by the System as a way to re-absorb would-be political dissidents and re-direct them towards the System’s goals and agendas. See, for example, the European populist parties, whose main talking point is to decry Islam due to its “regressive and bigoted” attitudes towards thots and the Rainbow Coalition. However, controlled opposition does not invalidate the genuine increase in nationalistic sentiment among the masses (or patriotic sentiment, at least).

[See also: ‘The System’s Neatest Trick’ by Ted Kaczynski]

While public receptiveness to our baseline principles has increased exponentially over the last half-decade, the ideas and outward appearance of the Alt-Right have become evermore deranged, alien, and all-round repulsive to all normal people.

I’m not arguing that nationalists are going to win a massive public ballot-box victory. I believe that’s functionally impossible due to the basic nature of humanity: The majority of the population (80-90%) are, by nature, “NPCs” (normies) who will, generally speaking, follow the dominant culture propagated by the leaders of society, as long as that culture and those leaders continue to satisfy their basic material needs (shelter, food, safety, etc.). Theoretically, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that behavior. Within human society, there is an inalienable biological caste system, created by the natural force of the Cosmic Order. Our societies would rapidly disintegrate without the normies who keep the gears of civilization moving; they are as much an integral part of the natural social hierarchy as the elite, intellectuals, aristocracy, and so on. The problem is that the normies have been weaponized against our own people, programmed to destroy themselves and their own civilizations.

What I’m arguing here is that we still need to appeal to the remaining 10% of society, the “free thinkers.” We aren’t going to do that with any of the deranged trash that the Alt-Right has been peddling for years, which culminated in the shit pile that is their 2020 rhetoric. They appear to have almost completely abandoned the very simple core principles of nationalism, that should, theoretically, resonate with all Whites who are not “too far gone,” so to speak.

There should be nothing “controversial” or fundamentally repulsive (to the non-brainwashed) about any of the following stances:


  • Family
  • Health
  • Religion
  • Beauty
  • Nature
  • Hierarchy
  • Order
  • Tribalism
  • Racialism
  • Freedom [1]
  • etc.


  • Globalism
  • Wage-slavery
  • Corporate dominance
  • Materialism [2]
  • Degeneracy
  • etc.

In fact, much of the public is begging for people who politically represent many, if not all of these points. The widespread public support for figures such as Trump, Salvini, Farage, and Orban proves this to be the case. Again, these men are all frauds who have signed allegiance to the New World Order. However, again, that does not invalidate the genuine sentiment and desire for a return to “normality” among the masses.

The masses are sick of their meaningless lives and social isolation; they are tired of the terrorism, murders, rape, and pedophilic grooming gangs; they’re scared that their daughters will become wh*res and their sons will become “daughters;” they have no more tolerance for the wretched Communists who tell them that they were born “privileged,” while their friends and family die of drug overdoses; they have no more respect for the globalist political elite and Liberal bourgeoisie, who have forced all of this poison onto their once safe and stable societies.

Rather than capitalizing upon all of this, the Alt-Right has instead turned to aggressively promoting Third Worldism, constantly shilling for hostile foreign nations (specifically Eurasia and the Middle East, most of which is equally as “NWO” occupied as the West), while promoting virulent anti-“Westernism,” and attempting to rehabilitate Marxism and Bolshevism.

They do all of this under the guise of “de-ligitimizng” ‘Neo-Liberal Globalism’ and the ‘American’ World Order.

If we are to assume that all of their kook antics are genuine beliefs — non-astroturfed, non-glowing, and non-subversive — then to call these people completely brain-dead would be the understatement of the millennia. If I wanted to completely destroy a rising nationalist movement and have it fade into schizophrenic irrelevancy, I wouldn’t do anything differently to what the TRS/Spencer faction of the Alt-Right is currently doing and has done for the past few years.

[1] One of the greatest swindles of the New World Order was to trick people into believing that “freedom” is equatable to one’s ability to become a slave to base biological impulses; to become addicted to and dependent upon drugs, alcohol, pornography, and so on. If you think that “freedom” is somehow a negative value then you should read Mein Kampf. See how much Mr. “Anti-Freedom Nazi Guy” Hitler talked about the values of freedom and liberty.

[2] Not in the philosophical sense but the normie “being materialistic” sense, although I am opposed to philosophical materialism, it’s not really a normal-person-friendly selling point.

“Alt-Right 2020 strategy meeting”:

3. Relevant Background Info on Duginism

This article is, in a way, an addendum to my other long article about Dugin. If you don’t want to read that article (it is very long, but I recommend that you do), the TL;DR is as follows:

  • Dugin is probably a fed (foreign intelligence agent), working for GRU or SVR.
  • Dugin claims that National Bolshevism is the closest ideology to his Neo-Eurasianist vision of the future.
  • He regards himself and his ideology as a continuation of the work of the original Bolsheviks.
  • Dugin was a leader of the Russian National Bolshevik Party (which was founded by a homosexual male prostitute called Eduard Limonov).
  • Dugin subverts nations around the world into supporting his Neo-Eurasianist agenda.
  • Dugin’s subversion transcends ideological boundaries.
  • Dugin changes his rhetoric based on his audience, so he can market his Neo-Eurasianism nonsense to as many people as possible.
  • His book ‘Fourth Political Theory’ is an example of this ‘targeted marketing’ being used on White nationalists in the West.
  • There is copious evidence of leading Alt-Right and Identitarian figures openly endorsing Dugin, being endorsed by Dugin, or espousing his rhetoric verbatim.
  • The Alt-Right’s rhetoric in 2020 is basically copypasted from Dugin’s ‘Foundations of Geopolitics’ and ‘Fourth Political Theory.’
  • Alt-Right leaders deny this to be the case, even though we have the receipts of them being directly associated with Dugin on first-degree terms.

Note that I am not arguing that all Alt-Righters are “Duginists,” but that Dugin’s theories and rhetoric have been widely disseminated throughout the right-wing, by a select few influential and subversive figures (e.g., Richard Spencer). Consider the way that Western Marxism (“Cultural Marxism”) was disseminated throughout the Anglosphere by only a handful of influential and well-connected figures, and then spread further via cultural osmosis.

Dugin sans-beard.

The basic TL;DR of Foundation of Geopolitics is as follows:

1. Utilizing racial minorities (but also racists) to cause disruption and chaos within “Atlanticist” territories.
2. Isolation of the Anglosphere (or the “Atlanticists”) from the rest of the European world.
3. Promoting pro-Russian and pro-Eurasian attitudes in the West, while also promoting virulent anti-Western attitudes (blaming the NWO entirely on the West and Atlantic “Liberalism”).
4. The merging of various (mostly European) countries to create larger geopolitical blocs (superstates).
5. The necessity of a Russo-Islamist alliance.
6. Promoting anti-“Atlanticist” Third Worldism.
7. Absorption of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe into Russia itself.
8. The creation of a “Third Rome.”
9. The creation of a “Multipolar” world.

Almost all of these agendas feature prominently in Alt-Right rhetoric, especially as of 2020.

Defining ‘Duginism’:

Duginism is, in short, Neo-Eurasianist Third Worldism.

When you strip back Dugin’s many layers of psychobabble, his ideology is simply a revival of Bolshevism and the USSR; Russian imperialism, merged with later Western Marxist theories on [the deconstruction of] race and gender, and so on. He combines all of that with “the planet must unite in the hatred of Whites” style Third Worldism, which he poorly disguises as “anti-Liberalism.” You could say that Duginism is ‘Bolshevism 2.0.’

Duginism is crypto-Communism in the same way that Western Marxism is crypto-Communism. It has all of the qualities of Communism, all of the objectives of Communism, yet it does not label itself Communism.

If you don’t believe that somebody would lie about literally all of their beliefs for the explicit purpose of destroying someone else’s movement/organization/etc., then look into the Sabbateans and Frankists, both of whom Dugin has praised glowingly. The former LARPed as Muslims and the latter as Catholics, infiltrating both religions to subvert them from within with weird Kabbalistic occultism. The Frankist ‘Conversos’ were the cause of the Spanish Inquisition, which was focused on removing ‘heretical elements’ (aka Frankists) from the Catholic church. For a more modern example, consider the “ex”-Trotskyite ‘Neo-Conservatives,’ who move to the US from the USSR, immediately dropped the Communist label and started LARPing as “Conservatives,” while continuing to promote Trotskyist ideas. This is by no means a new phenomenon.

Dugin’s exoteric message of creating a “multi-polar world” is basically identical to the ideas of Kalergi, the United Nations, and every other ultra-globalist NWO-peon in history: A planet divided into a few major “superstate” regions. As per the NWO plan, these superstate regions will eventually be merged into one overt World Government, rather than the covert World Government that we live under today. The apparatus for total world governance is already in place via the United Nations’ various networks, which were collaboratively founded by Western Liberals and Eastern Communists (aka Freemasons and Our Greatest Allies) before the Second World War had even ended. The UN was founded in 1942, and World Bank and IMF in 1944.

My personal theory is that “Duginism” is a geopolitical strategy to move the NWO’s base of power (military, economic) out of the United States (the West in general) and into Eurasia. Soon shit will hit the fan in the West, I’m sure the overlords won’t be hanging around when it does; they’re not going to go down with the ship, so to speak. Once the US has been bled dry and collapses, the NWO gang will no longer be able to use it as their global military enforcer. By moving their base of power to the East, Russia and China can take the place of the US and become the NWO’s primary military golems. Therefore, Dugin’s esoteric objective is more closely related to the vision laid out by Ben-Gurion, ex-prime minister of Isr*el: Total world governance led by Isr*el and enforced by an extended Eurasian USSR. I’m currently writing something that will explain all of this messianic mumbo-jumbo that Dugin loves, which will be my final say on Dugin himself.

Dugin is a huge fan of occultism. He’s lauded Chaos Magic, Aleister Crowley, Freemasonry, and called the Kabbalah the “greatest achievement of the human spirit.” The logo he chose for his Neo-Eurasianist movement is the chaos star, which is also found on Aleister Crowley’s Tarot deck.

Finally, and most importantly (as far as we should be concerned), Dugin is wholesale anti-White. Many of Dugin’s writings echo Kalergi’s statement on turning Europe into a Eurasian-African hybrid race.

It’s pretty obvious that we’re not dealing with a guy who can in any conceivable way be considered “good” or “on our side.” Dugin is, quite literally, a satanic globalist.

All of this information has been available online since the 90s, and Dugin continues to publish anti-White tirades to this day. This fact makes the “pro-White” Alt-Right’s undeniable connections to and endorsement of Dugin all the more perplexing and inexcusable.

Edit (05/23/2020):

The below quote is from Dugin’s 1998 ‘Either Us, Or Nothing.’ As you’ll see, the only major change to his rhetoric through the decades is that he developed some nuance and realized that telling people to “submit or die” wasn’t a very smart way to achieve his goals:

National-Bolshevism does not mean the pragmatic ways of Bolsheviks and European Nationalists, conditioned by Realpolitik. Nor does it mean the identical aspects of both “projects”. It is something deeper that could appear only after the fall of the historical incarnation of one of the ideologies – the Soviet Union.

These are the basic elements of this [ideology]:

1. Eschatological awareness, clear understanding of the fact that the civilization is finally nearing its end. This leads us to the idea of eschatological restoration. [By this he means Messianic end-of-the-world shit].

2. The idea of inadequacy of the existing religious institutions of eschatological goals – The spirit of reformation or “new spirituality” (mysticism, Gnosticism, paganism). [By “paganism” he presumably means Satanism or some sort of New Age c*ncer].

3. Interest for the East and dislike for the West. Geopolitical orientation towards Eurasia.

4. The principle of “new aristocracy”, rising from the masses of the people.

5. Radical denial of […] exploitation. Effort to bring all peoples to the state of the “golden age”.

National-Bolshevism is by far the most interesting phenomenon of the 20th century. The sole alternative for the modern world, this empire of the “liberal” antichrist, is NATIONAL-BOLSHEVISM. Either it, or nothing. No compromise will change anything.

(I’m Not sure why he’s talking about the ‘antichrist’ when he’s been a Satanist for decades.

4. The Alt-Right x Dugin Connection

The images below contain evidence of influential Alt-Right and ‘Identitarian’ figures either openly promoting Dugin, being promoted by Dugin, having first-degree connections to Dugin, or regurgitating his theories verbatim.

There is far more evidence available than I have included in this article, but this selection should be enough to demonstrate that the ‘Alt-Right x Dugin’ connection is very real, and that their denial of this connection is deceptive.

Arktos is the company that founded Richard Spencer’s Alt-Right dot com website:

Dugin has strong links to the French New Right, who he essentially described as his greatest allies in Europe, stating that the French New Right, particularly Alain de Benoist, is implementing his own Fourth Political Theory. De Benoist has, in turn, spoken glowingly of his old friend Dugin on many, many occasions; he even named his own book after Dugin’s ‘Fourth Political Theory.’

Spencer has been promoting Dugin since at least 2012.

Arktos’ Dugin translator:

Note: I’m not calling all of the above characters “Duginists”, this image merely demonstrates that Dugin is not the obscure and non-influential character that the Alt-Right claims him to be — “Dugin is just a meme” according to Eric Striker.

My disclaimer on “ideological osmosis” is below; read it before you sperg out and claim that I’m calling every man and his mother a Duginist.

“Dugin doesn’t real” – Man who is good friends with two prominent Duginists, and who podcasts with Eric Striker, an organizer from Heimbach’s now-defunct Duginist political organization, Trad Workers Party.

(Heimbach is now an anti-hate, globalist, multiracialist, anti-White “deradicalization expert”).

Somebody sent me the Facebook page of Zero Schizo’s podcast. Contains lots of Bolshevism and promotion of weird Satanic stuff. Note the Duginist “Eurasian” symbol (chaos star). I guess he only LARPs as a Fascist when he shills to White audiences (he’s a South American brown person).

Duginism is all in your mind, my fellow “fashy goy.”

5. Alt-Right Proselytization Strategy 2020

For months, or perhaps years in some cases, the Alt-Right has had free reign to pump trash into the minds of nationalists in the West with little to no pushback. This is largely due to their monopoly on nationalist media, which was greatly assisted by the Alt-Right being shilled by the mainstream media. Throughout 2020, these people have done nothing but stir up trouble for nationalism, re-directing it into ineffectual or even downright harmful avenues.

Since the beginning of the “Coronavirus” situation, they have promoted insanely divisive rhetoric, claiming that any nationalist who does not…

  • … like Z*G overreach is a “Libertarian”
  • … love China is a “Neo-Con”
  • … love Russia is a “Cold War hawk”
  • … rehabilitate Marxism is a “Liberal”
  • … support Palestine is “Z*onist”
  • … ally with people who hate us is a “traitor”

The Alt-Right’s proselytizing strategy in 2020 is basically as follows:
“If you don’t support this fringe geopolitical strategy that I only adopted a week ago, then you’re an enemy of the white race, even though there’s zero evidence that my strategy will help the white race at all, if it were to succeed.”

Once again, I recommend that you read (or at least familiarize yourself with) Dugin’s Foundations of Geopolitics and Fourth Political Theory, and compare his rhetoric to theirs. If anyone has any other ideas as to why the Alt-Right are promoting this weird stuff — all of which coincidentally aligns perfectly with Dugin’s Neo-Eurasianist agendas — then please let me know.

Now that people are pushing back against the Alt-Right’s brazenly obvious subversion and constant aggression towards other nationalists, they are crying out that they are the victims of “gayops.” Some Alt-Righters claim that there is some sort of organized internet campaign to call them stupid, funded by Peter Thiel (? lol). Apparently, the idea that people would naturally be repulsed by their weird shilling, without any meddling influence from capitalist billionaires, is beyond the pale to these people.

These unhinged characters have the audacity to call all of their detractors “schizos.” It’s incredible.

“Do people call us Duginists because we shill for China, Russia, Islam, Third Worldism, and Marxism? No, it’s because we don’t worship Drumpf!” – Weird Alt-Right guy who relentlessly shills for Communist China, 2020

In the cult of the Alt-Right, those who can conjure up the most obtuse, novel, or repellent ‘hot takes’ rise to the top. Those who disagree with the hot takes, or question the integrity of the cult leaders, are “Literally Hitler.” Or whatever the Alt-Right equivalent would be. Literally Thiel? Literally CIA? Literally J*wish?

6. “Racist Liberalism”

The term “Racist Liberal” is the latest in the lineage of Alt-Right buzzword-smears as mentioned in the previous section. They appear to have settled on “racist liberal” as their smear of choice. This is not insignificant. Dugin uses the term “Liberal” interchangeably with “Western” (and also “White/European”), in addition to frequently using the term “Racist” as both a pejorative and a synonym for “Liberalism.”

In the Duginist worldview, the global dichotomic conflict is:

“NWO” ( = USA = Altanticism = West = “Liberalism” = Racism = Europeans)
The rest of the planet (brownpipo, being led by Russia)

This is a standard Marxist ‘Oppressor vs Oppressed’ dichotomy:
– Proletariat versus Bourgeoisie (Orthodox Marxism)
– LBGT Brown Coalition versus Straight White Patriarchy
(Western Marxism)
and so on.

Don’t take my word for it, take Dugin’s and take the Alt-Right’s:

If you come from a Communist background, as I do*, you should also know that “Liberal” is the default Commie slur for fellow Communists who “aren’t being Communist enough.” It’s their version of “cuck.” Like Dugin, they also operate on the axis of “everything I don’t like is Liberalism,” often claiming that Fascism is a form of Liberalism — “Fascism is capitalism [Liberalism] in decay.”

* I was a Tankie once, everybody makes mistakes.

Ironically, it was Nick Fuentes who first started using the term “racist liberal” to describe the Alt-Right. Although, Fuentes was seemingly using it in the American “Liberal = Leftist” sense. Racist Leftists is probably a more accurate descriptor, though Leftism and Liberalism are all strains of the same progressivist genus.

See this video, approximately 2 minutes in:

I wonder why Fuentes did that?

A real mystery.

(Even Spencer’s own girlfriend called him a libt*rd):

7. It’s all Irony Bro

After myself and many others pointed out the Alt-Right’s weird Duginist-esque Third Worldism and Eurasianist shilling — “All races must unite against the evil ‘Liberal American’ World Order!” and so on — many Alt-Righters decided to drop the mask and become full-blown “ironic” Duginists.

They’ve essentially became ‘Irony Bros 2.0’; except instead of being funny, they’ve opted to be as repulsive as possible. At least the real Irony Bros use irony to escape persecution by the System, these ret*rds only use “irony” as a way to deflect criticism from other nationalists who ask them why they’re shilling all of this weird, subversive shit that nobody likes.

Has anyone ever believed the “it’s just irony, bro, I’m kidding, it’s all jokes :^)” excuse anyway? I thought we were all pretty familiar with the fact that “irony” is simply used to mask genuine beliefs that we can’t openly espouse due to extreme social repercussions? Well, whatever, here’s a selection of their “just jokes bro”:

(I don’t think Enoch is a “Duginist” per se, but I do think that he is a liar):

Eric Striker’s “ironic” Strasserism:

Was it all “irony” when they were relentlessly shilling for China, which initially caused this shitstorm?

“China dindu nuffin, Xi is a good boi” – Striker

All of these people are full of shit. They’ve been promoting all of this crap un-ironically for months, or even years, in some cases. Now that they have been caught with their pants down and everyone is calling them subversive ret*rds, they’re desperately trying to deflect criticism in any way they can.

In one breath they’ll tell you that Dugin (and NazBol) has no influence and is “just a meme,” and in the next they’ll tell you that they are Dugin aficionados and that you should read his work.

(You should read Dugin’s work, if only to understand the current state of subversion in the West. I’ve linked all of his relevant essays in the article I wrote on him).

“Just kidding:”

FYI: Francis Parker Yockey is an Alt-Right favorite. He started as a relatively normal nationalist, but devolved into ridiculousness after coming to the false conclusion that Stalin had “Purged Communism of J*ws.” He spent his later years advocating for a Eurasian alliance between Europe and the USSR, and an alliance between nationalists and Communists around the world. He also promoted Third Worldism. He was one of the most prominent advocates of the “red-brown alliance” malarkey favored by the Alt-Right’s hot take crew. Yockey was an incredibly intelligent man, but that doesn’t mean that he was right.

Below: No White Guilt calls out ‘novelty takes’ (by this he means all of this weird shilling that the TRS-Spencerite crowd have been doing) as harmful, egoistic attention-seeking that lures people away from the very clear and obvious path to victory, and misdirects them into ineffectual or downright harmful avenues.

Predictably, his replies were full of butthurt Third Worldists, Eurasia shills, open Duginists, and literal feminists.

Note the Third World flags:

Do these people sound like they’re “just kidding” to you? For people who are “just kidding” they seem to get pretty mad when you tell them that all of their “jokes” are bad.

8. Third Worldism

For the past few weeks, Alt-Righters have been relentlessly shilling for Islam (Palestine, Arab states, Iran, etc.), as well as promoting Third Worldism, in general. Again, this is one of Dugin’s main agendas.

Prominent Alt-Righters have constructed an insane false dilemma, whereby anyone who either doesn’t care about Palestine, or doesn’t actively support Palestinians is, somehow, “pro-Z*onist.” Peoplewho say “I like neither Palestine nor Isr*el” are also pro-Z*onist, according to the Alt-Right.

The guy below was another member of the Traditionalist Workers Party (reminder: it was a Eurasianist organization founded by totally-not-a-fed Matthew Heimbach).

How exactly is Palestine more important than what is currently happening in our own countries, to our own people?

More to the point, how exactly do these people plan to “support” Palestinians? Send them money? Accept them as refugees? Perhaps they’ll join Hezbollah and “take the fight to the enemy!” or something? Maybe they’ll ally with the anti-colonialist Western Leftoids who are anti-Isr*el because they view it as a “White supremacist state” and because “taking land by force is immoral; who also want Whites to move back to Europe and pay reparations to Africans and American Indians?


They’re just going to put a little flag in their twitter bio and call everyone who disagrees with them a “Z*oinist J*wish supremacist shill,” a “fed,” a “racist liberal” or whatever buzzword they’re using this week.

While on the subject of “racist liberalism,” the Alt-Right smearing all of their detractors as “racist liberals” is perhaps the most ridiculous display of brazen hypocritical chutzpah I’ve ever seen. Their entire argumentation for why Whites should support Palestine (and Third Worldism in general) is based almost entirely upon Liberal Humanism.

Their virtue-signaling “muh poor oppressed brown people” arguments and their attempts to shame nationalists into “supporting” and “allying with” foreign ethnic and racial groups (who overwhelmingly despise us) are no different to the White Guilt tactics employed by the anti-White far-left.

Supporting Palestinians because “muh illegitimate state” or “muh illegal settlements” is not only Liberal Humanist cuckoldry, it also completely undermines our own territorial claims. How do these geniuses think that Whites conquered North America, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa?

What happened to “we won’t apologize” and “human rights aren’t real”?

An ethnic group has as much “right” to a territory as it can defend or take said territory by force, and no more.

Crying that Isr*el is an “illegitimate state” simply opens us up to anti-colonialist attacks from anti-Whites. More importantly, it re-opens the Pandora’s Box of White Guilt, that whites have collectively fought to close since the end of WW2. Worse still, it weaponizes White Guilt against the very people who should be fighting it.

Matt “Cuckbox” Parrot of the “totally-not-Duginist” Trad Workers Party:

The problem with Isr*el is not that “X brown desert people are very mean to Y brown desert people,” but that it actively harms our own people, through its dominance over Western politics, its draining of our resources (financial, military, technological) for its own expansionist aims, its financing of refugee movements into our countries, and so on.

By all means, we should point out their hypocrisy with regards to the “muh human rights” rhetoric that they employ in the West, but the Alt-Right’s leftist underdog fetishism and slave moralism is the worst combination of Liberal Humanist sentimentality and Marxist Third Worldist anti-colonialism.

Lo and behold, exactly as I had warned: The “based” brown nationalists who have been taken under the wing of the Alt-Right immediately attempted to manipulate Whites into supporting their desert turf wars, by labeling those of us who don’t care about their petty land squabbles as “J*wish supremacists.”

‘Taking our own side’ is necessary because ‘White Guilt x White Extortion’ is the dominant global paradigm. All non-Whites are completely aware of this, and will always use it to their advantage and to manipulate us — even “based nationalist” non-Whites.

Endorsed by TRS, of course:

Adorning your social media profile with a multitude of Third World flags is also a common Marxist-Leninist trope. Totally unrelated, of course.

According to Keith Woods, ‘taking our own side’ is akin to sociopathy, and is the behavior of anti-social freaks and Neo-Nazi caricatures — which is ironic, considering his close associates include the Traditionalist Workers Party, ‘The Daily Shoah’, and so on.

The Alt-Right to Liberal Humanist pipeline is real.

Keith Woods; anti-Christian, pro-Islam:

Below: Woods shilling Alain Soral via a video in which Soral praises the victory of the “Islamic East” (Russia) over the West, calling it a “sign of hope.” Soral is an anti-racist, Eurasianist, multi-racialist, who wrote the introduction to the French edition of Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory.

Mike Enoch and Eric Striker have both downplayed the impact of Islam upon White countries, in addition to downplaying the historic conflicts between the Middle-Easterners/North-Africans and Europeans. They, and many other Alt-Righters, have claimed that Muslims are actually our “natural allies” against the System.

Here’s the alliance that doesn’t exist anywhere other than college campuses:

Below is territorial loss from the previous Islamic invasion into Europe, that Striker and Enoch downplayed as “some clashes in Spain or whatever” and “some stuff from the Middle Ages” via their podcast on Islam, which is overflowing with similar Hot Takes™. “That was 500 years ago!” Striker proclaimed, as if that somehow makes this on-going clash of civilizations irrelevant. It’s also an appeal to the Myth of Progress — more Liberalism.

The insane historical revisionism of Striker and Enoch has, unfortunately, mindfucked their audience, who regurgitate all of their bullshit verbatim.

Apparently, these people are completely unaware of things such as the Barbary Slave Trade (1500 – 1800 AD), during which millions of Europeans were enslaved by North Africans and Ottomans (aka the Barbary States) — even after Europeans paid them millions of dollars in ‘tribute’ (extortion money), in exchange for being left alone. This slave trade only ended when various European nations (French, British, Dutch, and American) united and collectively waged war on the Barbary States, resulting in the colonization of North Africa in the 1800s. The entire United States Navy was established to combat the Barbary States.

Acting as if this is all some distant past, and that the Middle Eastern and North African people are now our greatest allies against the “Liberal” World Order, is schizophrenic levels of delusion. They left us alone for 200 years because Europeans came together and united to absolutely own them, then colonized them and subjugated them to stop them screwing with us.

Below: Striker, who I’m told has a history degree, merges two different men, who were alive at completely different times, in an attempt to make a nonsensical and a-historical “one struggle” argument.

Without getting into the history in too much detail, and discarding Striker’s historic illiteracy, the Persian Muslims allied with Charlemagne to gain power over Arab Muslims and take territory from the Christian Byzantines. Hence, Charlemagne was a traitor to the Christian world and the Abbasidians to the Muslim world.

The history doesn’t particularly matter too much, since his argument is just “bro, not all X are like that.”

Edit, 6/14/20:
Below we see the direct results of the TRS/NPI/Radix crowd opening the doors of their “White nationalist” movement to non-Whites. Only a complete cretin could not have predicted that this would happen. Was this their intention all along?

More nonsense from Striker:

Our natural allies:

3 days of news in Sweden:

Keith Woods endorsing Gaddafi:

Gaddafi gloating about Islam conquering Europe without having to fire a single bullet:

Every single post like this on the internet is filled with similar comments from our natural allies:

Every time one of my immigration-related posts goes semi-viral it gets filled with comments like this:

Remember their reactions to Notre Dame? (More here).

Apparently, people raping your kids en masse is more of a reason to support them as an ethnic group. How many levels of racial cuckoldry are TRS promoting?

This occurred as I was writing this article:

Advising nationalists to not only behave sympathetically towards openly hostile out-groups, but to ally with them politically, displays a grotesque misunderstanding of nationalism and identity on the most fundamental, baseline level. Almost all White countries are, regrettably, on the verge of racialized civil war (we already see this occurring in South Africa). What sort of mindset does the Alt-Right’s rhetoric instill in the Whites who have been thrust into this situation against their will? Weak, cucked, submissive, apologetic. I don’t believe that these people are stupid enough to simply “misunderstand” nationalism in this way. This is treasonous subversion, pure and simple.


9. Anti-Racialism (Edit 05/23/2020)

Richard Spencer’s pet, Keith Woods, implies that the root cause of this conflict is that people are opposed to “forbidden ideas” and the reading of “forbidden books.”

Yep. The problem is definitely that some people are reading books. Obviously, it has nothing to do with the fact that these people continuously attack, deconstruct, or even wish destruction upon their own in-group, while constantly praising and fellating hostile out-groups, as documented in the previous section.

If you removed the names on the Tweets below, it would be impossible to tell if they were written by people who are “on our side,” as they claim to be, or a member of ANTIFA or any other hostile, anti-White group. Additionally, all of these Tweets sound like they were copied directly from Dugin’s anti-White writings.

Ask yourself: would you ever see Black nationalists, Arab nationalists, J*wish nationalists, etc., saying the following things about their own people?

“The White working class deserve to die, the White race is not worth saving.”

“White civilization / Europe is not worth saving”

“White does not exist” — ‘Deconstructing whiteness’?

“We are not nationalists, we are not right-wing”

“Traitor” is a strong word, but how else could you describe this? What is more traitorous than decrying your in-group while allying with out-groups that openly state that they wish to destroy your in-group? How does this differ in any way from anti-White libt*rds and globalists?

Once again, I’m not claiming that all of these people are feds, or plants, or infiltrators, but that they have been heavily influenced by toxic subversion that has gone unchallenged for a long, long time. This is a sickness.

10. Rehabilitation of Marxism, Bolshevism, Communism

Alt-Righters constantly defend Bolshevism, Stalin, the USSR, Third World Marxist states, and Marxism in general. They deny the Holodomor, claim that Cultural Marxism doesn’t exist, claim that Stalin was a “based anti-NWO, anti-s*mite,” and claim that Bolshevism is somehow reconcilable with the diametrically opposed worldview of Nationalism. They attempt to pass all of this off as “ironic shitposting,” even though they have been shilling this malarkey long before they became cheap, imitation Irony Bros. Their fundamental aim appears to be the eventual rehabilitation and absolution of Communism, and the re-framing of the New World Order as a creation of pure “Liberalism.” Again, this precisely mirrors the rhetoric and objectives of Dugin.

Cultural Marxism denial:

(Modern “art” was overwhelmingly produced by “ex” Communists)

You may think you have Hot Takes™ but you’ll never have a take as hot as:
“The Western Marxists were actually trying to save civilization, not destroy it.”

Thank you “Commie Nazi,” very cool!

The idea that Western (“Cultural”) Marxism is “un-influential fringe stuff” is some of the most insane revisionism that I’ve ever seen. Western Marxism is a widely popular academic field, having been taught at every single college and university in the West for the past few decades. The Marxist thinkers responsible for developing these theories, the highly influential Frankfurt School, had links to the United Nations, Rockefellers, and so on. Some of their students even authored the UN’s racial statements, which helped spread race-denialism and “hate speech” laws throughout the West. Around 50% of the Frankfurt School’s leading figures were CIA and KGB agents. All of the founding theorists of Western Marxism were once Orthodox Marxists. Antonio Gramsci, who invented the “colonize the Superstructure” political strategy (aka the ‘Long March Through The Institutions’), is probably one of the most important political thinkers of our age. He was the first influential Marxist figure to realize that Marx’ theory of “Base” over “Superstructure” was inapplicable to Western civilization, flipping Marxism from a centralized economics-focused ideology to a decentralized culture-focused ideology, defining the political battlefield of this century. Our society is currently so saturated with Western Marxist ideology that even “Conservatives” and “right-wingers” regurgitate the theories of the Frankfurt School on a daily basis. Every major globalist elite and organization (e.g. Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, etc.) utilizes the sociopolitical theories that were developed by Western Marxists.

Why would supposedly “well-read” people who should “know better,” such as Alt-Right e-celebs, deny all of this incredibly well-documented history? Because they are sloppily attempting to rehabilitate Marxism while blaming the downfall of the West entirely on Liberalism.

For more info see:

Holodomor denial

Author for Richard Spencer’s Alt-Right website, apparently a personal friend of influential Alt-Right figures:

Fake quotes / lying about history

I have seen a lot more examples than this but, unfortunately, I didn’t save many (97% of the quotes in this article were sent to me by other people).

These people constantly claim that the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was equivalent to an ideological agreement, rather than a non-aggression pact to avoid war between between two rival and openly hostile powers, that were both expanding into the same territorial regions — Two powers that both planned to betray one another as soon as possible.

The Alt-Right often peddles the myth that Stalin “purged all of the J*ws from power” in the USSR. This simply isn’t true, at all, by any measure. After the Second World War, as soon as Stalin started causing trouble for some J*ws in the USSR, they almost immediately assassinated him via poisoning. Read more about this turn of events via the ‘Doctors Plot‘ Wiki.

The TL;DR is that Stalin was mad at a small selection of J*ws because they were being “bad” nationalistic J*ws, and not “good” deracinated J*ws of the rootless ‘Soviet Man’ archetype. He didn’t hate all J*ws, and he certainly didn’t purge them all from power either. He had some Z*onist J*ws executed for promoting nationalism inside the deracinated multi-racialist Soviet empire and for generally being troublesome. Millions of other people, from a variety of ethnicities, were been executed for the same reasons. They were not executed simply because they were J*wish.

In Stalin’s own words, anti-s*mitism was punishable via the death penalty in the USSR:

Extracts from Goebbels’ book ‘Der Nazi-Soz,’ released in 1926, a few months after the date of the (supposed) quote above.

Apparently, this Ahab guy used to write for Richard Spencer’s NPI. Weird how all of this shit seems to link back to Spencer, isn’t it?

USSR rehabilitation and ‘Red-Brown Alliance’

The Alt-Right’s historical revisionism appears largely to be focused on fabricating evidence to prove the validity of their “Red-Brown Alliance” bullshit.

At no point in history has “Red” sided with “Brown,” beyond extreme outliers and highly transitory, circumstantial alliances. The two worldviews of Nationalism (or National Socialism and Fascism) and Communism are diametrically opposed to one another on the most basic, fundamental level, and cannot, by any means, coexist or cooperate.

This fact is corroborated by the most well-known literature published by Bolsheviks and National Socialists alike.

The quotations below demonstrate the irreconcilability of these two worldviews. They are tiny selection from a near-infinite number of quotes that express identical sentiments.

• Marx and Engels, Communist Manifesto http://archive.vn/UtFPO
“The working men have no country. […] National differences are daily more and more vanishing. […] The supremacy of the proletariat will cause them to vanish still faster. United action, of the leading civilised countries at least, is one of the first conditions for the emancipation of the proletariat”

• Lenin, Cultural-National Autonomy http://archive.vn/HNzk6#selection-669.1-669.452
“Marxism is irreconcilable with nationalism. Marxism puts forward internationalism to replace all forms of nationalism, the fusion of all nations into a highest unity.”

• Lenin, National Culture http://archive.vn/HNzk6#selection-559.1-559.404
“he who does not fight against all forms of national oppression or inequality, is not a Marxist [but] a petty bourgeois nationalist”

• Trotsky, What Is National Socialism? http://archive.vn/VEcep
“On the plane of politics, racism is a vapid and bombastic variety of chauvinism in alliance with phrenology.”

• Stalin, Conversation Between I.V. Stalin’s And Romanian Leader http://archive.vn/qhoef
“racism leads to fascism.”

• Stalin, Marxism And The National Question http://archive.vn/f60d9
“A nation is primarily a community, a definite community of people. This community is not racial, nor is it tribal […] but a historically constituted community of people. The only cure for this is organization on the basis of internationalism. To unite locally the workers of all nationalities of Russia into single, integral collective bodies, to unite these collective bodies into a single party – such is the task.”

Description of the New Soviet Man (Wiki) http://archive.vn/GCcBl
“He also has lost any nationalist sentiments, being Soviet rather than Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, or any of the many other nationalities found in the USSR.”

• Hitler, Mein Kampf
“Marxism’s ultimate goal is and always will be the destruction of all non-J*wish national
states. […] Bolshevism represents the J*w’s twentieth century attempt to gain world domination just as they tried by different, though closely related means throughout history […] Today, Germany is the next great objective of Bolshevism. We will need all the strength of a young missionary idea to again rescue our nation from the entanglement of the international serpent “

• Hitler, Mein Kampf
“How can the German worker come to understand that Bolshevism is a damnable crime against humanity when we choose as our allies the very organizations of this evil plan and acknowledge it as an equal? […] How can we condemn a member of the broad masses for his sympathy toward a world philosophy when the leaders of the State choose the representatives of that World-Concept as an ally? The struggle against the J*wish effort to convert the world to Bolshevism requires that we clarify our attitude toward Russia. After all, we cannot drive out Satan by using Beelzebub.”

• Goebbels, Communism With The Mask Off
“Bolshevism is not merely anti-bourgeois; it is against human civilization itself. In its final consequences it signifies the destruction of all the commercial, social, political, and cultural achievements of Western Europe, in favor of a deracinated and nomadic international cabal which has found its representation in J*daism. This grandiose attempt to overthrow the civilized world is so much more dangerous in its effects because the Communist International, which is a past master in the art of misrepresentation, has been able to find its protectors and pioneers among a great part of these intellectual circles in Europe whose physical and spiritual destruction must be the first result of a Bolshevik world revolution. Bolshevism, which is in reality an attack on the world of the spirit, pretends to be intellectual itself. Where circumstances demand, it comes as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But underneath the false mask which it here and there assumes there are always the satanic forces of world destruction.”

Furthermore, the NazBol factions of Weimar Germany were banned from both National Socialist and Communist Paties. Lenin personally ridiculed the NazBols as “absurd,” and Hitler called the Strasserist (‘NazBol’) wing of the NSDAP “Salon Bolsheviks” and “crass Marxists,” in addition to having them killed, imprisoned, and exiled.

However, all of this won’t stop the totally-not-Duginist/NazBol Alt-Right from endlessly shilling Red-Brown Alliance bullshit…

^ Key word: Former Leftists. Hitler had the Left wing of the NSDAP killed en masse.

Endorsed by Spencer’s co-host, of course:

“I didn’t say National Socialist I said Nationalist Socialist :^)”

(Below): Keith Woods endorsed George Galloway as an example of a “good leftist.”

After conducting some research on Galloway, I discovered that he’s a very standard philo-s*mitic, rabidly anti-white Communist. He even assisted Communists in overthrowing Apartheid in South Africa by acting as, in his words, “an underground agent of the [Communist] ANC.” This Communist revolution led to the total destruction of South Africa and the genocide of over 70,000 whites in a mere 20 years.

Rehabilitation of Marx(ism)

“Workers of the world unite!” – Karl Marx, free-market conservative:

“Just kidding, bro, stop doing a gayop.”

When these people tell us that they are Communists, we should believe them.

Translation; “I won’t call myself a Marxist because it’s bad optics” :

Reminder that Richard Spencer called the Alt-Right a form of Fourth Political Theory, which was personally endorsed by Dugin:

Almost all of these people claim to be “National Socialists” and “Fascists.” Remember those Sabbateans and Frankists and Trotskyite Neo-Cons, who all lied about all of their beliefs in order to infiltrate and subvert enemy movements from within? Really makes you think, doesn’t it?

11. Spergouts, Shitstorms, Meltdowns

I won’t include many, but below are a few examples of butthurt spergouts.

Eric Striker called me ‘COINTELPRO’ (CIA) because I quoted his buddies’ own words at him:

Glenn Beck also did a presentation on George Soros, so by Striker’s logic, Soros dindu nuffin now.

Striker also tried to call me a “capitalist agent provocateur” (whatever that means) by quoting Linkola’s anti-capitalist sentiments, which I also quoted in my 2019 “Intro to Pentti Linkola” article (you should read that, it’s quite short).

Also, apparently, the fully-clothed smiling anime wizard girl standing in front of a sunset in my Twitter profile pic is “cartoon kiddy porn.”

So, according to Striker, I’m a ‘p*dophilic capitalist shill CIA agent provocateur.’ Maybe he has a dysfunctional amygdala that caused him to go loco with ‘cute aggression’ when he saw my profile picture?

Mike Enoch had a pretty funny spregout on Twitter after I pointed out that while Our Greatest Allies certainly assist in mass migration, and are almost entirely responsible for open borders, the immigrants that move into White countries do so of their own accord. Nobody holds a gun to their head and forces them to migrate (they do tempt them to migrate by offering lots of free welfare and infrastructure, of course).

Apparently, this is incorrigible and I’m some sort of Z*onist federal agent, or whatever.

Any criticism of TRS is automatically regarded by them to be “bad faith.” Thou must not critique the cult.

Here’s Mr. Peinovich arguing with me in “good faith”:

Here’s Peinovich’s co-host and fellow boomer, Seventh Son, arguing in good faith, by calling everyone who disagrees with him a “bought opposition J*wish federal agent.” Astounding.

Snapshot of my Twitter mentions after asking why TRS & Co promote Third Worldism and Eurasianism. Very sane, normal, and not cult-like behavior:

I am engaging in the high-level federal agent activity of asking why the fuck these people are promoting all of this weird shit.

On a podcast with Keith Woods, Richard Spencer said that he would never disavow Dugin, and that Dugin was a fascinating character, whose work he recommends.

“I’m not a Duginist, I just regurgitate all of Dugin’s theories almost verbatim, published his book, think that he’s a fascinating guy, called my own ideology ‘a kind of Fourth Political Theory,’ and refuse to denounce him, even though he’s an anti-white globalist.”

“I’m not a Stalinist, but I won’t denounce Stalin in any way, in fact, I recommend you read Stalin’s works and become more like him. P.S. I’m not a Stalinist.”

Seems legit.

The most important thing to note here is that while I can quote all of these assholes and directly compare their rhetoric to subversives like Dugin, none of these ret*rds have done anything other than sperg out and call me a “J*wish z*onist p*dophilic capitalist agent provocateur racist liberal CIA fed.”

That doesn’t exactly scream ‘innocence’ to me. In fact, that sounds like very, very guilty people lashing out in a manic and desperate way. Kind of reminds me of when Elon Musk called out the press.

12. Conclusion

Well, there’s some of the evidence. To be honest, there’s so much evidence that it’s impossible to include all of it. Some of these statements and connections may seem permissible when read alone, but when presented in the wider context highlighted in this article, it becomes pretty obvious that major subversion is afoot. I think that it’s pretty safe to conclude that the Alt-Right is a subversive, toxic force, filled with liars, egomaniacs, and probably a few feds thrown in for good measure.

I won’t accuse all of them of glowing though (except for Dugin, who is definitely a fed), since it is entirely possible for someone to be ideologically moronic without being a fed. However, when people fuck up this frequently and this consistently, you should really start questioning their intentions and integrity.

Again, I advise that you familiarize yourself with Dugin’s exoteric geopolitical strategies and theories, and then compare it to the Alt-Right’s messaging. It’s pretty similar. Almost identical. I don’t necessarily think that Dugin’s esoteric kook satanism and anti-White stuff pertains to the Alt-Right, but Augustus Invictus was their official lawyer, and he is an Aleister Crowley loving Satanist who was in the Ordo Templi Orientis. So… You know… No fire without smoke.

And, again, I’m not saying that every single Alt-Righter is a conscious, self-identified “Duginist,” and I’m not saying that everyone quoted in this article is a self-identified Duginist either. But I am saying that Dugin’s ideas are clearly highly influential among nationalists in the West (whether they know it or not), and that the Alt-Right is one of the main vessels responsible for spreading this poison.

One final thing to consider: If influential “nationalist” figures, all of a sudden, began to promote, LGBT stuff, Z*onism, or a “Z*onist x Pro-White Alliance,” and so on, people would immediately understand that trickery was afoot. So, why does this not apply to Duginist rhetoric? Why does it not apply to the Marxism, Eurasianism, and Third Worldism shilling?

My theory is that because Duginist ideology has slowly and covertly colonized Western nationalism over the past few decades (via Richard Spencer & Co., the French New Right, and so on), we have now reached a level of Duginist saturation and ideological hegemony whereby people now assume that Duginism is what nationalism is all about. Let’s be honest here, most nationalists simply aren’t well versed enough in history or politics to understand that all of this is subversive. That’s mostly no fault of their own, since the people that they look to as educators fill their minds with total poop on an almost daily basis, as documented throughout this article.

What’s next in store for the insane asylum known as the “Alt-Right”? I don’t see how it can get much worse from this point, but I’m sure they’ll find a way to fuck everything up even more dramatically than they have done in 2020 so far and for the past few years.

Is this how we win?

It’s all so tiresome.

13. Final note

I appreciate that so many people sent me information and quotes over the past few months, which did enable me to write this article, but I don’t need to know every subversive word uttered by every subversive huckster. I politely request that you please stop sending me these things, tagging me in posts, and so on. Not because this isn’t an important issue to call attention to, but because I’ve already used more than enough of my valuable time attempting to explain this c*ncer. And one final thing: while you should call this stuff out, at least know what you’re talking about before you do it.

Anyway, that’s it. I’ve made my argument. I rest my case. I wash my hands of this subversive idiocy.

Enjoy these Evola quotes as a palate cleanser: