Thuletide Blog

Small update. I accidentally my blog theme template. So, unfortunately, my Maxfield Parrish header banner is kill. Fortunately, the new theme I found has a pretty good post browser, so I guess that’s a good trade-off for the aesthetic banner. I’d like both but I guess this shitty host wants me to pay money for that privilege.

Some of the formatting on older posts might be a little bit fucked up now, since this theme has different header/title settings, but I’m not gonna go fix them. I need to re-add all of the custom pages too, like the ‘About’ and resources sections, but they needed updated anyway.

New Blog / Website

I didn’t really know what I was doing when I started the Thuletide blog. When I joined Twitter I had no intention of writing longform stuff, but people kept bugging me to do it, so eventually I caved.

This blog was essentially a trial-run. Testing the waters, firstly, to discover if people actually wanted to read my writing (apparently, they do) and, secondly, to discover if I’m any good at writing (turns out that I’m pretty bad at it). Now that I’m slightly less shit at writing and structuring articles, I figured that it’s time for a new website — something a little more optics-friendly. The new site will feature some basic-but-vital, entry-level “redpill” stuff. I want it to be less cluttered with crap than this blog and more ‘formal.’ I’ll still post on this blog, but the new site will have no official connection to this blog or my weeaboo Twitter page.

The articles I have planned for it so far are:

  • Replacement Migration
  • An Introduction to Race and Genetics
  • The Origin of Race Denialism
  • White Race? European Genetics
  • The History of Western Marxism
  • Pornography and Nofap: Everything you need to know
  • White Supremacist Terrorism Debunked
  • The Global Consistency of Racial Crime Statistics

Some of it is adapted from this current blog and re-written, and basically all of this stuff is already finished.

To be honest, I just need to think of a name for the new site and I can start dumping stuff on there. If you have any suggestions for a name, hit me up on Twitter or email — I’m pretty bad at naming things, so I’d appreciate the help.

I’m also thinking about changing my Twitter username to this blog title. I love Pentti but I feel bad for disrespecting his memory with anime catgirls. People often contact me to say that they’ve started reading Linkola’s work because of my Twitter @ (same with Kaczynski), but it’s probably time for a change.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted share.

Try not to get attacked by any feral “White Supremacist Rioters” out there. Tell your friends and family to avoid them at all costs, it’s going to get South-Africa-tier soon enough.