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Orientations is a short essay, aimed mainly towards right-wing youth. You may not agree with all of it, but it will certainly help you skip a lot of dumb pitfalls and steer you towards a more cohesive worldview. One read through this is better than listening to one hundred babbling podcasts.

The preface (below) is from yours truly, but the translation is not mine (hence the British English).


Originally published in 1950, Orientations is a hidden gem among Julius Evola’s impressive body of work. Orientations provides a lucid and concise introduction to Evola’s thought, presenting a framework for the European right-wing to approach the post-war modern world. Evola calls for the creation of a New Man, who will hold himself steady among the ruins of our unmoored civilizations, as they lurch violently towards ever-increasing strife and chaos. He warns against the various trappings of modernity—materialism, bourgeois decadence, contingent economic trivialities, and so on—advising men to embrace the spiritual, heroic, and aristocratic values of the world of Tradition. Evola states that men must lead by example, rise above, and form a new elite, filling the void created by the age of decline and forces of modernity.

Orientations is essential reading for all right-wing youth. Other important works by Evola include Revolt Against The Modern World (1934), in which he clearly defines the concepts of Modernity and Tradition, and Men Among The Ruins (1953), which builds upon the framework laid out in Orientations.