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This came to me while I was writing about testosterone decline, and I thought it would be better siphoned off into a separate post, rather than as a rambling, quasi-off topic section in an article about how to un-cuck your t-levels.

Power Is All That Matters

99% of the problems facing Whites are systemic issues. They are either intentionally imposed upon us by a hostile elite or harmful bi-products of systemic processes that are inescapable for 99% of society. The behavioral habits of the general public are predominantly dictated by the wider structure of civilization. Sedentary lifestyles, pornography consumption, mass media consumption, heinous modern diets and fast food consumption, birth control usage, abortion, etc., are all by and large products of the system.

Of course, there are steps that an individual can take to somewhat mitigate the poisons of the modern world. However, it is important to acknowledge that there are severe societal limitations that place us at a monstrous disadvantage, even compared to men who were born as recently as two generations ago. Xenoestrogens are the perfect example; they pollute our tap water, soap, body-wash, sun-screen, receipts, all of our food packaging, etc., etc. This is an almost unavoidable problem that men have to go to insane lengths to escape.

Additionally, most people in society simply aren’t intelligent or open-minded enough to understand that these lifestyle habits are harmful. If it’s available and widely utilized, and the government doesn’t ban it, then it must be good, right? Pornography is the prime example: Have you ever tried to tell a coomer to stop cooming? They act as if you’ve just murdered their mother. Most of society are “NPCs,” and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Civilization would collapse without them. A society with no NPCs is like a car in which each of the passengers have their own steering wheel and share the task of driving: it’s going to crash and burn in the blink of an eye.

A small troop of nationalists can alter culture to an extent, as demonstrated by the past decade of internet antics. Even individual characters can make a notable impact; Bronze Age Pervert and The Golden One, for example, have both inspired a considerable number of men to enter the Temple of Iron and improve their lives to a considerable degree — but, on the scale of civilizations, this is still a drop in the ocean. We’re up against a behemoth of immeasurable proportions. “Swimming against the tide” doesn’t even come close.

In brief: It’s simply impossible for us to make any major progress towards tackling any of the problems facing us today without taking absolute power and, essentially, restructuring society from the ground up. I’m talking politically, economically, and technologically. Even on an individual level, you are still largely at the behest of the wider societal and industrial/technological systems, even if you understand how these systems work and why they are harmful.

Sure, restructuring civilization sounds like a pretty big ask, and implementing such a restructure wouldn’t be materially easy but, in reality, almost every problem facing us in the modern world is ridiculously simple. Any chump who has more than 2 brain cells, and isn’t a soulless demonic globalist, could very easily think of straight forward solutions to rectify over 95% of our problems, and have society repaired in under a decade.

If it wasn’t immediately obvious to you by now, “our” governments are intentionally creating all of these problems. Well, more accurately, the globalist superstructure as a whole is creating them — this includes corporations, NGOs, “Think Tanks,” and so on. What we see as problems that damage our societies, they see as solutions to the “problem” of White people having stable societies (and the wider “problem” of White people existing).

Destroying testosterone levels and thus feminizing society, for example, is a brilliant solution to the problem of having a hostile, angry masculine population that may start an uprising to depose you.

Why do they import non-White people en masse? To cause social disunity and disruption via conflict between various ethnic groups within society.

Why do they pump the populace full of fast food and corn syrup while providing the worst dietary advice on the planet? Because obese people couldn’t start a political revolution even if they wanted to.

Why do they promote pornography and sexual degeneracy? To cause as much widespread mental illness and baseline social disruption as possible (accelerating divorce, etc.).

Instead of looking at the elites in society as a bunch of useless fuckups, which is the image that they attempt to project, understand that everything they’re doing is geared towards degrading and destabilizing society as much as possible. You should take the exact opposite approach to Hanlon’s Razor, which states that you should “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” Once you start attributing everything that they do to malice, the world starts to make a lot more sense. Nine times out of ten, any systemic issue that harms the wider populace somehow benefits elites. This is all by design. Civilization doesn’t transform into a waking nightmare by accident. People don’t destroy themselves for no apparent reason, without hostile external influence.

Anyway, thinking of solutions to our problems isn’t the issue. That more or less consists of looking at what “our” governments are currently doing and then doing the precise opposite. Certain basic values and structures have been proven to work throughout eternity, and we have blueprints of functional and successful European civilizations to look back upon throughout the entirety of recorded history — before the French Revolution, anyway. A few minor tweaks and they’re good-to-go for our era.

The real problem is getting into a position of total authoritarian sovereignty, from which we can implement the very straight forward solutions to our systemic problems. People with power aren’t usually very amicable to the idea of surrendering all of their power to people who they absolutely despise and are trying to expunge — especially when this bunch of people would immediately imprison all of them, take their riches, and put them on trial for crimes against humanity.

I see a lot of people going autismo mode and inventing their perfect fantasy Authoritarian Society™, but not a lot of people proposing any viable approaches for how to implement said society. We can’t exactly go from Point A (being an enemy-occupied people who have zero political power and zero access to political power) to Point Z (Evropa Imperium, or whatever) magically overnight. This is a problem common to both the political Left and Right.

Theorycels get autistic over things like analyzing capitalism, spend their entire lives writing millions of words of completely impenetrable gobbledygook, and then commit suicide without ever coming close to affecting change in society to any degree (see: every Post-Modernist theorycel ever).

Collapsologists (among whom I was included until the Coronahoax forced me to reconsider my position) believe that the destruction of civilization will result in an opportunity to grab power, rather than further consolidation of power in the hands of the global elite, which is what it will evidently result in. Plus, globalists are intentionally trying to collapse the entire White world, so “bro we just need a collapse” is simply playing into their hands.

Siegeposting insurrectionist accelerationists did a grand total of zero insurrectionism during the peak of the BLM riots, which, by their logic, was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to send the system into ultra-sperg mode and accelerate political contradictions beyond belief. Similarly, the revolutionists talk all day of revolution but forget that a political revolution requires at least some degree of mass popular support, even just 10-20% of the population.

Of course, it’s always important to have some sort of vision, and even more important to have a cohesive worldview (or ‘world-concept,’ in the realm of the political), but even the most perfect system in the world is completely useless if it never sees implementation.


There is no conclusion. This is more of a rambling rant than anything else. I might expand upon it later if I have any additional thoughts.

TL;DR: None of our problems are going away until we take power.