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People still ask me for book recommendations quite regularly, so here’s an updated 2020 reading list update that includes around 35 books covering a variety of topics.

They’re grouped by “theme,” as follows:
– Health
– European History
– Ancient Historians and Mythology
– Religion
– Philosophy
– Modernity and Tradition
– The Second World War
– Environmentalism

They’re roughly listed in the order that I would recommend reading them but, if you’re short on time, I recommend prioritizing the following 10 books:

Seneca – On the Shortness of Life (49 AD)
Henry, Friends – Living Healthy in the Modern World (2019)
Anthony – Horse, Wheel, and Language (2007)
Hamilton – Mythology (1942)
Kenny – A New History of Western Philosophy (2004)
Nietzsche – On the Genealogy of Morality (1887)
Raido – A Handbook of Traditional Living (1997)
Evola – Revolt Against the Modern World (1934)
Buchanan – Hitler, Churchill, and the Unnecessary War (2008)
Kaczynski – Technological Slavery (2010)

I’m not really a books nerd but since I’m often asked for recommendations on these topics, I figured that an introductory reading list would help a few people. There might be better books out there on these subjects, I don’t really know — you’d have to ask a books nerd about that.

Also, here’s a reading list of Leftoid books in case you want to familiarize yourself with the enemy:

Marx, Engels – Communist Manifesto, 1848
Durkheim – Suicide, 1897
Stalin – Marxism and the National Question, 1913
Lenin – Critical Remarks on the National Question, 1913
Gramsci – Prison Notebooks, 1935
Ehrenberg – The Fallacy of Race, 1942
Boas – Race and Democratic Society, 1945
Huxley – New Bottles for New Wine, 1950
Adorno – The Authoritarian Personality, 1950
Marcuse – Repressive Tolerance, 1965
Horkheimer – Authority and the Family, 1936
Marcuse – Eros and Civilization, 1955

Anyway, happy reading.