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  1. Introduction
  2. G.O.A.T Indigenous-Status Speedruns
  3. Defining “Indigenous”
  4. Indigenous Europeans
  5. Nefarious Globalist Trickery
  6. Conclusion

1. Introduction

It’s ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’ today, so I thought I’d document some overt anti-White bias with regards to the classification of “indigenous” peoples. This article will be focused on Wikipedia classifications. However, the problem is civilization-wide and by no means limited to Wikipedia. You may think “Why does it matter, it’s only Wikipedia?” and to that I say: stop being lackadaisical. Wikipedia is the number one go-to information source for normies on the planet, and it exemplifies this problem. Plus, it’s an incredibly useful propaganda resource seen by millions of people daily.

2. G.O.A.T Indigenous-Status Speedruns

In brief, Europeans are not classified as “indigenous” peoples, despite living in Europe for thousands of years longer than certain other “indigenous” peoples have inhabited their current homelands. To put this ridiculous bias into perspective, the Roman Empire lasted 700-800 years longer than Maoris and Hawaiians — both officially classified as “indigenous” peoples — have inhabited New Zealand and Hawaii. Additionally, multiple European countries have existed longer than Hawaii and New Zealand have been inhabited by their “indigenous” groups. France was founded in 500 AD, Portugal 1139 AD, San Marino 301 AD, England 927 AD. All of these countries have been inhabited by, more or less, the same European ethnic groups since their founding.

Apparently, there’s some sort of “magic dirt” theory whereby a people can become “indigenous” if they inhabit a plot of land for over 700 years — but it doesn’t apply to Europeans, for some reason…

3. Defining “Indigenous”

Indigenous is defined as “originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native.” Classifying humans as “indigenous” is questionable, in my opinion. Especially when you consider that human nature, since the dawn of humanity, has been to migrate around the world and kill other tribes to take their territory and resources.

The law of nature is that territory goes to those who conquer it. Crying that you are “indigenous” to a plot of land has never stopped anyone from conquering people in the past and it won’t stop anyone from conquering people in the future.

However, crying about being “indigenous” is an extremely useful propaganda tool for globalists and br*wn people to browbeat White people into feeling guilty about being better at conquering than everyone else. There’s nothing shameful about being the best at conquering; it’s one of the greatest achievements of man. (We should brag about it more often).

4. Indigenous Europeans

While certain non-White ethnic groups that have inhabited their current homelands for less time than the lifespan of the Roman Empire are classified as “indigenous” to said lands, (almost) every single European ethnic group is merely categorized as being “one of many” ethnic groups within their respective homelands.

Wikipedia limits their application of the ‘indigenous’ category exclusively to European ethnic groups that either have significant non-White admixture, e.g., Udmurts or Saami (who I personally class as “White enough”), or those that are significantly different to other Europeans, e.g., the Basque.

Udmurts and Saami:

Non-European Turkic invaders of the Middle Ages are classed as “indigenous” Europeans, but not the actual Europeans who have lived in Europe for millennia:

Note: Below is an older image, an “Indigenous Europeans” category has since been added.

All indigenous Europeans are descended from three main races:

  • Western European Hunter-Gatherers (WHG)
  • Early European Farmers (EEF)
  • Proto-Indo-Europeans (PIE)

WHG are descended from the original Cro-Magnon of Europe, who inhabited the continent from around 40,000 BC — possibly even earlier than this, judging by recent archaeological finds. The WHG became genetically distinct 15,000 years ago and populated the entirety of Europe.

EEF migrated into Europe from Anatolia 9,000 years ago, and by 5,000 years ago, they had occupied the majority of the continent, intermixing with the WHG as they went, creating a new race of people (they were originally ‘Anatolian Neolithic Farmers’ and became EEF upon mixing with WHG).

PIE were also descended from the original Cro-Magnon population of Europe, but they moved into Siberia to hunt mammoths for a few thousand years and later returned to Europe. The PIE lived in Eastern Europe (Southern Ukraine and Western Russia) and began to invade Western Europe 5,000 to 6,000 years ago. By around 4,000 years ago they had conquered the entire continent.

Our oldest ancestors have been “indigenous” for at least 15,000 years.
Our second oldest for 9,000 years.
Our third oldest for at least 6,000 years.

The genetic composition of modern Europeans has remained more or less identical to present distributions (Northern European / Eastern European / Southern European) for around 4,500 years. Some Southern Europeans have remained genetically identical for even longer than that.

If living within a specific territory for over 700 years is the minimum requirement for an ethnic group to be classed as “indigenous,” the Europeans should be awarded the status of “ultra-indigenous.”

  • Note: I’ve written a long and comprehensive article detailing the history of the European people, which explains all of this stuff in detail: read it here.

Orange = EEF
Blue = WHG
Green = PIE

5. Nefarious Globalist Trickery

The root source of this problem isn’t the Wikipedia admins and editors, of course (though I’m sure the adminship of Wikipedia is riddled with Leftoids). The globalist superstructure, spearheaded by the United Nations, has long denied the indigenous status of Europeans.

This is imperative to the globalists wider “Replacement Migration” plan, as it denies Europeans the right to protect their way of life on the level of international law — a right that is afforded to all other indigenous peoples.

In layman’s terms, if the UN recognized Whites as indigenous to Europe, their policy of Replacement Migration (ethnically cleansing Europeans via mass migration) would violate their own legal principles. Well, it already violates their own genocide conventions, but normies don’t really care about that stuff.

However, normies do get invested in things like “indigenous cultures” — they like German lederhosen, they like British folk dancing, they like the people of the Alps tooting their big horns, and so on. Even many libt*rds who love the EU and advocate mass migration genuinely love various European cultures — except for the parts where we absolutely owned the entire planet in warfare, obviously.

If Europeans were officially recognized as a cluster of indigenous peoples under threat of extinction, by the most powerful organizations on the planet, those normies who so adamantly support mass migration today could more easily be convinced to change their ways. But, of course, that will never happen, because the sole purpose of these globalist organizations is to take over the world and enslave the planet — Whitey presents a major roadblock for that agenda.

6. Conclusion

Well, there’s not really much else to add here. Go read my big article on the history of Europeans if you want to learn some cool stuff. I’m also writing a post on Replacement Migration, which will be published later this year.

Hat tip to STJ for the article inspiration.

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