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We will never trick our enemies into giving us anything by using the false morality that they invented to destroy us.

A guy on Twitter

“Nationalism is when everyone has their own country – a space for every race :-)!” and its consequences have been a disaster for nationalism.

Nationalism is not “respecting borders” or “wanting to preserve the world’s unique cultures.” That’s “ethnopluralism,” a utopian Liberal-Marxoid fantasy, dreamed up by the Identitarian cuckolds of Central Europe. Nationalism is uniting your in-group, in order to become collectively stronger than all out-groups, in order to secure your own territory and resources, and take theirs, if necessary. That’s it.

No race on the face of the earth cares about the insane Liberalized ethnopluralistic principle of “a space for every race :-),” aside from Whites — and even then, the Liberalized-Marxian Whites only care about non-White national liberation movements because they are self-loathing, vehemently anti-White, and “anti-Colonialist.”

Non-Whites see that our societies are open and undefended, and understand that this means free resources and free territory. They cannot be convinced to stay in their own countries with “Don’t you think every race should have its space? :-)” propaganda, because their countries are impoverished, war-torn slum-worlds, ruled over by tinpot dictators, whereas, in our countries, they get PornHub, McDonalds, healthcare, welfare, etc.

The esteemed guests who invite themselves into our territories en masse do not give a damn about any claims of self-determination, and when prompted and prodded with ethnopluralistic rhetoric, they simply say “You didn’t give a damn about our self-determination, why should we care about yours? This is revenge for colonialism!” They will always have this weapon to undermine ethnopluralism, and they are completely justified in using it to do so. Whites only believe that people should not be charged for the crimes of their ancestors because we have a deracialized, Liberalized worldview. To every other race, it is completely rational that a descendant should be held accountable for their ancestors’ actions.

The problem is not that one ethnic group follows the laws of nature by attempting to take territory and resources from another, the problem is that “our” governments do not defend the interest of our national collective by preventing hostile out-groups from taking our territory and resources.

A similar cancerous idea that plagues nationalism is that ethnic or racial groups are “indigenous” or have the “right” to homelands, territories, and “self-determination,” even if they cannot defend these territories. This is exemplified by crybabies who whine and moralize all day about Palestinians and Chinese minorities getting dabbed on. The entirety of human history is in-group versus out-group, conquest and defense. Every single race on earth lives on “stolen” land. A nation only has “right” to a homeland insofar as it can take and secure it by force. This is as evident today as it has been throughout the entirety of history.

Our homelands have been conquered, albeit subversively, and reduced to open-bordered, multiracial shopping malls, powered by White paypiggies who will be bled dry until the Boom/Bust cycle is complete — i.e., when civilization collapses and we all starve to death. “A space for every race :D” isn’t going to change that.

I imagine that some nationalists aren’t genuine in these beliefs and are using this rhetoric as a bait-and-switch tactic or a cheap facade, which makes it all the more pathetic and contemptible.

“M-Maybe if I say that I want every ethnic group to have a homeland, while I performatively cry about br*wn people dunking on each other, then the nasty anti-Whites will leave me alone :-(…”

If the fundamental aim is to somehow win over Whites to attain power (which it is, of course), this rhetoric fails at the most basic level: It projects nothing but weakness and submission.

My fundamental critique is this: Nationalists cannot live in a fantasy world and must accept nature as it is, rather than projecting their Liberalized ideals onto people who simply don’t care about them. To project these Liberal fantasies onto people who will never reciprocate them fails to grasp nationalism on the most basic level and will, inevitably, lead to the death of the nation.

I will expand upon this in future.