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  1. Introduction
  2. Who is Aleksandr Dugin?
  3. What is ‘Duginism’?
  4. Dugin’s fingers in every pie
  5. Alt-Right, Radix, Richard Spencer, Keith Woods, etc.
  6. Arktos Media and AltRight Corporation
  7. Lauren Southern
  8. Traditionalist Workers Party, TheRightStuff.biz
  9. European Identitarians, Generation Identity
  10. Dugin on Identitarians, French New Right, Alain de Benoist
  11. Alain de Benoist on Dugin
  12. Crypto-Communism?
  13. What’s going on with these people?

1. Introduction

It’s that time again, unfortunately.

I was recently made aware that weird Alt-Right people decided to revive the Duginism nonsense and are once again calling me a fed for asking why so many Alt-Right people have direct links to Aleksandr Dugin, who is a literal fed (GRU/KGB agent).

  • “Why are so many ‘pro-white’ nationalists in the West associated with Dugin, who is a weird, satanic, anti-white, Russian fed who loves J*ws and openly wants to destroy the West? That’s kinda weird, isn’t it?”
  • “N-No, shut up, you’re the fed!”

Their reasoning for reviving this shit is that it has, somehow, been unveiled that feds in America keep a dossier on Dugin, who is a fed in Russia. Apparently, the idea that spook agencies spook on each other is unheard of to midwit Alt-Righters. Or maybe they’re just trying to stir up trouble because there hasn’t been any “drama” for a while. Either way, I thought I’d make a TL;DR post to present my evidence.

In brief, the purpose of this article is simply to demonstrate that the Alt-Right, New Right, Identitarian coalition has links to Dugin, and that Dugin is a complete freak and almost certainly a fed. If, for some reason, this evidence isn’t enough, then go read the other articles I wrote.

2. Who is Aleksandr Dugin?

Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin is a Russian political strategist with ties to some of the most powerful people in Russia: various oligarchs, billionaires, Kremlinites, military men, and even Putin himself. This includes people such as Sergey Naryshkin (Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service), Igor Rodionov (Defence Minister), and Gennadiy Seleznyov (Chairman of the State Duma). Dugin’s father was a colonel-general of Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU), which is essentially the Russian militaries’ KGB; a foreign-intelligence agency. GRU was originally established in the USSR by Leon Trotsky’s deputy. Due to the fact that Dugin’s father was an extremely high ranking glow-in-the-dark, Dugin was born into spookdom; the number of influential KGB agents that Dugin has collaborated with is too long to list here (see: http://archive.vn/iOvCT).

There are a few common misconceptions about Dugin in the West, largely propagated by the lying mainstream media, but also by clueless (or subversive?) nationalists. These include claims that Dugin is…

• A Fascist.
• Nationalistic.
• Anti-imperialist.
• Anti-Liberal.
• Pro-Christian (specifically Orthodox).
• Traditionalist (capital-T Traditionalism of René Guenon and Julius Evola).
• Somehow beneficial to White nationalists within the West.

These claims are not just “slightly untrue” or an “easy mistake to make,” they’re quite literally a polar inversion of the truth. All of the above can generally be debunked in under ten minutes via a quick web search, or by reading Dugin’s own words.

Contrary to the fact that every media establishment in the West labels Dugin a “Fascist,” he is 100%, unequivocally ANTIFA. He was an early member of the Communist ‘National Bolshevik’ (NazBol) party and assisted in the party’s organization. He adores Lenin, Stalin, etc.

In addition to being a Bolshevik, Dugin is wholesale anti-White (having openly advocated for “white genocide”) and a deranged Satanist, obsessed with Chaos Magic, Kabbalah, and Jewish Eschatology, among other things. He’s also promoted cannibalism numerous times.

All things considered, he is the last person that “Pro-White” and “Anti-Semitic,” “White Nationalists” would be associating with. Yet, he is connected to almost every single major, influential Alt-Right and Identitarian figure. Why? Your guess is as good as mine, but it may have something to do with this quote from his book ‘Foundations of Geopolitics:’

There is simply far too much incriminating evidence against Dugin to include it all, but the images below contain a few select examples. The anti-White quotes are probably the most relevant.

The chaos star is Dugin’s official emblem. It’s also found on the Tarot deck of Aleister Crowley, of whom Dugin is a huge fan. Dugin is supposedly a “Christian.” This LARPing has happened in the past, look up Sabbatean-Frankism.

Below is some evidence of Dugin’s anti-Whiteness. It’s important to note that Dugin uses the words White/West/European/Liberal interchangeably, and that his views on race have not changed since the 1990s; he continues to publish anti-White tirades to this day.

Dugin’s words often echo the sentiments of historic globalists, such as the ex-Prime Minister of Israel, who stated that the USSR (Eurasia) will act as the ‘word police’ for the future world government (‘United Nations’), or Kalergi, who founded the EU on behalf of the Rothschilds.

2. What is ‘Duginism’?

Duginism is, in short, Neo-Eurasianist Third Worldism.

When you strip back Dugin’s many layers of psychobabble, his ideology is simply a revival of Bolshevism and the USSR (Russian imperialism), merged with later Western Marxist theories on [the deconstruction of] race and gender, and so on. He combines all of that with “the planet must unite in the hatred of Whites” style Third Worldism, which he poorly disguises as “anti-Liberalism.” You could say that Duginism is simply ‘Bolshevism 2.0.’

His ideology is laid out mainly via two related, but very distinct works, which are key to understanding Dugin’s political theories and strategies. ‘The Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia’ (‘FoG,’ 1997) and ‘The Fourth Political Theory’ (‘4PT,’ 2009).

Foundations of Geopolitics is by far Dugin’s most important work. Dugin himself describes it as an “indispensable guide for all those who make decisions in the most important spheres of Russian political life – for politicians, entrepreneurs, economists, bankers, diplomats, analysts, political scientists, and so on.”

In FoG, Dugin outlines his ‘Neo-Eurasianist’ geopolitical strategy, which includes a multitude of instructions on how to subvert, manipulate, and conquer various countries in order to create a Eurasianist empire. He describes his ideology as “the battle for the world rule of Russians,” stating that “the maximum task is the ‘Finlandization’ of all of Europe.”

Dugin has referred to Stalin as a ‘Eurasianist elder brother:’ “Stalin was not a separate individuality, but a collective person, an Elder Brother, a manifestation of Eurasianism in its communist variant.” (http://archive.vn/IP9Se pg. 140). In a 2012 interview, Dugin said: “I’ve been struggling with this for 25 years […] wanting to unite Soviet and Russian patriots […] We are on the side of Stalin and the Soviet Union” (http://archive.vn/oCN7s).

In 2014, Dugin published an article titled ‘Horizons of our Revolution. From Crimea to Lisbon’ via his 4PT website (http://archive.vn/xAmTj), in which he stated: “We aren’t going to limit ourselves by annexing Crimea. That for sure. […] our revolution will not stop in Western Ukraine. It must go further in Europe. […] It is the goal of full Eurasianism – Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok. Great Eurasian Continental Empire. And we will build it. This means European Revolution will be Eurasian Revolution. This is our last horizon.”

One day after Putin came to power in 2000, Dugin embraced his glowie heritage and published an article stating that the KGB should be “the backbone of the Eurasian Renaissance.” (http://archive.vn/jljgv).

As Dugin said, the book is highly influential among Russian elites, including the military, who used it as a textbook in their Academy of the General Staff. It was co-drafted by Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, head of the International Department of the Russian Ministry of Defence. After writing FoG, Dugin was hired as a guest lecturer by the military, to explain his geopolitical Neo-Eurasianist theory to Russian officers and the likes. Seleznyov, a former Russian State Duma speaker and a buddy of Dugin, urged that FoG should be incorporated into the Russian school curriculum.

The most important thing about FoG is that it is, essentially, straight-to-the-point and completely “mask-off.” He declares his Neo-Eurasianist agenda openly (a summary of F.o.G is featured below). Fourth Political Theory, on the other hand, couldn’t be more different.

You may have seen 4PT being praised by various nationalists in the West, as it has been heavily marketed to Westerners by organizations such as Arktos Media (which publishes and translates Dugin’s work for Western consumption), as well as other “New Right” or “Alt-Right” influencers.

4PT is not designed for Russian consumption, but to be read by hapless Western nationalists. Dugin’s aim with 4PT is to ideologically subvert nationalists in the West, making them more malleable and likely to assist (passively or actively) him in achieving the political goals he laid out in Foundations of Geopolitics. 4PT is overflowing with psychobabble, verbose gobbledygook, and complete bastardizations of various historic right-wing thinkers — particularly notable is the manner in which Dugin mutated and inverted the Traditionalist School of thought. For an idea of the sort of nonsense included in the book, chapter 13, “Gender in the Fourth Political Theory,” is devoted to arguing in favor of a-sexual transgenderism. Behind the shoddy and transparent mask of phony “Traditionalism,” nothing separates Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory from the extant ideology of the New World Order that he claims to oppose.

In summary:
FoG is Dugin’s political strategy document, in which he outlines highly detailed plans on how to create a Eurasian empire by subverting foreign nations, it was written for Eurasianists, to benefit Eurasianists. 4PT is an implementation of FoG’s political strategy, in that 4PT is a subversive book written for Westerners and disseminated in the West, to channel Western nationalism towards Eurasianist ends.

In brief:
FoG = Mask Off = Duginism-For-Me (For Eurasianists) = Influential among elites of Russia.
4PT = Mask On = Duginism-For-Thee (For the enemies/subjects of Eurasianists) = Promoted in the West by the Alt-Right, New Right, and Identitarians (specifically European Identitarians).

Foundations of Geopolitics summary

Much of the content of FoG aligns with the agendas promoted by the Alt-Right & Identitarians, many of whom either have direct links to Dugin or are closely acquainted with those who do.

3. Dugin’s fingers in every pie

Are all of the people featured below “Duginists”? Probably not, but this proves that Dugin’s influence is extensive, a fact that is wholeheartedly denied by the Alt-Right & Co.

4. Alt-Right, Radix, Richard Spencer, Keith Woods, etc.

5. Arktos Media and AltRight Corporation

6. Lauren Southern

7. Traditionalist Workers Party, TheRightStuff.biz

8. European Identitarians, Generation Identity

9. Dugin on Identitarians, French New Right, Alain de Benoist

10. Alain de Benoist on Dugin

11. Crypto-Communism?

They seem to defend it often enough. If they are Communists or “Fourth Political Theorists,” why don’t they just be honest instead of LARPing as “Third Positionists” (discount Fascists)?

Correction to the above image, maybe “state capitalist” is more accurate, but he certainly wasn’t a “socialist” in the way that the Alt-Right talk of socialism, which is Communistic.

12. What’s going on with these people?

Maybe this?

Are there literal “Russian” (we all know who controls Russia) feds promoting this weird shit in the West with the intention of causing its destabilization and collapse? Are these people just useful idiots being played like puppets?

Asking them won’t result in any straight answers, since most of them lie through their teeth, claiming that they have no idea who Dugin is, despite regurgitating rhetoric from Foundations of Geopolitics and Fourth Political Theory almost verbatim, as well as having his name stamped on their websites. Additionally, Russia certainly isn’t the “anti-globalist” savior that the Alt-Right & Co claim it to be. It’s the globalist superstate of the east, the eastern America.

Who knows what’s going on? This world is total chaos. Your guess is as good as mine, but it obviously isn’t good.