Disclaimer: I don’t endorse terrorism and have no plans to do any terrorism. Leave me alone, feds.

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  1. Intro
  2. Spurious claims
  3. Defining “White Nationalism”
  4. Hearing Committee demographics
  5. Nationalism for me but not for thee
  6. Jewish Nationalist hypocrisy
  7. Conclusion

1. Intro

This post is a little behind the times, but it’s still as relevant as ever. The non-existent farce that is “White Supremacist terrorism” is a never-ending topic in the mainstream media and among anti-Whites.


House.gov article:

ADL’s write-ups:

  • Reminder: Our enemies use “White Supremacy” and “White Nationalism” interchangeably.

2. Spurious claims

In April 2019, US Congress held a Hearing on White Nationalism concerning the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2019.

The bill stated that “Congress finds the following: White supremacists and other far-right-wing extremists are the most significant domestic terrorism threat facing the United States.”

A pretty audacious claim, considering that the far-left (namely BLM and ANTIFA) have been attempting to burn down the entire Western world for the past 6 months, while murdering people in cold blood, and graffitiing things like “kill white people” on statues and war memorials…

… and the colossal over-representation of non-Whites in violent crime…

(More data in my article on Racial Crime Statistics).

… and the fact that mass shooters are overwhelmingly non-White…

… and the fact that more people are killed in gang violence per week than “White supremacists” have killed in, well, ever…

… and the fact that the Orlando Nightclub shooter, Omar Mateen, killed the same number of people in one single shooting than supposed White supremacists killed 2000–2016.

This bill is already on pretty shaky ground, but don’t worry, it gets much shakier.

The feds and spooks aren’t exactly known for their honesty with regards to classifying the race of criminals. Below is an example of a “White” criminal, according to the FBI.

Their entire most wanted database is full of these blatant lies. How many of these so-called “White supremacist terrorists” are even White? As far as I know, they haven’t released all of the data used for this bill, so I don’t think we can check. (I could be wrong about that, so don’t quote me on it, and send me the data if you have it).

3. Defining “White Nationalism”

The bill used the FBI’s definition of ‘White Nationalism’ which is:

“To be a white nationalist is to be pro-white.”

Great. Anybody who doesn’t hate White people is a “potential domestic terrorist.”

This means that the founding fathers would officially be classified as terrorists who are a threat to the United States, given that they founded an explicitly White Nationalist country. It also means that non-White people who are pro-White could, theoretically, be classified as “White Nationalist domestic terrorists.”

In reality, “White Nationalism” is the belief that the various European ethnic groups of the world should have safe, cohesive, homogeneous, and autonomous homelands. In our current climate, the main focus is not being ethnically cleansed via state-enforced mass migration against our will.

4. Hearing Committee demographics

Curiously, there wasn’t a single white Committee member at this hearing. Apparently, we aren’t allowed to defend ourselves from spurious accusations of “terrorism.”

The Committee was mainly made up of Google and Facebook executives, alongside minority activists. 50% of the witnesses on the committee either directly represent or have strong connections to Zionism (aka Jewish Nationalism), and 100% of the Committee could be described as some sort of activists for members of their own race. This included Morton Klein, the president of the ‘World Zionist Organization’ aka the World Jewish Nationalist Organization. You really couldn’t make this up. The hearing was overseen by Rep. Nadler, who is also a Jewish Nationalist. See below images.

5. Nationalism for me but not for thee

At the Hearing, Eileen Hershenov, Senior Vice President of the ADL (another Jewish Nationalist organization) called White Nationalism a “supremacist”, “domestic terrorist” movement. Again, note the conflation of Nationalism and supremacism.

https://youtu.be/lmbQXBrNa4I?t=4267 [about 11:11:00]

Her definition of White Nationalism was as follows:

“The Core ideology of White Nationalists, which is a euphemism for White supremacists, is the belief in the imminent extinction of the White race because of a flood of non-White people and other people that they feel are degenerate, all orchestrated, puppeteered by Jews”.

Curiously, this doesn’t seem to align with the ADL’s definition of Jewish Nationalism:

“Zionism [Jewish Nationalism] is a national movement of self-determination in the land of Israel.”

Their nationalism is simply a movement of self-determination, but our nationalism is on its way to being legally defined as literal terrorism — at their hands. Does this all seem a little bit unreasonable and hypocritical to you?

6. Jewish Nationalist hypocrisy

What do the Jewish Nationalists say about immigration? Why don’t we check their mainstream media?

Bear the following quote in mind as you read through this section:

“White nationalists believe in the imminent extinction of the white race because of a flood of non-white people”

Eileen Hershenov, Senior Vice President of the Zionist ADL

And bear in mind that, according to multiple surveys conducted in the West, approximately 95% of Jews are Jewish Nationalists, and they, in the words of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency “agree on almost everything.”

They wish to keep Israel Jewish and don’t care about any “Human Rights” violations that it may require to do so.

Their official state-religious court wishes to implement DNA tests to ensure that people moving to Israel are Jewish. Hate to pull out the incredibly trite horseshoe theory card here, but didn’t some guy with a mustache implement racial purity laws too?

They don’t want non-Jewish immigration even if these migrants are “highly skilled.” No doubt their economy will inevitably go down the drain without tens of millions of Sub-Saharan engineers and doctors to keep it afloat.

They are deporting, sterilizing, and generally oppressing people who do not belong to their ethnic group (mostly Africans, who their chief rabbi called “monkeys”) in an attempt to oust them from their country.

And they will not take refugees under any circumstances.

They will, however, happily aid “refugees” in coming to our countries, which brings me to Hershenov’s next point:

“[White Nationalism is] the belief in the imminent extinction of the White race because of a flood of non-White people […] all orchestrated, puppeteered by Jews”

Eileen Hershenov, Senior Vice President of the Zionist ADL

Well, the extinction of whites is an inevitable event if demographic shifts aren’t stopped, considering that we will be minorities in all of our own countries within a few decades, and being absorbed into larger populations is one of the most common ways that ethnic groups go extinct.

But are Jews “orchestrating and puppeteering” mass migration? I don’t think it counts as “puppeteering” when you openly and explicitly admit that you’re doing something. Remember, the news clippings below are from their own mainstream media — this isn’t coming from some “Right-Wing Fascist Neon-Nazi conspiracy theory” website.

Israeli organizations take a leading role in facilitating “refugee” movement into Europe (while they refuse to take refugees into their own country).

The Israeli state, with the aid of ultra-globalist world governance organizations, such as the UN, deports its non-Jewish migrants and asylum seekers into Europe. In other words, their ethnostate is flooding our countries with migrants that they don’t want.

62% of American rabbis support mass migration and open borders.

21,000 Jews signed a letter pledging solidarity with immigrants in 24 hours (that’s more people than the entire Jewish population in some Western countries).

They claim that the Islamization of Europe is a good thing, the only thing that can stop “White supremacy,” and also a punishment for Europeans “being mean to Jews for hundreds of years.”

They vowed to “relentlessly fight against ‘cruel'” immigration restrictions.

They admitted to harboring illegal immigrants (aka criminals) during ICE raids.

They do this shit all the time.

In one of the incredibly rare instances of actual White Nationalist terrorism, a guy shot up a synagogue associated with facilitating mass migration (via the HIAS organization), claiming that Jews are “behind it all,” to which the Israeli mainstream media replied “yes.”

Here are some more pro-mass-migration-into-White-countries articles from one single outlet (Forward).

How much more evidence straight from the horses’ mouths do we really need? There are masses, and masses, and masses of these admissions.

So, are they “puppeteering” anything? Nope. They tell us exactly what they’re doing. (Then the ADL lies about it and pretends they aren’t doing any of the things that they openly admit to doing).

7. Conclusion

So, in summary:

This hearing on White Nationalism consisted of a collection of non-White ethnic activists and ardent Jewish Nationalists telling white people who oppose state-enforced mass migration that they are evil, dangerous, terrorists, and thus banned from the racial self-determination club.

Thank you, ADL, Google, Facebook, and the US government, very cool!

Meanwhile, the Jewish Nationalists’ homeland is deporting, sterilizing, and generally oppressing people who do not belong to their ethnic group, while flooding our homelands with their unwanted migrants (with the assistance of the UN). Apparently, the White Phosphorous Nationalists of the Middle East haven’t heard the phrase “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”