An excellent study on crime in Sweden was published in Society journal earlier this year (13 Jan 2020). The study,Migrants and Crime in Sweden in the Twenty-First Century,’ investigated crime rates over a 15 year period, discovering that migrant populations commit hugely disproportionate amounts of crime, relative to their total share of the population of Sweden. The study also found that this over-representation continues among the children of migrants (i.e., second, third, etc. generation migrants).

This isn’t exactly groundbreaking information. However, what was interesting about this study is that it completely cut the crap and was free of all insane, Leftoid, “politically correct” biases. It seemed to be written in an almost exasperated manner, as if to say “what the fuck are we doing?” (Fair enough, really, Sweden has been turned into a crime-ridden shithole). This is pretty rare in academia — most studies covering badthink topics are shrouded in a thick layer of Leftoid psychobabble (for examples of this, see my long post on studies that document the negative effects of diversity).

Most relevant information can be found in the study’s Abstract, Introduction, and Figures (graphs), which are quoted below.

Begin quote:


The investigation (from 2002 to 2017) covers seven distinct categories of crime, and distinguishes between seven regions of origin. Based on 33 per cent of the population (2017), 58 per cent of those suspect for total crime on reasonable grounds are migrants. Regarding murder, manslaughter and attempted murder, the figures are 73 per cent, while the proportion of robbery is 70 per cent. Non-registered migrants are linked to about 13 per cent of total crime. Given the fact that this group is small, crime propensity among non-registered migrants is significant.


“The situation for us Swedes is, then, infinitely more fortunate. Our population is homogeneous, not only in terms of our race but also regarding so many other issues.” (Erlander, 1965, p. 60.) The words belong to Tage Erlander, Sweden’s Social democratic Prime Minister between 1946 and 1969. We are a prosperous and fortunate country, he maintains, because we are unified. We think alike and act alike. By means of careful and persistent social measures, our population has slowly been trimmed and finetuned so as to achieve a historically unique sense of trust, social order and efficiency. In modern language, Erlander would claim that our country is fortunate because it is not characterized by multiculturalism and “diversity”.

Since Erlander’s time, a silent revolution has occurred at the heart of the reformist left. Now, diversity is said to give us prosperity, while defending the idea of a unified population is fraught with imminent political risks. Social democratic views of the 1960’s are now considered far right-wing – a psychological trauma as if straight out of an Ingmar Bergman movie.

As a result of the hegemony of multiculturalism and diversity in Sweden since the 1990s, we have accepted very large immigration, especially from the Middle East and Africa. During the refugee crisis of 2015 only, Sweden received 163,000 migrants. As a result of an expected immigration of relatives – often labeled “family unification”, the figures might rise to over 2 million individuals.

Migration, we are told, is beneficial for Sweden. But if this is so, it would also show in crime statistics. According to the present investigation, the first more comprehensive study since the 2005 report by the Swedish Crime Prevention Agency, this is, however, not the case. In 2017, 58% among those suspected for crime on reasonable grounds are migrants. Regarding murder and manslaughter, the corresponsing figures are 73%. These figures are interesting out of purely scientific reasons. Due to migration, murder rate in Sweden has quadrupled.

As a universal role model for social and political prosperity, Sweden’s recent crime trends has gained international attention. What can we do about it? What does it mean? The are no answers to these pressing questions. But Sweden might point towards an uncertain future. In a global world with increasing migration where the nation state is being eroded by neo-liberals from the outside and multiculturalists from the inside, these Swedish trends may soon spread throughout the Western community.


% of Population

% of Total Crime

% of Rape and Attempted Rape

% of Other Sexual Offenses

% of Murder, Manslaughter, and Attempted Murder

% of Assault

% of Robbery

End quote.

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