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  • Agenda 21 rebranded
  • Transhumanism: The “digitization” of humanity
  • How will this be implemented?
  • “COVID19”
  • One-world currency and UBI
  • Cyber pandemic
  • Biological energy harvesting

Agenda 21 rebranded

As I’m sure many of you are already aware, globalist elites are using their COVID19 psyop to push through The Great Reset, which is simply a rebranding of the United Nation’s ‘Agenda 21’ (also known as ‘Agenda 2030’ and ‘Sustainable Development Goals’).

The Great Reset was known as Agenda 21 while globalists were using “Global Warming” as the primary psyop excuse for creating a one-world government, The Great Reset is merely the virus psyop rebrand.

When Globalists say things like:
“No poverty!”
“Good health!”
“Zero hunger!”

They’re telling you that they plan to take totalitarian control over that aspect of humanity, and will micromanage it like the neurotic freaks that they are. They obviously don’t care about poverty, hunger, etc., they just want power. Same deal when they talk about “World Peace.” Any conflict that they haven’t personally engineered causes instability and factionalism that threatens their global dominance. They don’t actually want “World Peace,” they want a monopoly and violence, and to transform you into a pacifist cuck who kisses their boots while they stomp on your neck.

What the Great Reset is bringing us is what the globalist (or ‘United Nations’) agenda has always been: Global Communism. Don’t forget that the four pillars of Communism, as laid out in Marx’ Communist Manifesto, are:

  • The abolition of religion
  • The abolition of family
  • The abolition of all nations
  • The abolition of private property

Transhumanism: The “digitization” of humanity

Anyway, the major aspect of The Great Reset is the “digitization” of humanity. In other words, they aim to force transhumanism onto the entire human population — or the populace of the West, at least. In the words of the sinister Great Reset faceman, Klaus Schwab, they aim to “[fuse] our physical, digital and biological identity.”

The transhumanist agenda dates back to the early 1900s, and globalists such as UN’s Julian Huxley, who coined the term.

Unfortunately, the history of transhumanism is too long and complex to get into here, but the fusion of man with machine has always been on the globalist cards. However, their aim is not to use technology to make the masses of humanity into superhuman cyborgs, but to use technology to transform the masses of humanity into easily controlled slave gimps.

As explained by Julian Huxley’s brother, Aldous (who authored Brave New World, a dystopian “fiction” novel), the globalists’ aim is to transform the world into a “painless concentration camp” in which “pharmacological methods” will make people “love their servitude.”

We effectively already have this with anti-depressants and so on, which are designed to stop you from feeling shitty about having such a wretched, soulless society, and kick your ass back into the meatgrinder so you can wagecuck like a good little debt slave. Around 20% of Americans are on psychiatric pharmaceuticals. Normies think that this is because “we simply have a better understanding of mental health now,” and not because society is disgusting and everyone fucking hates it.

The final step is to technologically regulate human behavior via transhumanism. Simply put, they’re going to put microchips in your brain and frazzle your thoughts. They already have the technology. (I know it sounds wacky, but you can look all if this up yourself. It’s real).

How will this be implemented?

So, how do globalists plan to achieve this?

Well, if you’ve seen the Great Reset primer image that was handily created for us by the World Economic Forum, you’ll have noticed that it includes things like:

  • Digital ID
  • 5G
  • World Governance
  • Internet Government
  • Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robots

The World Economic Forum, which is part of the United Nations network, very recently announced the release of a “digital identity” app, you can read the details in the second image below, which is higher res. The “digital identity” agenda will likely be the wedge issue that globalists use to force transhumanism upon the masses.


This is where the virus psyop comes in.

Globalists claim that the functionally useless lockdowns are an absolute necessity to combat the 99%-survival-rate virus. In reality, they are being used to break the will of the public and irreparably destroy the final few freedoms people have left. The middle class has been devastated, while global elites are more powerful than ever.

There are massive protests all across the West in response to the lockdowns, though these will soon be met with violent oppression from the globalist-puppeteered governments.

  • Anti-lockdown protests in Germany, Spain, Italy, France, New Zealand, Slovakia, Denmark, Holland, New Zealand, Australia, Britain, USA, and more:

It is likely that people will be banned from travel, shopping, socializing, etc., unless they’re “vaccinated.” Some sort of digital chip may be implanted alongside the vaccine, which will be used to prove the individual’s “vaccinated” status (tagged and bagged with a slave stamp).

This may be the beginning of the individual’s “digital identity,” with the excuse that they must be loaded into a “virus-free” database.

The technology to do this has already been patented by none other than the Bill Gates Foundation.

As with the lockdowns, many people will resist the digitization of humanity and the transhumanist project as a whole. However, many more will embrace it with open arms.

For the digitization of humanity to be successful, elites will have to create a significant distinction between the digitized and non-digitized. Perhaps the virus will play a role, those who are not “vaccinated” may be treated as inhuman and socially ostracized, though it is more likely that “non-vaccinated” people will simply be refused access to basic services within society, as outlined above. This will create a pariah caste, who are completely unable to function in the newly digitized world.

Eventually, the masses will be so distraught and demoralized by lockdown life that they will beg to be vaccinated.

  • Australia’s biggest airline has announced that they will require proof of “vaccination” to use their services:
  • Looks like they’ll be marrying the vaccine with the preexisting “anti-racist” agenda, playing into and accelerating the preexisting monumental divide between progressives and normal people.

    “Get the vaccine, Leftoid. You don’t want to be one of those racist, bigots, do you?”

One-world currency and UBI

The success of the transhumanist project is also reliant upon the creation of a one-world digital currency, that will undoubtedly be linked to these “digital identities.” The creation of a one-world currency is something that elites have talked about for decades.

An article from the Rothschild-owned Economist paper:

Many elites, such as Bill Gates, have invested in and endorsed digital currency:

We may see the implementation of UBI, linked to some sort of Communist China-style “social credit” system. This Forbes article states that the Federal Reserve has plans to create a “digital dollar” and a digital dollar wallet via the U.S Treasury, which was “suggested to provide economic stimulus benefits and possibly universal basic income to Americans.”

Facebooks Tel Aviv team are working on a digital wallet:

The Jerusalem Post stated that a global collapse would be a way to “wipe the slate clean of nation-based currencies, especially the US dollar, and establish an international one: like bitcoin.”

Cyber pandemic

Klaus Schwab has ominously warned (threatened?) that there may be a “Cyber Pandemic” (what does this even mean?) that will be worse than “COVID.” How will this convince the masses that a digital identity and one-world digital currency is a good idea? I dont know.

Wolfish (who makes good YouTube videos, check him out) guesses that the “Cyber Pandemic” may be used to create a one-world digital currency, which would require the United Nations “digital identity” to use.

Biological energy harvesting

The final and most disturbing thing that I’ve learned of recently is this patent, which seems to be for some sort of device that would essentially transform an individual into a human bitcoin mining device. I haven’t looked into it fully, but it seems to be style biological energy harvesting a la The Matrix. So, yeah, we’re heading towards some really fucked up shit here.