I wrote an intro/summary of Ted Kaczynski’s writings and philosophy in 2019, but I completely forgot to publish it. The article kinda sucked so that’s probably for the best.

Fortunately, I strayed across this excellent short introduction video by a YouTuber called Speckzo, who makes Apollonian Germ style cozy car videos. It’s 10 minutes long, much better than my shoddy old article, and broken down in layman’s terms.

I watched a couple of Speckzo’s videos and he has a good message and rhetoric. We’re not on the same page with everything but nobody ever is. I recommend subscribing to his channel, especially if you’re a Christian — he only has around 200 subs at the moment and definitely deserves more.

With the rise of The Great Reset and the acceleration of the globalist transhumanism agenda, Ted Kaczynski’s prophetic writings on technology and industrial society are currently more relevant than ever. Although his solutions are goofy and impractical, his analyses have aged like a fine wine. You should, at the bare minimum, read his manifesto ‘Industrial Society and Its Future.’ Though, I recommend his book ‘Technological Slavery,’ which is an edited and expanded version of the manifesto with some extra writings.

That’s all for this article. Peep the video above.

P.S.: I’, currently writing a short update article on the transhumanism agenda, which is rapidly coming to fruition almost a century after they first announced the project.