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In my most recent post (the modern ethnographic world map), I mentioned that the historic conception of race divided humanity into between 3 and 8 major “racial” groups, which were viewed as separate subspecies. I figured that I should probably write a brief summary explaining where these classifications originated, and why/when we stopped using them.


The usage of classic racial categories, as well as the ‘race = subspecies’ distinction, was gradually eroded after the Second World War, beginning around the 1970s. There was no scientific reason for this. It happened because the United Nations & Friends bullied science nerds by calling them all “racist Nazis,” while Leftists colonized academia (via their Long March Through The Institutions) and infested it with Marxoid propaganda that was poorly disguised as “science.” Leftists also called all of their opponents “racist Nazis,” and they had the support of ultra-globalist billionaires, like David Rockefeller, who pretty much bankrolled them to subvert society, George Soros style.

The Five Major Races

So, before the 1970s, scientists divided humanity into five subspecies:

  • Caucasoids (Europeans and Middle Easterners)
  • Mongoloids (East Asians)
  • Negroids (Often divided into Congoid and Capoid to distinguish between Black Africans and Khoisan South Africans)
  • Amerindians (Native Americans, sometimes included in Mongoloids)
  • Australoids (Oceanians)

Although I won’t get into the subject here, it’s worth mentioning that a lot of ancient civilizations (Romans, Egyptians, Chinese, etc.) created detailed ethnographies, classifying the different racial and ethnic groups that they encountered.

  • Image from the Egyptian Book of Gates (1500 BC):

The table below, from a 2015 paper titled ‘The Nature of Race: the Genealogy of the Concept and the Biological Construct’s Contemporaneous Utility’, listed racial distinctions used in major scientific works, dating from the late 1600s to the present day.

  • Note: “Morph” in the criteria section is short for ‘morphology,’ meaning that the races were judged by physical appearance.

So, as you can see, classifying humanity in this manner is a well-established tradition and racial distinctions haven’t really changed in over 300 years.

The two scientists responsible for pioneering this method of classification were Carl Linnaeus (1707 – 1778), who invented zoological taxonomy (the science of classifying species) as well as the ‘Homo sapiens’ moniker, and Johann Friedrich Blumenbach (1752 – 1840), a founder of zoology and anthropology.

Linnaeus identified four subspecies of the Homo sapiens species, which he listed in his tenth edition of ‘Systema Naturae’ (1758) as:

  • Homo sapiens americanus
  • Homo sapiens europaeus
  • Homo sapiens asiaticus
  • Homo sapiens afer

corresponding to the native populations of The Americas, West Eurasia, East Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa, respectively; Amerindians, Caucasoids, Mongoloids, and Negroids. Later anthropologists also included Homo sapiens tasmanianus for Oceanians (Australoids).

For reference:

  • Homo = Genus
  • sapiens = Species
  • americanus = Subspecies

Blumenbach also described five Homo sapiens subspecies in his 1797 work ‘Handbuch der Naturgeschichte’:

  • The Caucasus Race (Caucasians)
  • The Mongolian Race (East Asians)
  • The Ethiopian Race (Africans)
  • The American Race (Native Americans)
  • The Malay Race (Oceanians and Southeast Asians)

Bizarrely, Leftists have memed Blumenbach into some sort of anti-racism icon, simply because he correctly stated that human racial boundaries aren’t clear-cut in some cases. Considering that he introduced his racial categories with the following sentence, he was obviously a pretty bad anti-racism activist: “I believed that the whole human race was most appropriately brought under the following five races.”

Basic Science Stuff

The five classic subspecies are derived from four ‘Basal Races’, which are basically the founding populations of modern humanity.

  • West Eurasians (Caucasoids)
  • East Eurasians (Mongoloids)
  • South Eurasians (Australoids)
  • Sub-Saharan Africans (Negroids)

Amerindians are a hybrid of ancient Caucasoid (Ancient North Eurasians) and Mongoloid populations, split around 40/60.

The most fundamental division is between Eurasian peoples and Sub-Saharan Africans, as proven by genetic analysis, with the two populations probably diverging somewhere around 100,000 years ago. All modern Eurasians are believed to descend from migrations out of Africa that took place between 50,000 and 70,000 years ago.

Each basal race has unique admixtures from extinct ancient populations/species that differentiate them from other basal races.

  • Australoids are mixed with Neanderthals and Denisovans
  • Mongoloids are mixed with Neanderthals and Denisovans
  • Caucasoids are mixed with Neanderthals only
  • Negroids are mixed with a mystery Archaic African population that is absent from the Eurasian genepool.

In 2019, two Homo sapiens skulls discovered in Greece were dated to be 170,000 to 210,000 years old, meaning that humans did migrate out of Africa earlier than we previously thought, though they may not have contributed to modern populations. The earliest Homo sapeins fossils are from Morocco, dated to 315,000 years ago, and South Africa, dated to 260,000 years ago.

You should bear in mind that the Out of Africa theory is a complete mess that is in a constant state of revision. I personally don’t trust it. There’s evidence for the multi-regional evolution model, which I won’t get into here (some related studies below).

Globalist Propaganda

As mentioned earlier, Leftoids and Globalists began re-writing human biological taxonomy in the 1970s. They claimed that all modern humans belong to the same *subspecies* group, which they named Homo sapiens sapiens. This was the dawn of the “One Race, Human Race :^)” bullshit. The shoddy “science” (criminal fraud and Leftist propaganda) that they used to justify their nonsense has long been debunked, see Lewontin’s Fallacy, for example. (I’ll write another article on that subject).

The Globalists/Leftists (same thing, really) actually stole the name Homo sapiens sapiens from Linnaeus, who had originally used it as a synonym for Homo sapiens europaeus. In other words, it exclusively referred to Caucasians, not the entirety of humanity. It continued to be used in this manner until at least the mid-1940s, see E. Hall’s ‘Zoological Subspecies of Man at the Peace Table’ (1946, Journal of Mammalogy), for example.

After GlobaLeftists had sloppily lumped all races of man into the former European-exclusive subrace of H. s. sapiens, they realized that it made no sense to classify the entire extant population of a species as a single “subspecies.” So, they set about inventing some new subspecies to accompany H. s. sapiens and justify their “One Race, Human Race :^)” gobbledygook. They began by claiming that Neanderthals, which were historically classified as a unique species (Homo neanderthalensis), were actually a subspecies of modern Homo sapiens, and should thus be known as Homo sapiens neanderthalensis. What a handy coincidence!

Their fake science mumbo-jumbo was pretty transparent. Humans are natural pattern recognizers. So, any layman with a working set of eyes could immediately tell the difference between racial groups and instinctively categorize them. A bunch of goofy science nerds trying to tell everyone that up is down and the sky is green didn’t really fly with most people. To combat this huge flaw in their scheme, the GlobaLeftists created bullshit like Critical Race Theory, social constructionism, etc., and used their international media-education propaganda behemoth to indoctrinate the masses with a never-ending torrent of Marxoid nonsense and trauma propaganda. Anyone and everyone who criticized or disagreed with them was branded an evil Nazi Hitler 2.0 who was literally on the verge of committing genocide. As a fail-safe, they also created “hate speech” laws that literally made it illegal to talk about certain racial topics. Those laws were pioneered by the USSR, by the way.

All of this was done to facilitate their deranged, race-blind-but-anti-White, Global Communism-type ideology, whereby all peoples of the world are interchangeable worker-consumer cogs, ready to be ground down by The Machine and slave away for eternity.

(Except White people, who are evil incarnate and to blame for all of the world’s problems… but still all good to be ground down by The Machine).