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NOTE: This article was once part of one excessively long unpublished article that has since been divided into multiple small articles. Check the “Debunking Race Denialism” post tag for the other articles in this series.


1. Introduction
2. Pancake Fallacy
3. Defining and Identifying “Race”
4. A Nation of Immigrants / Melting Pot

1. Introduction

This fallacy currently has no name, so I’m dubbing it the “Pancake Fallacy” for reasons that should become obvious as you read the article, if they aren’t already, that is.

Pancake Fallacy is a big favorite of race denialists and (as always) is only levied against White people; mostly the British, for some reason.

It’s basically the anti-racist version of the racist “one drop” rule (which came from the fact that people who are as little as 12.5% Black can look more Black than White, as explained in this “Black Twitter” meme below).

2. Pancake Fallacy

Pancake Fallacy is: “Haha you aren’t 100% ‘genetically pure’ therefore your racial and ethnic group isn’t real.”

It’s the argument that pancakes do not exist because they’re made from a mixture of eggs, flour, milk, and butter.

Literally every “thing” that exists is a mixture of other “things,” so to take the argument to its logical conclusion is to deny reality itself. But the people who use these stupid arguments don’t actually think about what they’re saying. They just repeat bullshit they hear from their college professor or the mainstream media.

Anyway, the Pancake Fallacy usually goes something like this:

Firstly, they claim that White is an illegitimate category because Europe contains a multitude of unique ethnic groups, such as the English, Germans, Italians, French, etc.

Then, they claimed that German, for example, is an illegitimate category because the Germans are a mix of various Germanic tribes, such as the Saxons, Franci, Thuringii, Alamanni, Bavarii, and Frisians.

Sometimes, they go a step further and claim that even these tribal identities are illegitimate, because they are all fundamentally descended from ancient invasive populations: firstly, Western Hunter-Gatherers, the founding population of post-Ice-Age Europe; Early European Farmers, often inaccurately labeled “Turkish Invaders”; and Proto-Indo-Europeans, often inaccurately labeled “Central Asians,” despite the fact that they came from Eastern Europe.

Finally, they claim that any individual, of any race, who just so happens to reside within the territory of “Germany” is equally as German as the man who can trace his ancestry back to the Bavarii of Bavaria.

This logic doesn’t just apply to Europeans, of course, every single race on earth is a mixture of various ancient populations — not that Pancake-Fallacy-users care. European identity is the only thing that they aim to dismantle. The mere existence of White people is enough to make globalists and leftoids seethe with rage.

3. Defining and Identifying “Race”

Race is defined by proportions of ancestry (admixture) from specific genetic populations (races or ethnic groups), either ancient or modern.

Race is identified via cumulative shared phenotypic characteristics; i.e. physical appearance, behavior, etc.

So, for example, a “White person” is somebody who is descended almost entirely (>95%, on average) from Western Hunter-Gatherers, Early European Farmers, and Proto-Indo-Europeans. White people are identified by phenotypic characteristics such as Europid Caucasoid skeletal morphology, pale skin, a greater propensity for lighter eye and hair pigmentation, the ability to tan, freckles, mostly straight hair, medium to high levels of body-hair, and so on.

Pretty straightforward, right?

As you can see on the diagram below, Northern and Southern Europeans have different levels of ancestry from these 3 populations, which is why Nords look different to Meds. To use another cooking analogy: The difference between a pancake and a regular cake is pretty insignificant (different proportions of the same ingredients, plus some butter), but the end results are quite divergent.

People of completely distinct races may share some of the same ancestral populations. For example, both Europeans and people from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have ancestry from ancient populations of Europe, Anatolia (Turkey), the Caucasus, and the Middle East.

However, on a principal component analysis (which displays the genetic distance between individuals or populations), people of Europe and MENA form separate, clearly distinct genetic clusters. Ashkenazi Jews bridge the gap, but they’re a mixed-race population; mostly MENA with some European ancestry.

What distinguishes Europeans from MENA people are different proportions of ancestry from these ancient populations, and additional ancestry from populations unique to each group:

As you can see on the diagram above, Europeans have:

  • Much higher proportions of WHG
  • Moderately higher proportions of Anatolia_N
  • Significantly lower proportions of Iran_N (which is actually a Caucasus population in Europeans, not Iranian)
  • Ancestry from Eastern European Hunter-Gatherers (EHG), which is absent from the MENA gene pool
  • Almost no Levant_N ancestry, which is a major component of the MENA gene pool
  • No Sub-Saharan African ancestry (Yoruba), which is found in trace amounts in the MENA gene pool

4. A Nation of Immigrants / Melting Pot

A common propaganda point related to the Pancake Fallacy is that White countries are “nations of immigrants” and “genetic melting pots.” I won’t get into the origin of those phrases, but you can read about the melting pot here.

Obviously, the fact that a race or ethnic group is a mix of other previous races and ethnic groups doesn’t mean that the race or ethnic group is invalid or doesn’t exist (case in point: Central Asians and South Americans). However, the “mixedness” of Europeans is constantly overstated by globalists and leftoids. As previously stated, Europeans, on average, are descended >95% from the three founding populations of Europe.

Until the open-borders bullshit that globalist elites forced on Whites after the Second World War (against our will), the only immigrants “diversifying” White countries were neighboring ethnic groups that were biologically near-identical to one another.

Let’s use Britain as a case study, since it appears to be a major target of this rhetoric:

  • After the Ice Age, the UK was originally settled by Western European Hunter-Gatherers.
  • The WHG were then absorbed by Early European Farmers beginning around 4000 BC.
  • The EEF were then almost completely wiped out by invading Indo-European ‘Bell Beakers’ around 2500 BC; 90% of the EFF population was eradicated.
  • For the last 4500 years, Northwestern Europe has been incredibly genetically homogeneous.

The principal component analysis below shows how these ancient populations relate to one another and to modern West Eurasian populations (the grayed out dots).

The Bell Beakers originally came from the Germanic Lowlands (Holland, Denmark, Northern Germany, etc.) and were essentially indistinguishable from modern Northwest Europeans.

(See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single_Grave_culture)

Since the time of the Bell Beaker invasion, the UK has been invaded by:

  • Franks
  • Frisians
  • Saxons
  • Angles
  • Jutes
  • Vikings
  • Normans
  • and some Romans (who left no genetic legacy and didn’t change the DNA of Britain)

Where did these peoples come from? The exact same locations as the Bell Beakers. This is the so-called “melting pot” of the UK:

The difference between the ethnic groups that historically invaded Britain from 2500 BC onward is so insignificant that almost nobody outside of Northwest Europe could tell them apart. Even many Northwest Europeans couldn’t tell the difference between a Dane and a Norwegian.

This is the exact same situation for most European countries, aside from non-European colonialist invasions (Mongols, Turks, Moors, etc.), most of which left insignificant genetic impacts on the very fringes of Europe (generally less than 2%) — which is pretty impressive if you consider how much of Europe they colonized.