Short article.

“Post-colonialism” is the new schizo thing peddled by deranged, online “Third Positionists,” apparently.

For context: Post-colonialism as an academic field was actually invented by Marxoids and brown people from the places like the University of Columbia, which was home to the Frankfurt School. The term “neocolonial” (used regularly by Keith Woods) was coined by Jean-Paul Sartre, the hideous Marxist pedophile.

In brief, Third Positionist “post-colonialism” simply boils down to reviving White guilt. Third Positionist “post-colonialists” claim that they are not anti-colonialists, as in they don’t decry historic European colonialism. However, they call colonialism evil, equate it to pedophilia, and claim that it is responsible for modern anti-Whiteness. Meanwhile they continually shill for two of the largest imperial/colonial states on the planet: Russia and China. Apparently, “post-colonialist” critiques only to apply to Western Europeans. Their narratives are completely self-contradictory and, frankly, insane. They’re in the same vein as Leftoids who talk about the necessity to “Destroy Whiteness” but claim that they’re not talking about destroying White people.

(Note: Evidence of the above is contained in the long image at the end of this article).

While writing this post I was reminded of the Tweet below. In summary, the primary subversion strategy of spooks/feds/glowies is not to entrap you with terrorism plots (although, they will always do this to mentally unstable political dissidents), but to fill your movement with useless/harmful/insane ideas that divert you away from your core purpose and principles. They aim confuse you, waste your time, cause fractionalization, splinters within groups, and so on. “Post-Colonialism” obviously fits this description. Well, basically everything that the leaders of the Alt-Right have peddled since the COVID psyop began also fits this description (and their weird Neo-Eurasianist Third Worldism). I’m not saying these people are definitely feds, they may just be stupid, but I am saying that this is probably what feds would do.

If you want to hear how “post-colonialism” stands up to criticism, listen to “Giuli vs Matt Parrott Imperialism Debate” on YouTube. Spoiler: It doesn’t stand up at all.