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Remember early last year when the mainstream media told everyone that COVID1984 was “literally just the flu”? And nobody really believed them because the mainstream media is full of shit. Then China produced a bunch of crazy fake propaganda videos and everyone on the internet (including myself) pooped their pants about the forthcoming viral apocalypse? Well, almost everyone. I know about five people who called the entire COVID agenda a hoax from day one.

Anyway, it turns out that the mainstream media was telling the truth, for once. New data from the World Health Organization suggests that “COVID” is literally just the flu. Either that, or globalists are rebranding every flu case as a COVID case to massively inflate the number of “COVID” cases and justify their lockdowns and The Great Reset.

Source is WHO FluNet Charts: https://archive.vn/g7ylQ

As usual, they’ve got some bullshit excuse to cover their tracks. Apparently, COVID somehow “killed off” the flu, which is obviously a lie.

It’s already public knowledge that health services throughout the West are using poor quality COVID tests that give stupidly high rates of false positives, 30% or something. However, apparently, the way that these tests are being used gives false positives at a rate of up to 90% (this article contains a detailed explanation).

Have you noticed that globalists are justifying their rapid transition to totalitarianism by numbers of new COVID “cases” (most of which literally do not exist)? They rarely mention COVID deaths. It’s always cases, cases, cases. Why? Because they can fake as many cases as they need.

However, they’re also faking “COVID” deaths. The UK, for example, lists “COVID” as the cause of death for anyone who dies within 28 days of receiving a “positive” COVID diagnosis, regardless of the actual cause of death. And, of course, they test any and every patient for COVID (via tests that give 90% false positives) regardless of whether the patient displays any symptoms or not.

This whole thing is a huge fucking scam and it always was.

“B-But how could they pull off a huge global scam like this!?”

The same reason they’ve been able to pull off every other globalist scam in history: Because 90% of society are midwit NPCs. That’s not a bad thing, by the way. Imagine a society populated entirely by autistic savants? It would collapse in a week.