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Remember the “eat the damn maggots” psyop that suddenly flooded all of Western media for a month or two, and then mysteriously disappeared in an instant?

Some people said it was a “humiliation ritual” but I don’t buy that at all. Most of the disgusting things that Globalists propagandize have a practical purpose beyond “humiliating” the populace.

What’s the deal with calling everything a “humiliation ritual” anyway? Masochism? Just say ‘demoralization propaganda’ like a normal person.

Anyway, the deal with “eat the maggots, bigot” is that they aim to eliminate the meat industry and replace it with the bugpaste and fake meat industry, which will either be soy or some sort of 100% artificial lab-grown “meat.”

Why? Three reasons:

Firstly, they don’t want you to have any independent sources of nourishment other than their worldwide technological system. They want totalitarian control over every aspect of society, and that includes your body fuel.

Secondly, meat takes up a lot of space. They need all of that space to build new slums for the third world hordes that they plan to import until your whole society collapses into a worse mess than Brazil and South Africa.

Finally, vegetarianism and veganism are the least healthy diets on the planet. They want you to be grain-fed, malnourished peasants because it makes you weak, stupid, and docile. I’m sure it’s a coincidence that the two ethnic groups who conquered almost the entirety of Eurasia were the pastoralist Proto-Indo-Europeans and the pastoralist Mongols. The fact that Roman slaves were fed a predominantly vegetarian diet is probably a coincidence too.

They’ve been trying to poison you with graincuck slave diets for decades:

Guess who won’t be eating any bugs:

They’ll definitely be feeding YOU plenty of bugs and fake meat, though.

All of the “live in a pod, eat the bugs” bullshit seems to have been pre-propaganda for The Great Reset (TGR), a ten-year plan to fully destroy the last few standing ruins of Western Civilization and fully centralize power in the hands of the Globalist elite.

In very simple terms, TGR is the New World Order stepping out from behind the curtain. Their world government apparatus has been in place since before the Second World War was even over, they’re just being more honest about their intentions now that society has been completely destabilized by Western Marxist subversion.

Your diet is incredibly important. Buy local food, support local farmers, eat like your ancestors did (the based ones).