1. Introduction
  2. Globalist consolidation of resource-control
  3. Graphs of dietary decline
  4. Neo-Liberalism
  5. The “healthy eating” food pyramid
  6. How to actually eat healthily

1. Introduction

Modern diets are complete poison. Explaining why or how this occurred doesn’t really require any convoluted theories: They’re shitty because they’re designed to be shitty.

Since the end of the Second World War, Globalists have engaged in the biggest social engineering operation in all of human history, and diet manipulation is a major part of this scheme. The last thing that they want is a strong and healthy population getting uppity and trying to depose them. Fat slobs are much easier to keep in line. Palm them off with bread and circuses (McDonald’s and PornHub) and you’ve got yourself a population of content slaves who couldn’t revolt even if they wanted to.

2. Globalist consolidation of resource-control

Globalists gained total control over our food supplies by using economic globalization and centralization (aka mega-corporations) to squeeze out and undercut local, small-scale food producers and retailers. This near-total monopolization has enabled them to flood society with mass-produced junk food trash, while also reducing the quality and nutritional value of food in general.

Every major food corporation on the planet is now owned by a handful of umbrella corporations: Unilever, Nestle, Cola, Mars, PepsiCo, Mondelez, etc.

In turn, every single one of these umbrella corporations is controlled by a variety of Globalist goons from NGOs and “think tanks,” such as the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, and Trilateral Commission.

The same Globalist cartel used the same strategies to monopolize our media.

3. Graphs of dietary decline

The graphs below document the meteoric decline in Western diets over the last century. In brief, the major problems are:

  • Fewer home-cooked meals
  • More junk food
  • Feasting every weekend
  • More calories in general
  • More Sugar
  • Less good fat (animal), more bad fat (vegetable)
  • Fewer eggs
  • Food is less nutritious in general
  • Inactive lifestyles
  • Lack of sleep

Fewer home-cooked meals, more junk food:

Feasting every weekend:

More calories in general:

More Sugar:

Excessive sugar consumption is likely responsible for the majority of illness today. Processed sugar directly causes inflammation, which, in turn, causes a wide variety of ailments, including cancer. [].

Less good fat (animal), more bad fat (vegetable):

After the Second World War, “health professionals” began to blame fat for heart disease, and other illnesses. Even though they had no evidence to support their claim, this led to a massive “war on fat,” which has only recently came to an end. Healthy fats (aka animal fats), such as butter and lard, were abandoned en masse, leading to the rise of processed vegetable oils, which are, essentially, toxic when consumed in large quantities, as they are today. For example, grass-fed butter (filled with vital nutrients), was replaced with trash margarine (vegetable oil poison).

Fewer eggs:

Eggs contain a wide variety of nutrients and are one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Although they’re filled with cholesterol, they don’t increase bad cholesterol. [].

However, once again, “health authorities” recommended that we reduce our egg consumption “because heart disease,” despite the fact that there is zero evidence connecting eggs to heart disease. This major decline in egg consumption has contributed significantly to nutrient deficiencies.

Food is less nutritious in general:

Food quality has decreased in general, largely as a result of industrial farming methods. For example, modern ‘dwarf wheat’, which was introduced in the 1960s, contains ~20-30% less minerals than older breeds of wheat, such as Einkorn.

Inactive lifestyles:

Lack of sleep:

4. Neo-Liberalism

As demonstrated by the graphs above, everything goes to shit after the Second World War, specifically around the 1970s to 80s. This coincides perfectly with the rise of Neo-Liberalism — actual Neo-Liberalism, the economic system, not Noam Chomsky-tier “everything I dislike in politics is Neo-Liberalism.” (Globalism =/= “Neo-Liberalism”).

In the Anglosphere, this means Reaganomics in the US, Thatcherism in the UK, Rogernomics in NZ, and economic rationalism in Australia. Markets were “freed” and local communities were torn apart. People by default became more and more reliant upon Globalist mega-corporations for their sustenance, culminating in today’s nightmare scenario, where every single resource that we require for basic survival is in the hands of a tiny, hostile, globalist elite.

Interestingly, we now have Communism-tier levels of economic centralization and oligarchical dominance. The Globalist cartel acts as a Neo-PolitBuro, centrally planning the economies of the entire Western World. So much for “free” markets and “Liberalism.”

5. The “healthy eating” food pyramid

The problem with modern diets is obvious to everyone: It’s all mass-produced slop designed to turn you into a flabby, brainless automaton. However, the so-called “healthy” alternatives proposed by Globalist elites are equally as terrible. See: The USDA Food Pyramid, WHO “healthy eating” pyramid, or UK’s NHS “eat well” guide, etc.

These daily diet plans are an almost perfect inversion of a normal, healthy human diet — especially for lactose-tolerant Europeans. On top of this, Globalists are desperately trying to psyop the masses into poisoning themselves with vegetarianism and veganism. Never forget that Globalists want you weak, stupid, docile, and compliant; the ancient Romans fed similarly malnourishing, grain-heavy, vegetarian diets to their slaves.

6. How to actually eat healthily

For a truly healthy diet, take the food pyramid and invert it. That’ll give you a better starting point than any of the poisonous slave diets cooked up by Globalist swindlers. From there, the diet you choose depends on your current level of health and fitness. If you’re extremely overweight and suffer from things like inflammation, you may want to consider a keto diet. However, if you’re underweight, totally cutting out carbs isn’t a good idea. Generally speaking, just keep it simple and eat like your ancestors did.

Here’s some basic advice that’s applicable to (almost) everyone:

  • Cut out: All processed food, processed sugars (including juice and soda), artificial sweeteners, estrogenics (soy, lentils, etc.), tap water (buy a filter), trans fats, vegetable and seed oils.
  • Eat a lot of meat (grass-fed is better, a lot of animals are fed soy filth), eggs, fish, dairy (cheese, yogurt, milk, kefir, etc.), animal fats (butter, lard, etc.)
  • Use non-vegetable oil for cooking (e.g., coconut or olive oil).
  • Not all grains are bad, stick to non-modern full grains (unprocessed), like buckwheat or oatmeal.
  • Polyunsaturated fats: Omega 6 bad (causes inflammation), omega 3 good.
  • Monosaturated fats: Omega 7 and 9 are also good (get this from avocados, fish, nuts, etc.).