Below is an edited admixture analysis image taken from a 2014 Harvard study on Proto-Indo-Europeans. The original study did not label the ancestral populations, and my labeling (“North European”, etc.) is a simplified approximation in laymen’s terms. As with all genetic studies, this isn’t 100% accurate, but it will give you a good idea of the genetic differences among various European populations.

I’ve divided the populations into rough genetic clusters. They exist on a gradient, so, obviously the division is somewhat arbitrary, but you have to draw the line somewhere:

  • Sardinian (Unique Med populaton)
  • Basque-related (West Sub-Med)
  • Spanish (West Med)
  • Italian (Central Med)
  • Balkan/Greek (East Med)
  • Central European
  • Northwest European (could be grouped with Central)
  • Northeast European
  • Northeast (Siberian Admixture)
  • Significant Siberian Admixture