The two graphs below perfectly summarize multiracial politics in the Postwar West. [1]

Graph 1:
Percentage of mental illness by race and political alignment.

Graph 2:
Strength of in-group preference (“racism” or ethnocentrism) by race and political alignment.

The images should speak for themselves, but just in case anyone reading this post is either new or not so great at reading graphs, here’s a brief summary:

With regards to in-group reference / ethnocentrism / “racism”:

People of First World origin (Whites and Asians) hold, per capita, more resources than people of Third World origin (Hispanics and Africans).

People of Third World origin stand to gain resources (territory, jobs, welfare, etc.) from Leftist social and economic policies (pro-mass migration, affirmative action, etc.). Therefore, ethnocentric Third Worlders are more likely to support Left-Wing politics, even if they are often socially conservative.

People of First World origin stand to lose resources from Leftist policies. Therefore, ethnocentric First Worlders are more likely to support Right-Wing politics.

This is simply a case of offensive and defensive politics: The Left-Wing represents migrants and people who aim to take resources from the native population. The Right-Wing represents the native population aiming to defend their resources (and the intelligent migrants who also stand to lose resources from Leftism).

Most people don’t actively think about these politics, they understand them instinctively. The only people who have to seriously consider these things are White people, and that’s only because we have a de-racialized worldview as a result of massive social engineering and indoctrination by globalist elites.

The “negative ethnocentrism” (or out-group fetishism) of White Leftists means that they literally hate White people, and will work to benefit all out-groups at the expense of their in-group.

This behavior is biologically dysfunctional and suicidal. No wild species, subspecies, ethnic group, tribe, race, pack, etc., would ever actively work towards its own genetic destruction and fundamental extinction. Leftists are mentally ill (2/5 have been officially diagnosed) and defective.

Their behavior is, in part, likely due to their own individual natures and personal problems (i.e., they are in some way biologically retrograde; fat, weak, lazy, stupid, bitter, inferiority complex). However, the primary cause is obviously the all-subsuming torrent of anti-White/pro-“minority” propaganda that they are bombarded with, 24/7, from every media source imaginable.

You could probably make people of any race extremely mentally ill if you spammed them with constant anti-[their race] propaganda like this:


[1] I’m rebranding “Western Civilization” by the way. It’s dead, this is the “Postwar Civilization” now. It’s qualitatively different in every conceivable way; the leadership overwhelmingly consists of a non-European race, for starters. The West has been in decline since the birth of Liberalism but, at this point, we can definitively say that we’re living in the collapsing ruins. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news if you somehow still believed that Western Civilization was alive and kicking. That’s not the case. But White people are still alive and kicking (barely), so all hope is not lost.