13,000+ followers down the drain, but no surprises. I didn’t violate a single Twitter rule but a ban was inevitable. Judging by some of the people who were banned in this Twitter purge, big tech is now arbitrarily censoring any anonymous or semi-anonymous posters who have a large following and display the slightest hints of having vaguely Right-Wing opinions. They banned everyone from Libertarian e-girl cosplayers to dudes who shitpost apolitically and share pictures of their pets. C’est la vie under Globalist occupation.


I need to re-brand, to be honest. I didn’t think I’d get so many followers back when I chose all of these wacky, fringe political aliases related to Hyperborea, Thule, etc. — I had maybe a thousand or so followers on Twitter (can’t really remember exact numbers) and a tiny blog.

I definitely wouldn’t send this blog to many of my personal friends (if any of them), and most are Right-Wing-leaning normies. However, this blog did get over 250,000 views last year and I don’t really promote it at all. So, I presume that my articles could probably have a much bigger audience, with a few minor tweaks.

My plan is to use:

  • A pseudonym (random name generator for OPSEC purposes)
  • More widely appealing brand imagery (not anime girls)
  • More neutral writing (that doesn’t come across as being overtly biased)
  • A platform that normal people trust (Medium or Substack)

I’ll almost certainly leave this blog up, but the best articles from this site will be edited and copied over onto other platforms (not word-for-word, obviously).

New articles coming soon.