Short post.

The study’s results are represented by the infographic below.

The two graphs below perfectly summarize multiracial politics in the postwar West.

Graph 1:
Percentage of mental illness by race and political alignment.

Graph 2:
Strength of in-group preference (“racism” or ethnocentrism) by race and political alignment.

Combined, they demonstrate:
– All racial groups are more “racist” (ethnocentric) than Whites
– ~40% of White Leftists are mentally ill
– Xenophilia correlates STRONGLY with mental illness
– Xenophilia is completely unnatural
– Ethnocentric First World peoples lean right-wing (defending resources from Third World peoples)
– Ethnocentric Third World peoples lean left-wing (taking resources from First World peoples)

You can learn more about politics from these two graphs alone than a thousand Marxist shitbuttology textbooks.

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