Get a load of these neonazi white supremacist terrorists:

Politically-motivated mass shootings account for something like 0.1% of the murders in America per year, of which so-called “white supremacist terrorism” accounts for an even smaller fraction.

African Americans account for over 50% of the murders in America per year (and every other multi-racial country in which Africans constitute 13% of the population).

Go on a crusade against the former — especially against semi-mythological “white supremacist terrorism” — and you’ll climb to the top of the social status pyramid.

Go on a crusade against the latter and you’ll never work again. 75% of the people you know will completely disown you, and many of your “friends” may try to permanently ruin your life.

Blacks account for the plurality of mass murderers by a significant amount (from Race and mass murder in the United States: A social and behavioral analysis printed in Current Sociology journal):

Blacks also account for the plurality of serial killers (from Radford University study on serial killers):

Black privilege is receiving billions of dollars of donations and worldwide elite support for conducting literal political terrorism:

Longer article on global racial crime statistics here.