I’ve covered this topic in other articles, but it deserves a unique post.

Today, I saw a post by Charles Murray on Twitter, in which he argued that the term “race” should be abandoned because it has “outlived its usefulness when discussing genetics.” He was, basically, just pandering to globalists:

“the word race has been freighted with cultural baggage that has nothing to do with biological differences. The word carries with it the legacy of nineteeth-century scientific racism combined with Europe’s colonialism and America’s history of slavery and its aftermath.”

Murray also defended the works of Richard Lewontin, Franz Boas, and Israel “Ashley Montagu” Ehrenberg — the Rockefeller-funded, UN-affiliated, globalist scum who completely destroyed Western perceptions of race, leading to the catastrophic mess that we find ourselves in today. He described them as “The Orthodox,” which is pretty ridiculous, considering that these far-left political ideologues and their students personally destroyed European scientific orthodoxy that was established in the 1600s.

Note: ‘Morph’ = Morphology (physical appearance)

Murray’s “solution” to the problem of ‘race’ is that we should simply replace the term with ‘ancestral population.’

Wow! Genius. It sounds so neutral and non-racist. Except for one problem: The term ‘race’ quite literally means “ancestral population.”

‘Race’ was defined in the 1500s as “people descended from a common ancestor, class of persons allied by common ancestry,” stemming from the earlier Italian term ‘razza’ meaning “race, breed, lineage, family.” The concept of “races” (biological groups that share descent) dates back thousands of years: Ancient Greek and Latin terms genos, genus, natio, and ethnos are all cognates of the modern term ‘race.’

Simply put: ‘Race’ is a catch-all term that has historically been applied to any biological group, regardless of said group’s level in the taxonomic hierarchy. This is why we find scientists like Johann Friedrich Blumenbach (1752–1840) writing things like: “I believed that the whole human race was most appropriately brought under the following five races.”

Humanity is a “race.”
Each subspecies division within humanity is also a “race.”
The human ethnic groups within these subspecies divisions are “races” too.
Canines are a “race.”
Great Danes are a “race.”

You get the picture.

I completely agree that the word ‘race’ has “outlived its usefulness when discussing genetics.” The term is imprecise and utterly non-descriptive. We should return to using a taxonomically and scientifically precise term, like ‘subspecies’ — considering that’s what human races actually are.

Unfortunately, until more people understand that what they call “races” are actually subspecies, and that the term “race” just means “biological group,” we’re stuck with the word ‘race.’ C’est la vie.

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