I saw an organization called ‘Global Citizen’ shilling some transparently manipulative pro-vax narratives on Twitter and decided to investigate.

Apparently, they also shill a bunch of other wacky Globalist narratives, like “structural racism” somehow being responsible for the destruction of biodiversity. Typical Globalist misdirection that places blame for environmental issues on random White plebs, rather than the elites who control the industrial system and the non-White countries that are responsible for ~90% of global polluting. White plebs don’t have a great deal of control over Globalist industrialists and the recycling policies of China and Africa.

Anyway, it turns out that Global Citizen is part of the Global Poverty Project Incorporated, which pitches itself as an organization dedicated to creating “A world without extreme poverty by 2030.”

Some rudimentary online digging unveils that the Global Poverty Project is actually a front organization for the United Nations. According to the organization’s ‘leadership’ webpage, it was founded in 2008 with grants from the UN, British, and Australian governments. It’s lead funders are the Bill Gates Foundation, the United Nations’ World Bank, and the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, which is another United Nations front organization — its founder, Chris Hohn, is involved with the global “climate change” psyop and was behind the UN’s 2016 Paris Agreement.

What a surprise.

According to the Bill Gates Foundation Website [archive link], the stated purpose of the Global Poverty Project is not “ending poverty by 2030,” but to “mobilize global public support for the Sustainable Development Goals.”

In other words, the organization exists to indoctrinate the masses into embracing the United Nations’ Agenda 21, also known as Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals. The Agenda 21 operation has most recently been rebranded to The Great Reset and Fourth Industrial Revolution, wish is currently being pushed by the World Economic Forum, another UN front organization.

It’s all the same agenda, they just keep changing the name, for some reason. Maybe to circumvent the mass of bad “conspiracy”-related press associated with each old moniker, or maybe to pretend that this scheme isn’t decades in the making.

This is the beginning of the final phase of the New World Order, which seems to be veering towards sort of technocratic global Communism, with the world’s plebs “owning nothing” and being forced to live in fully digitized “Smart Cities.”

It’s almost certain that the agenda will will involve transhumanism, which elites are already pushing via Elon Musk’s microchip brain implants (Neuralink) and the US government’s COVID microchip implants that will “detect COVID in your body without the need for tests.” Perhaps the neural implants will be used to regulate behavior, like some sort of internalized “social credit” system.

Bill Gates also patented some sort of cryptocurrency device that essentially turns human beings into living-breathing crypto-miners; literally transforming the plebs into a cattle-like populace who are harvested for energy, like the fucking Matrix. I wish I was fucking joking.

Anyway, here are a few more pies attached to the end of Bill’s fingers: