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Deradicalizing the so-called “Far-Right”

Leftists are obsessed with the idea of “deradicalizing” the “Far-Right.” They market this operation as a holy crusade against the omnipotent threat of “White Supremacist terrorism” — which occurs so infrequently that it is essentially non-existent. The Left’s “deradicalization” agenda has nothing to do with “stopping terrorism,” of course. It exists solely to maintain their ideological hegemony and domination of Western politics.

Their definition of “Far-Right” has expanded exponentially over the past few decades, to the point that it is near-exclusively used as a smear-term for anyone who isn’t an ardent True Believer of the Globalist worldview. The so-called “Far-Right” currently encompasses anyone who is health conscious, lifts weights, does not worship ugliness, believes in the importance of the family, that religion should be a pillar of society, that there is no distinction between ‘biological sex’ and ‘gender,’ that race exists and has meaningful consequences, that White people aren’t inherently evil, and — most importantly — that humans aren’t interchangeable, blank-slate cogs, who can be slotted into the global industrial meat grinder anywhere in the world, ready to slave away until their flesh hangs from their bones.

What Leftists mean by “deradicalization” is indoctrination. They’re desperate to get their claws into the few remaining free-thinking people who are not oversocialized to the point of insanity, and forcibly indoctrinate them into the worldwide, suicidal death cult that is Globalism. This is evident by the fact that every single mainstream or social media post on “deradicalizing” the “Far-Right” does not give Right-Wingers the option of “deradicalizing” into a run-of-the-mill, race-blind conservative, for example, but demands that they fully embrace every aspect of the Globalist worldview. There is no gray-zone; you either become an anti-White, pro-LGBT, ANTIFA-tier Leftist, or you remain an evil, hateful “Far-Right” pariah. The Left’s demands are simple: Self-flagellate for your entire life and give all of your resources to Transwomen of Color. You are expected to spend the rest of your days kissing their boots and groveling, but they will never be expected to forgive your heinous crime of being “radicalized.” There is no concept of redemption for White men in the Cult of Globalism, only eternal sin and suffering.

(Source: https://archive.vn/qb04A)

Actual Right-Wing Radicalization

It’s not that there is no such thing as radicalization on the Right-Wing; there certainly is, and it looks suspiciously similar to FBI/CIA/etc. entrapment: Young and often autistic men get pumped full of demoralization propaganda and groomed into schizo-cult doomsday ideologies; Accelerationism, Satanism, Radical Islam, etc. They are then given literal terrorism manuals by pseudo-anonymous internet acquaintances and encouraged to commit some sort of criminal act, ranging from petty “hate crimes” and vandalism, to outright murderous terrorism. They are told that “all is lost, politics are hopeless, and that this is the only way to save the White race,” or something along those lines. Federal agents often swoop in to arrest would-be terrorists, miraculously preventing them from carrying out whatever crimes they had planned.

It was recently unveiled that the leader of ‘The Base’, a Neo-Nazi group that encouraged its members to engage in criminal activity, was an ex-FBI agent and Pentagon contractor who now lives in Russia. The Base was initially pitched as a simple nationalist survivalism group, but quickly devolved into a criminal organization, with members being involved in vandalism and murder plots. Similarly, it was also unveiled that the FBI and MI5 use the ‘Order of Nine Angles,’ a depraved Satanist organization that is riddled with pedophiles, to infiltrate and subvert nationalist movements. Spook subversion is nothing new, of course. Glowing agencies have a long history of infiltrating, establishing, and leading “bad optics” organizations. At one point in time, five out of six leadership positions in the Aryan Nations were held by spooks from various agencies.

Their aim is to make Right-Wing movements as repulsive as possible to as many normal people as possible, while also dividing and demoralizing said movements, causing them to splinter and fall apart. Throughout the West, spook subversion operations feature a handful of consistent repeating patterns, including the promotion of extreme demoralization propaganda, Satanism, Accelerationism, National Bolshevism and Communism, Hollywood Neo-Nazism, Islam, Pedophilia, and general terrorism. Anything involving Satanism, pedophilia, and extreme demoralization propaganda has glowing fingerprints all over it.

It should go without saying that bizarre, cult-like ideologies, criminal activities, and terrorist attacks are not remotely beneficial to achieving the long-term goals of any Right-Wing movement (nationalistic or otherwise); which is precisely why glowing agencies are so invested in luring young men down these destructive paths. These forms of radicalization do nothing but benefit Team Globalism. [Note: I’ll write an article addressing the nonsense that is ‘Accelerationism’ sometime in the near future].

It’s also worth noting that the vast majority (>66%) of so-called “hate crimes” are hoaxes, perpetrated by “minority” individuals attempting to drum up sympathy for their own supposedly “oppressed” group, whatever it may be.

Leftist Radicalization

The idea that the Left should be “deradicalizing” the Right becomes all the more preposterous when you consider that the Left’s modus operandi is an entropic process of constant radicalization. Modern Leftists would be seen as deranged extremists in the eyes of 99.9999etc% of humans who have ever lived — including most Leftists of the past and every non-Western society at present.

Consider that Leftists’ LGBT rhetoric transitioned from “we only want marriage equality, nobody is coming for your kids” in 2015, to “the state should be able to abduct your children and chemically castrate them against your will” in 2020. Is this “radicalization”? No, you’re just a hate-filled bigot who opposes Natural Human Progress™. Other policies that were once championed by the left — such as opposing mass migration to preserve working-class wages, living standards, and the environment — are now regarded as some sort of evil Far-Right plot that will somehow lead to mass genocide.

The question is: Why are Leftists like this? The answer is quite simple: Leftism as a political ideology is inherently entropic because it was designed to destabilize and overthrow ordered societies. Any political system that denies order, hierarchy, and the basic laws of nature is doomed to infinite decay by virtue of its own principles.

Of course, you could (and should) make the argument that the true purpose of Leftism has never been to create a “free” or “equal” utopian society, but to rip apart vital social foundations and enable a tiny cabal of hucksters to rise to the top of a dysfunctional mass of slave-tier plebeians, who pose zero threat to their sovereignty.

Nevertheless, the self-devouring nature of Leftism is precisely why Left-Wing values are constantly overwritten. Even after the final few threads of society have been ripped apart, Leftists will keep tearing until the entirety of humanity has been forcibly “equalized” via transmutation into a formless primordial goop.

Final Thoughts and Summary

Leftists have pulled a semantic switcharoo, substituting the word ‘indoctrination’ for “deradicalization.” So-called “Far-Right radicalization” is therefore a process of de-indoctrination from Leftism and Globalism, both of which are objectively extreme forms of ideological radicalism that supersede even the most insane forms of Bolshevism.

That which can accurately be described as ‘radicalization’ on the Right-Wing is significantly (but not exclusively) influenced by feds, spooks, and government agencies that are attempting to subvert and disrupt Right-Wing movements and organizations — more specifically, those movements which oppose Globalism.

There is nothing “radical” about upholding values that were regarded as normal and healthy throughout the entirety of human history until the end of the Second World War, when Globalist elites established their world government (United Nations, World Bank, and so on).

Q.E.D.: Becoming Right-Wing is a form of deradicalization. Our enemies are radical (and insane), we are normal.