This blog won’t become a democracy but I’m always interested in feedback. The only problem is that it’s impossible to keep track of feedback when it’s all buried in random articles’ comment sections. I read most comments, but all of them go in one eye and out the other because my memory sucks.

I figured that it would be easier to keep track of any requests, questions, suggestions, complaints, etc. if they were all corralled in one place: This article’s comment section.

So, I’ll be using this article as a pinned post (if I can figure out how to pin it) for a few months to see how this idea plays out. If nobody uses it then I guess I’ll just delete it or whatever but I thought it was worth trying out.


EDIT: A note on comment “censorship”

WordPress has an autofilter that requires me to approve certain comments, which is pretty effective at filtering out the idiots. Fortunately, their comments don’t make it out of the gate and are never seen by readers.

Sometimes these idiots cry about “censorship.” So, to be clear, I generally do not approve comments that contain:

  • Racial slurs (if the comment is otherwise useful I will edit the slurs out)
  • Low IQ sperging
  • General schizo behavior
  • Essays/textwalls (I don’t have time to read your thesis, sorry)
  • URL spam to weird websites
  • Fringe nonsense (“Ancient Egyptians were Black”, “Ashkenazis are Turkic”, “The Ainu are Huns”, “The Israelites were White”)
  • Libtard nonsense
  • Rudeness / aggressiveness for no reason
  • etc.

I do not censor comments for:

  • Disagreeing with me

Also, sometimes I just forget to approve comments, so good replies accidentally get censored by the auto-filter.

Basically, just don’t be a freak, a doofus, or rude and your comment will be approved. “Be normal” is a perfectly reasonable standard of behavior and the vast majority of people who leave comments do so respectfully but, frankly, some of you people deserve to be censored.