There’s a lot of confusion as to what ‘colonialism’ and ‘imperialism’ actually mean, since Leftists use the terms interchangeably and define both as “stuff that evil White people do to innocent brown people.” So, I thought I’d write a short article explaining the difference between the two terms, and how they relate to our situation today.

Colonialism is the mass migration of one ethnic group into the territory of another, whereby the invasive population attempts to displace, genocide, or establish control over the indigeneous inhabitants, in order to forcibly take their land and/or resources.

Imperialism, simply put, is the act of establishing an empire — the political process by which a state expands its power and influence over foreign states and nations. This can be achieved through various means, roughly divided into direct imperialism and indirect imperialism. Methods of direct imperialism include colonialism, elite displacement, overt military occupation, and so on. Indirect imperial power can be exerted through puppet leaders, diplomatic or economic pressure, economic domination, etc.

Imperialism does not necessarily require colonialism, but often involves some form of physical invasion, be it military or otherwise. Similarly, not all colonialism is imperialist in nature. Settler migrants can establish colonies that are politically distinct from their country of origin, though this is generally a rare occurrance.

In summary:

  • Imperialism = Creating an empire by exerting political control over foreign territories and peoples, through various means (potentially including colonialism).
  • Colonialism = Mass migrating into foreign territories and establishing colonies with the aim of displacing or subjugating the native inhabitants and taking their territory and/or resources.

A lot of confusion regarding the term ‘imperialism’ stems from Lenin’s 20th Century definition: “Imperialism is when capitalism exists” [not quoted verbatim]. You may think that the Soviet empire, the Bolshevik’s aggressive expansionism, and Lenin’s ultimate goal of establishing a Communist one-world government (a global empire) all fall under the umbrella of imperialism — but you’d be wrong. That was actually anti-imperialism, because they were fighting against capitalism (aka “imperialism”).

“Our imperialism is actually anti-imperialism” is a ludicrous paradox that requires Olympian mental gymnastics to embrace, but Leftists still regurgitate Lenin’s nonsensical argument to this day. Their sneaky branding tricks didn’t originate with the violent Marxist paramilitary organizations known as “Black Lives Matter” and “ANTI-FAscism” — if you disagree with them you hate Black people and love Fascism, by the way.

The below image neatly summarizes the Left’s branding strategy:

  • Note: I’m not saying imperialism is bad with this image. Like all conquest, it’s good when you’re doing it and bad when other people do it to you.

So, how do colonialism and imperialism relate to our current circumstance?

Firstly, and most obviously, Western countries are currently being colonized by every race on the planet. Non-White migrants establish colonies in the form of ethnic ghettoes, infiltrate the power structures of Western countries and use them to attack indigenous Whites, take colossal amounts of resources via state welfare and land, and are ethnically displacing Whites all over the West. It may not be epic like European colonialism was, but is by-the-book colonialism, nonetheless.

Of course, Anti-Whites, migrants, Leftists, etc., all argue that White people opened their own borders and happily allowed this colonialism to take place — which is where the imperialism comes in. White people obviously do not control White countries. Human ethnic groups do not voluntarily and passively subject themselves to colonialist invasion without some sort of external influence. I know this is “controversial,” but Whites currently live under occupation by a covert, foreign, global empire. You aren’t allowed to say who controls the empire. If you name them, you can expect to be banned from all social media platforms and payment processors, fired from your job, put on a no-fly list, and potentially thrown in jail, depending on your country’s “hate speech” laws. Here’s a hint: They love merchant banking. (It’s the Italians).

Finally, I would generally caution against using the term “imperialism” unless referring to something very specific — e.g. international financial imperialism, the actions of China in Africa, or the economic expansion of Russia and China into Europe. Especially because ‘imperialist’ now means “White person” in the eyes of most Westerners. It’s like calling an anti-White person “racist,” it just doesn’t work because ‘racist’ means “White person” in popular lexicon. However, the term “colonialist” is much more specific and can be effectively levied at the non-White peoples who are currently colonizing our homelands en masse.

Apologies for any typos or errors, this is a one-take post and I’m not going to be editing it.