A declassified trio of documents, all produced around 1970, prove that White birth rates have been intentionally destroyed throughout the West. You can find the full reports online at the following links, but highlighted versions are included at the end of this short article:

1. Population Planning, United Nations’ World Bank (1972)

2. Implications of Worldwide Population Growth (‘The Kissinger Report’), US National Security Council (includes CIA, military, etc.) (1974)

3. Activities Relevant to the Study of Population Policy for the U.S (‘The Jaffe Memo’), Planned Parenthood on behalf of John D. Rockefeller’s Population Council (1969)

The reports explicitly detail techniques to intentionally reduce the birth rates of a population. Almost all of these techniques have been openly implemented throughout the West, excluding one or two of the most extreme options (e.g. forced sterilization), which they may attempt to implement covertly or through a trojan horse.

This means that the Replacement Migration agenda was a stereotypical Problem-Reaction-Solution:

>Globalists want to transform White civilization into multi-racial-mixed-race civilization.
>Globalists intentionally destroy White birth rates via techniques documented below.
>Globalists tell us that we need mass migration of non-Whites to “fix” our birth rates.
>Globalists get their multi-racial society.

Key points found throughout all documents include:

  • Contraception to be made easily and readily available
  • Expand range of contraceptives available
  • Position water with chemical birth control
  • Promote and encourage sterilization
  • “Indoctrination” of children
  • Use state education to promote a family limitation message
  • Use non-state propaganda to shrink “ideal family size” in public image
  • Encourage homosexuality
  • Delay the age of marriage (via social pressure or law)
  • Encourage women to work and seek higher education
  • Encourage women to be politically active
  • Discourage private home ownership (encourage renting)
  • Taxation and income redistribution