“Umm, what even is White???”
— Nationalists, apparently

There’s a lot of contention over the term ‘White’ among nationalists these days. It seems that many people (delusionally) believe that they can escape anti-White persecution by claiming that they are, in fact, not White, but Italian, or German, or Irish, and so on. I see this foolishness all too often, so this brief article is my off-the-cuff response.

“White” as a synonym for “racially European” has been used for hundreds of years by people from all over Europe, in both a biological and political context. I’ve even found some evidence of it being used as a racial descriptor in the late Middle Ages. So, it makes no sense for any White individual to claim that they are “not White but European,” since the terms are synonymous.

I understand why continental Europeans may prefer to use ‘European’ over ‘White,’ as the latter is now strongly associated with the Anglosphere, particularly the United States. However, this was historically not the case, the term was popular all over Europe, particularly in scientific fields.

‘White’ as an ethnic identity (rather than racial) has also arisen in various European colonial states. In these states, ‘White’ identities carry the ethnic cultures of their founding stocks. For example, in America and Australia, ‘White’ culture is Anglo-Saxon in origin and nature. Other White ethnic groups — predominantly of Northwest European origin — have been assimilated into the White American or White Australian ethnic identities, but these identities are still culturally Anglo.

Colonial Europeans of various ethnic origins unified into singular ‘White’ ethnic groups in response to the non-European peoples they encountered. Identity is not defined solely by what you are, but also by what you are not. A German, a Dutchman, and an Englishman may be German, Dutch, and English while residing in their own homelands, but put them side-by-side in the Congo, surrounded by African Bantu, and they will quickly become “Europeans.” This can be seen with soldiers of the French Foreign Legion, who often claimed that their African antics were in defense of European colonial interests, in general, regardless of their own individual ethnic origins.

There are multiple layers to an individual’s identity, and each layer can become relevant under different circumstances. When facing down a pack of wild wolves, an African, Asian, and European are all “humans”, but when fighting one another over territory and resources, they are African, Asian, and European. Claiming that you are “not White or European, but Polish / German / Italian / etc.” is akin to claiming that you are “not human, but European.”

In the coming decades, the rise of non-White populations in Europe may force a generalized ‘White/European’ identity into existence, purely out of the necessity to survive. Europeans who have never encountered a non-White person in their lives will soon be confronted by the reality of nature and biological politics, as they become despised and persecuted minorities within their own homelands.

White people are in a global struggle, against global enemies, in a globalized world. Whites as a whole will be collectively screwed until we understand and accept this fact, and organize accordingly. Intra-White geopolitical squabbles lose relevancy when the entire race is under threat of extinction.

To clarify: I do not think that a pan-White or pan-European identity rising all over Europe is a good thing. Nationalists should champion the nationalism of their own ethnic group — be it American nationalism, German nationalism, British nationalism, and so on — rather than an amorphous ‘White/European nationalism.’

The loss of unique European cultures is in no way desirable and they should be preserved at all costs but, ironically, collaborating as a race beyond borders may be the best strategy to ensure that occurs. An international nationalist alliance to defeat globalism? I don’t know how that would work, I just write articles.

I’m losing my train of thought, so will conclude with the following: Only intelligent White people are stupid enough to deconstruct such a significant part of our own identity, especially during a global anti-White cultural revolution, that does not target us for being Greeks, Germans, or Frenchmen, but Europeans.

But what do I know? I’m sure the farm murderers in South Africa stop politely to ask whether White farmers are Anglo or Afrikaner, before they torture them to death.