David Reich claims:

“In this region [West Eurasia] we found that there’s four groups, Eastern European Hunter-Gatherers [EHG], Western European Hunter-Gatherers [WHG], Levantine Farmers, and Iranian Farmers, each of them as different from each other as Europeans and East Asians.”

From the below video, beginning around 38:30

Firstly, there was far more than four groups in ancient Western Eurasia, but I’ll let that slide and focus on the main issue: Are EHG, WHG, Iranian Farmers, and Levantine Farmers as distinct from one another as Europeans and East Asians? Fortunately, we can consult some of David Reich’s own studies and find out!

Below is a global principal component analysis of the modern human race. Humanity is genetically structured in this triangular shape, reflecting the geographic separation of the races.

(From this study (not David Reich’s)).

The PCA below, from one of David Reich’s studies, specifically focuses on modern West Eurasians.

Note: It originally featured ancient populations but I edited them out and added labels for clarity.

Here’s a PCA from another one of David Reich’s studies. It projects the ancient populations in question on top of the previous PCA.

As you can see, the ancient populations closely align with modern populations in their respective geographic regions. More importantly, the ancient populations of these regions are approximately as closely related to one another as the modern populations of these regions, with some slight variation.

Here’s the non-gif version:

So, if David Reich was telling the truth, this data would show that modern Europeans are as genetically distant from people of the Caucasus and the Middle East as they are from East Asians. As we’ve already seen in the first PCA, which featured the entirety of humanity, that is clearly not the case.

One final PCA of the entire human race, from yet another David Reich study, demonstrates conclusively that these ancient populations were as closely related to one another as West Eurasian populations are today.

Non-graffitied version:

Why would David Reich lie like this? Well, firstly the intended audience of the lecture are obviously clueless about genetics. They aren’t going to fact check him. More importantly, Reich has repeatedly said that his aim with archaeogenetics is to encourage mass migration and miscegenation:

“It’s revealing that the differences among populations we see today are actually only a few thousand years old at most and that everybody is mixed. I think that if you pay any attention to this world, and have any degree of seriousness, then you can’t come out feeling affirmed in the racist view of the world. You have to be more open to immigration. You have to be more open to the mixing of different peoples. That’s your own history.”

— David Reich, Interview in Atlantic, 2018

By implying that ancient populations of West Eurasia were just as distant from each other as modern Europeans are from East Asians — or modern Europeans are from Africans — he is attempting to justify the on-going, anti-White “Replacement Migration” agenda.

“Why does it matter if 1 billion Africans and Asians move into White countries if your ancestors did the same thing 4,500 years ago? :^) We’re all mixed up anyway!”

Remember: Geneticists produce useful *data* but they are all Libtards with a Libtard agenda. Trust the data, not the scientists.