Short article, may edit in future, idk.

People who dislike me often call me a Libertarian. I have no idea why, since I’ve never been a Libertarian or advocated for anything remotely close to Libertarianism. Maybe it’s because I hate Socialism for the Kabbalistic death cult that it is, or perhaps it’s because I believe that freedom and liberty are fundamentally noble values for Whites to pursue? Either way, my worldview is basically just “grumpy small town Reactionary” :

  • My idealized economic views are closest to Distributism, even though I know it’s totally unimplementable under this current technological system.
  • I like nature and biology, and I’m a fan of thinkers like Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas. I grew up fascinated by animals and was hiking in mountains with my parents before I could walk or talk. Due to this longstanding interest in nature and biology, I view the progression of human history in the same manner as Moses Hess: An endless struggle between the world’s various biological (ethnic / national / racial) groups.
  • I despise how modern technology has mutated the planet, even though I use it constantly. I’ve watched global industrialism destroy my local environment and subsume all of the independent, family-owned businesses in my town. I’ve traveled through almost the entirety of Europe to witness the carnage caused by mass migration first hand; once beautiful cities, like Paris, reduced to ruinous slums. The combination of digitization and immigration has caused social destabilization and isolation on an unimaginable scale.
  • The grotesque anti-family agendas of the Left aren’t worth mentioning.
  • I support all historic European imperialism. Whites should never apologize for besting our enemies in conquest, especially after suffering centuries of imperial invasions at the hands of the Huns, Mongols, Turks, Ottomans, Islamic Caliphates, and so on. The Mongols built a giant silver colossus dedicated to Genghis Khan, and we should take the same pride in our ancestors.
  • I advocate a normal society, guided by the same principles as every other healthy and successful society in human history. My views aren’t any more complicated than that.

Regarding ideological labels, I’m not particularly choosy: Conservative, Traditionalist, Reactionary, Paleo-Con, or simply ‘Right-Wing.’ All Right-Wing thought converges towards one end — the natural, organic society — and certain fundamental truths. There are only so many ways you can say “I’m pro-family, pro-religion, pro-ethnocentrism, pro-private property, pro-free enterprise (unless it betrays the nation), pro-hierarchy, pro-strength, pro-beauty, pro-nature, anti-usury, etc.”

As outlined by Aristotle in ‘Politics’ (350 BC), a virtuous (Right-Wing) society can be achieved through various forms of governance: Monarchies, Aristocracies, ‘Polities’ (Republics). I have no specific preference as to how a virtuous society is achieved, in the grand scheme of things. Though sadly, I know there is a strong chance I will die before a virtuous society arises anywhere on earth.

Finally, I should point out that I would not personally identify with the labels Fascist or National Socialist, not because I particularly disagree with these ideologies — again, in my view Right-Wing politics are Right-Wing politics — but because identifying with these labels is political and social suicide. The average Right-Winger, who probably agrees with 90% of so-called “Far-Right” views (when framed correctly), has been programmed to view these labels as on par with being a pedophile or a Communist. As Bismarck said, “politics is the art of the possible.” Be under no illusions: The Left will successfully normalize pedophilia before the National Socialists successfully redeem Mr. Hitler in the eyes of the masses.

Also, I would not touch the label ‘Third Positionist’ with a bargepole, since it apparently means “extremely online Third Worldist pro-Islam Nazi-Commies.” Abominable nonsense.

And this is the final destination of Leftism: