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This article is an archive of the most useful infographics that I’ve collected (or made) on the subject of race. I’ll update this page from time to time, whenever I find or make a new infographic.

The infographics are loosely divided into the following categories:

  1. Debunking race denialism
  2. General racial classification
  3. Modern Whites
  4. Ancient Europeans
  5. Behavior
  6. Miscellaneous
  7. UPDATES (New infographics may go here, haven’t decided yet)

I’ll label the images so you can search for them in-browser. If you have any useful infographics that I should include, post them in the comment section.

1. Debunking race denialism

Race is only skin deep

Percentage of shared DNA between Europeans, Africans, chimps cats, orangutans, and bonobos

African and Eurasian golden jacks, clearly distinct species; Africans and Europeans, exact same subspecies.

Tigers, orangutans, canines, can interbreed and produce fertile offspring – species, subspecies, and race.

The most significant genetic differences between human races are neurological, impacting thoughts, feelings, and behaviors

Average male phenotypes worldwide

2. General racial classification

What is an ethnic group?

Since the late 1600s, scientists have divided humanity into around five major racial groups

Five major racial groups of humanity

Out of Africa migrations and admixture with archaic hominins

Skin pigmentation and race

Admixture rates of major racial groups within the Eastern Hemisphere

Principal component analysis of global humanity

Principal component analysis of West Eurasians

Admixture analysis proves that human genetic clusters match historic racial categories and ethnic geographic distribution

An image containing principal component and admixture analyses

Maps of skin pigmentation and UV radiation

Skull structures of major races

Skull structures of major races from the Journal of Forensic Sciences

3. Modern Whites

Percentage of people who claim full or majority descent from the European race

The genetic ancestry of White Americans

Britain has always been a nation of immigrants

Average European phenotypes

Europid European White race phenotypes

Pigmentation of hair and eyes in Europe (Carleton S. Coon, who surveyed the regions IRL)

Blondism vs lactose tolerance

Traditional ethnic folk costumes of Europe

The maximum extent of European empires

4. Ancient Europeans

Modern Europeans descend from three ancient West Eurasian populations, as a result of two massive migrations

Forensic facial reconstructions of Mesolithic (Stone Age) Europeans

Forensic facial reconstructions of Early European Farmers from La Almagra Culture (Spain) and Megalithic Culture (Britain)

Forensic facial reconstructions of Proto-Indo-European men from the Yamnaya (Y) and Corded Ware (CW) cultures

Principal component analysis of 991 present-day West Eurasians (grey points) with 278 projected ancient samples

Genetic composition of modern Europeans – an admixture analysis

Proto-Indo-European expansions gif map

Proto-Indo-European expansions map

Northern European phenotypes can be found among some Indo-Iranian minority groups of Central Asia

5. Behavior

World maps of IQ, slavery, rape, and homicide statistics

How racial groups rate each other

Rates of mental illness vs ethnic in-group preference (“racism”)

A detailed breakdown of mental illness rates among Whites

Diversity vs homicide rates in America

Homicide rates of selected Sub-Saharan African countries compared to African Americans

Mass shooters 2019

Mass shooters 2020

Welfare usage by ethnicity

Household income of US religious groups (can be used as proxy for ethnic groups)

Black male and female couples re vastly over-represented in media (sexual dynamics)

How does the public really feel about mixed-race couples? (Sexual dynamics)

How racial groups rate each other

6. Miscellaneous

Are Jews White/European?

Ashkenazi Jews are not white or European (quotes from Jewish media)

What did Jesus really look like?

Different species, fertile offspring