Julius Evola on the East (Russia, China) as a bulwark against Globalism. Many people on the Right today should heed his words, and understand that Globalism is a global problem.

From Ride the Tiger (1961):

“Among those who have recognized the crisis of the modern world […] some have turned their eyes to the East. They see there, to a certain degree, a traditional and spiritual orientation to life that has long ceased to exist in the West as the basis for the effective organization of the various realms of existence. They have even wondered whether the East might furnish useful reference points for a revival and reintegration of the West…

“It is important to have a clear view of the domain to which such a proposition might apply. If it is simply a matter of doctrines and “intellectual” contacts, the attempt is legitimate. But one should take note that valid examples and points of reference are to be found, at least partially, in our own traditional past, without having to turn to non-European civilizations

“If one is more concerned with real influences that have a powerful effect οn existence, one should have nο illusions about them. The East itself is now following in our footsteps, ever more subject to the ideas and influences that have led us to the point at which we find ourselves, “modernizing” itself and adopting our own secular and materialistic forms of life. What is still left of Eastern traditions and character is steadily losing ground and becoming marginalized

[The process of decline] is still in an early phase there. For such civilizations it is only a matter of time before they find themselves at the same point as ourselves, knowing the same problems and the same phenomena of dissolution under the sign of “progress” and modernity. The tempo may even be much faster in the East. We have the example of China, which in two decades has traveled the whole way from an imperial, traditional civilization to a materialistic and atheist communist regime-a journey that the Europeans took centuries to accomplish…

“The “myth of the East” is therefore a fallacy. “The desert encroaches”: there is nο other civilization that can serve as support; we have to face our problems alone.