I generally try to avoid posting newscycle stuff on this blog but I thought that this one was a much needed whitepill.

  1. Who is Eric Zemmour?
  2. Presidential candidacy announcement speech
  3. Recent Spectator interview
  4. Another famous Zemmour speech, with subtitles
  5. Other content

1. Who is Eric Zemmour?

For those who aren’t familiar, Eric Zemmour is a Right-Wing politician, historian, and columnist in France. He’s been calling out White genocide for decades and has normalized the ‘Great Replacement’ concept in French political discourse. He has numerous convictions for “hate speech” and is well-loved by the French Right-Wing, including the “Far-Right.” He’s now the third most popular candidate for the French presidency.

Zemmour is not a typical “Far-Right” politician. He’s a Sephardic Jewish Berber descended from Algerian immigrants. Some people argue that this is reason enough not to trust him, and he certainly doesn’t have trustworthy physiognomy, to say the least. However, Zemmour is saying things that no other well-respected, mainstream politician has said in the West for decades. He’s shifted the French Overton window by a considerable degree and is even further to the right than Marine Le Pen.

Is Zemmour going to save Europe or the White race? No, obviously not, but we’ve got to take what we can get in a situation as dire as ours. Stopping the great replacement is still the most important political objective for Whites worldwide and it’s either literally illegal or practically illegal to talk about White genocide in most Western countries.

In any case, Zemmour is one to watch, if only to judge how receptive the masses are to “Far-Right” ideals once they have been normalized by a respected figure.

2. Presidential candidacy announcement speech

Key quotes below. His full speech is 10 minutes long.

Original translation by: https://twitter.com/pegobry/

“The nation of Joan of Arc and Louis XIV; of Bonaparte and de Gaulle; of knights and ladies; of Hugo and Chateaubriand; of Pascal and Descartes; of La Fontaine’s fables, Molière’s characters, and Racine’s verses; of Notre Dame and village bell towers…”

“This nation both frivolous and brilliant; this nation which loves both literature and science; this nation which is so intelligent, yet whimsical; the nation of the Concorde and of nuclear power, which invented cinema and the automobile…”

“Of course, they despise you. The powerful, the elites, the bien-pensant, the journalists, the politicians, the academics, the sociologists, the union leaders, religious authorities… They tell you [what you believe] is a myth, that it is fake, that it is wrong. But you have understood that they are the ones who are fake, they are the ones who are wrong, they are the ones who are hurting you.”

“We must allow our small businesses to exist, to grow, and to be passed on from generation to generation.”

“We must protect our patrimony: our architecture, our culture, and nature.”

“We must rebuild our [public] schools, based on merit and excellence, and rescue our children from the egalitarian experiments of [educators] and the Dr Strangeloves of gender theory.”

“We must give power back to the people, and take it away from minorities, who tyrannize the majority, and from judges”

“For decades, our leaders, on both sides, have led us down the macabre path of decadence.”

“Both right and left have lied to you. […] They have hidden the reality of our replacement.”

“I have understood that all those who call themselves competent are in reality impotent.”

“[I am a candidate so that] we can pass on to our sons the nation we have received from our ancestors.”

“We, the French, are a great nation, a great people. Our glorious past tells us we have a future. Our soldiers have conquered Europe, and the world. Our writers and artists are universally admired. The work of our scientists and engineers has changed the world.”

“The charms of our art of living cause envy and bliss for anyone who has a taste of it. We have known immense victories, and we have overcome cruel defeats. For a thousand years, we are one of the powers that has written the book of history. We will be worthy of our ancestors. We will not let them dominate us, subdue us, conquer us, colonize us. [Looks up, straight into the camera] We will not let them replace us.”

3. Recent Spectator interview

Key quotes from a November 2020 interview (source: https://archive.vn/7YcTq).

“[EU’s border agency, Frontex is] in reality useless. A few hundred agents who cannot control anything and when the poor fellows want to do their job and turn the migrants back, the European parliament and the Commission in Brussels accuse them of brutality.”

“[Poland] should be helped [to build a wall on the Belarusian border]. Contrary to the Commission in Brussels, I think that walls should be built wherever possible.”

“Immigration is war. They want to invade our European countries. That’s all. It’s nothing else. It’s war.”

“[Western societies have] forgotten that in Christian humanism there is indeed the respect for the individual but that is rooted in a culture, a religion, a people, a land. [Today] we have the individual who is sacred […] but who is completely isolated from his people, his historical context, his customs. You see it is believed that individuals are interchangeable, that they are only consumers. It’s an economistic view that I don’t share. I think that people are first of all a product of their culture, their people, their customs.”

“For 40 years [European leaders have] been afraid to confront the politically correct, afraid of riots in suburbs, afraid of being seen in a bad light by the media, afraid of not obeying the judges.”

“[Militant political correctness, ‘wokeism’, is] a generalised offensive against French and western culture, against the white heterosexual man. These people want above all to make the French and all westerners feel guilty, ashamed of their history, so that they amputate themselves, destroy themselves, abandon their culture, their civilisation, simply so that they no longer feel guilty.”

“It is by destroying our cultures, our history, that they make a clean sweep of all that and allow a foreign culture, history and civilisation to come and replace it.”

4. Another famous Zemmour speech, with subtitles

5. Other content

“There are people who have been here for a thousand years and who want to be here for another thousand years and who don’t want to be mixed, Monsieur Attali. Forgive them! They don’t want it! They don’t want to be submerged, they don’t want to be replaced” @ 3.30 below