In the 1970s, National Geographic’s Cartographic Division produced a series of incredibly well-illustrated ethnographic maps covering basically every region of the globe: Russia, Siberia, and Central Asia under ‘The Soviet Union’; the Middle East; South Asia; Africa; China; Southeast Asia; the Pacific Islands; the Arctic Circle; North America; and South America. Unfortunately, Europeans were cucked out of getting a nice ethnographic map. Even the Melanesians were a mentioned and most people don’t even know they exist. Some East Asians, such as the Japanese and Koreans, were also cucked. I don’t know why NatGeo didn’t just produce a general “East Asia” map instead of focusing on China. Anyway, I’ve included two other NatGeo maps of Europe, but it’s just not the same when they don’t feature little portraits of the different ethnic groups.

P.S.: I’m adding a ‘maps’ category to this site because I post them a lot.

The Maps

Races of Europe

Celtic Europe

Peoples of the Soviet Union (Russia, Siberia, Central Asia)

Peoples of the Middle East

Peoples of South Asia

Peoples of Africa

Peoples of China

Peoples of Mainland Southeast Asia

Peoples of the Pacific

Peoples of the Arctic

Indians of North America

Indians of South America

Bonus map: Languages of the World