Short post to clear this up.

You may have seen the Kostenki14 reconstruction before. It’s often used to claim that the “original Europeans” were “Africans” or “Australian Aboriginals.” Kostenki14 was an ancient European or West Eurasian from the Markina Gora site in Russia, dated to 35-40,000 years ago.

In 2014, a genetic study found that Kostenki14 was most closely related to Mesolithic Europeans and Ancient North Eurasians, and using Vahaduo calculators, I have consistently found that Kostenki14 is most similar to Paleolithic Europeans, like the Gravettians from Sunghir.

Unfortunately, Kostenki14 was originally misclassified as having a phenotype similar to modern Australo-Melanesians and was reconstructed to look like an Australian Aboriginal or even an African. Perhaps this reconstruction was a rare miss from the legendary forensic facial reconstruction artist M. M. Gerasimov?

In 2016, a new morphological study was conducted. It concluded that Kostenki14 “undoubtedly belonged to the Caucasian complex” and that “the findings contradict the earlier hypothesis of the southern origin of the Kostenki 14 individual and its similarity to the population of the Australo-Melanesian region.”

Here’s the original Kostenki14 reconstruction alongside Kostenki2, another reconstruction from the same region, dated to the Gravettian period: