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  1. What is “Wokeness”?
  2. What is Leftism?
  3. The origin of so-called “Woke Capitalism”

1. What is “Wokeness”?

“Wokeness” is not a new phenomenon, by any means. It is standard Left-Wing politics, as they have existed for centuries. The history of “wokeness” is as long as the history of the Left:

  • Charles Fourier (1772–1837) was a pioneering feminist who coined the term “feminism.”
  • Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (1809–1865) opposed nationalism and racism.
  • The Saint Simonianists — who Marx described as the “patriarchs of socialism” — preached sexual revolution in the 1830s, a century before Magnus Hirschfeld founded the World League for Sexual Reform.
  • Marx (1843–1881) and Engels (1820–1878) promoted feminism and claimed that the natural state of human familial organization is a “promiscuous horde.”
  • Trotsky (1879–1940) popularized the term “racism” to pathologize humans’ natural in-group preference.
  • The USSR under Lenin (1870–1924) legalized abortion, divorce, transgenderism, sodomy, and implemented the first “hate speech” laws in history.
  • The USSR under Stalin (1878–1953) and the PRC under Mao (1893–1976) pioneered Third Worldist “anti-imperialism” and led the destruction of White colonies around the world, most notably South Africa and Rhodesia.

If any of these historical Leftists were time traveled into our era, they would seemlessly blend in with the ANTIFA otherkins and Democrat cat ladies overnight.

“There will no longer be nationality, no longer fatherland, in the political sense of the words: they will mean only places of birth. Man, of whatever race or colour he may be, is an inhabitant of the universe; citizenship is everywhere an acquired right.”
— Proudhon, The General Idea of the Revolution (1851)

2. What is Leftism?

So, if Wokeness is Leftism and Leftism is Wokeness, then this begs the question: What is Leftism?

The absolute essence of Leftist ideology is “equality”: The destruction of all natural order and the total inversion or abolition of all power hierarchies. Leftism fights to elevate the weak and tear down the strong. This manifests in policies and movements like feminism, anti-racism, wealth redistribution, and so on.

The basic political agendas of Leftism were succinctly summarized by Marx and Engels in their 1848 Communist Manifesto (aka the Leftist Bible):

  • Abolition of property
  • Abolition of family
  • Abolition of traditional culture
  • Abolition of nation (and race)
  • Plus, the creation of a totalitarian technocracy, featuring rapid technological advancement and the centralization of all production in the hands of the state, of banking via monopolies, of transportation, communication, education, and so on.

(Precise quotes contained in the image below):

A cynical person may argue that the abolition of property, family, culture, and nation are simply a means to an end, used to cripple any potential resistance to the Left’s totalitarian technocracy by destroying the foundations of a healthy and functional society — and they would be correct. A people cannot overthrow a hostile government if their men have been feminized, if they have no identity to rally around or are divided by inter-ethnic conflicts, if they have no conception of what is moral, just, and right, etc.

“the communist idea which Baboeuf’s friend Buonarroti re-introduced into France after the Revolution of 1830 […] consistently developed, is the idea of the new world order.”
— Marx & Engels, ‘The Holy Family’ (1845)

This drive towards a centralized technocratic state — and, fundamentally, a one-world government — is the defining characteristic of all Left-Wing political movements. Leftism is synonymous with Globalism. Even the Anarchists, who aim to abolish all governance, still preach a Globalist ideology that would be impossible to enforce without a one-world government: No borders, no countries, no property, no money, no families, no religion, no races, no genders, no hierarchies, and so on. If Leftism was realized to its maximum degree, our entire planet would be transformed into some sort of formless gray goop.

Behold, equality on Earth:

Leftism could be described as a secularized messianic religion, like Judaism sans-God: Leftists want to Tikkun Olam (“repair the world”) and immanentize the eschaton, bringing forth The World to Come and creating Heaven on Earth. This is not to imply that all Leftists are Jewish, but that they all share this linear view of history: That mankind, guided by enlightened messiahs, is endlessly “progressing” towards some utopian endpoint, at which we will finally be “free” and “liberated” (from everything that makes us human).

The most ardent followers of this secular religion — the true believers who act as Leftism’s dedicated ground troops — consist almost entirely of mentally ill freaks, losers, and social outcasts. They are motivated solely by resentment and jealousy, and are filled with a seething hatred for all things natural, healthy, and beautiful. Leftism offers salvation to these down-and-outs by promising to drag them up the social ladder. Although Leftism vows to “elevate” all men by granting them perfect equality, this is clearly an imposible task. Leftists are generally incapable of self-improvement or limited by some immutable biological characteristic. Thus, they can only even the playing field by dragging the strong and successful down to their level, into their gutters of society, alongside the common denominators.

3. The origin of so-called “Woke Capitalism”

Today, large corporations are among the most influential purveyors of Leftist ideology. This seems paradoxical, given the Left’s professed hatred of “Capitalism.” However, when studying Leftist literature, it soon becomes obvious that they do not hate “Capitalism” for Capitalism’s sake, but because it upholds — or upheld — “oppressive power structures” and “bigoted, reactionary ideologies,” such as “racism” and “sexism.” It violated the fundamental principle of the Leftist faith: Equality.

So, how did the Capitalist West transition from being the epicenter of “reactionary bigotry” to the epicenter of “woke” Leftism within the space of three generations? The answer is simple: Regime change. After Leftists/Globalists defeated nationalism during the Second World War, they immediately set to work subversively imposing their ideology on the West. This was achieved via an elite-driven revolution from above, coupled with an artificial, elite-backed revolution from below, known to the masses as the “Civil Rights” movement.

So-called “Woke Capitalism” is largely a product of three major factors: Leftist cultural hegemony (especially in academia), elite conspiracy, and “Civil Rights” law.

1. Leftist hegemony in academia (and education in general) indoctrinates each new generation of elites, bureaucrats, and middle managers with Leftist ideology. The kids who grew up with Tumblr and went on to study sociology are now employed by Amazon’s HR department. Leftist views are also socially reinforced via the mainstream media, social media, and so on.

2. Elite conspiracy is self-explanatory: All major CEOs and corporate leaders are members of Globalist organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations and Bilderberg Group. Open the website of any major corporation and you’ll find its board of directors to be filled with World Economic Forum goons, and so on. These types have been pushing Leftist ideology for centuries — though they were formerly restricted to shady secret societies, rather than flashy “global governance” NGOs.

3. Even if corporations aren’t directly involved with slippery Globalist organizations, they are all beholden to so-called “Civil Rights” laws that force companies to “go woke.” The neurotic ground troops of Globalism will accuse companies of “persecuting minorities” over the most minor slights, many of which are completely fabricated. These companies are then rung out through the court system meat grinder, which is, naturally, dominated by neurotic Leftists. They are inevitably found guilty of being evil racist bigots and forced to pay millions of dollars in compensation.

There is currently a convoluted, Marxism-inspired theory in vogue on the Right, which states that “modern wokeness” (somehow divorced from historical Leftism) is a “natural result of Capitalism” because Capitalism is about “removing barriers to consumption.” Proponents of this theory claim that it is perfectly logical for mega-corporations fund Black Lives Matter (a Marxist terrorist organization), promote pedophilic “Drag Queen” story hours, and indoctrinate toddlers with transgender ideology because these things somehow transform the masses into “better consumers.”

This theory is completely nonsensical. If “wokeness” is an “inevitable result of Capitalism,” then why were corporations “bigoted” from the dawn of capitalism in the 16th Century, until after the Second World War? What caused these corporations to switch abruptly from being unironic “White supremacists” to supporters of Black Trans Toddler Lives Matter? “Woke Capitalism” arose only after Leftists had secured cultural hegemony by infiltrating academia, media, and government, and after multiple Western generations had been thoroughly brainwashed.

“Capitalism” is not an autonomous force. Corporations should not be viewed as special unique entities that are controlled by abstract economic wizardry, but as nodes of power — like the government, media, academia, or judiciary — that can be captured and controlled by ideologically-motivated parties. Certain people use their capital to push Globalist/Leftist politics, as they always have done. Jacob Schiff is a classic example: He was an international banker, architect of the Federal Reserve, director of Wells Fargo, and a major financier of the Bolshevik Revolution.

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BlackRock is currently the world’s largest asset management firm (it manages the funds of other companies and invests money on their behalf), with 9.5 trillion dollars in assets — more than the GDP of every country in the world combined, excluding the US and China. The company is so big that Bloomberg described them as the “fourth branch of the government.”

BlackRock’s CEO, Larry Fink, is an ‘Agenda Contributor’ for the World Economic Forum. He follows a United Nations policy called Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG), meaning that BlackRock prioritizes investments in companies that follow the UN’s ESG principles, which include: Climate change, sustainability, diversity, human rights, and animal welfare. ESG is quite literally a “woke” social credit score that is being used to cut companies out of the global financial system.

Did “Capitalism” make Larry Fink enforce these radical, Far-Left values? Is it profitable to cut the dicks off little children or to normalize pedophilia, or are Globalist elites perhaps motivated by something other than the mere acquisition of wealth?