1. Intro
2. The List

1. Intro

A lot of my IRL friends were pretty depressed during COVID lockdowns and with all of the insanity going on. I assume that at least some of my social media followers and readers of this blog will be in the same boat. So, I’ve put together a 14 point list of basic stuff that helped me when I was depressed some years ago.

It’s important to note that this world is utterly disgusting and being miserable about that is a perfectly natural reaction. You do not have a “chemical imbalance” in your brain and you do not need to take magical “feel happy” pills. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do things to feel less miserable about living in a dystopian nightmare.

The list below may seem obvious — most people do this stuff without a second thought — but when your life is a mess you have to actively push yourself to do even the most basic of tasks. It’s important to develop a consistent routine that will eventually become second nature.

2. The list

Do this stuff for a few weeks and you’ll be much happier than if you took SSRIs or some other toxic “medication” for a few months:

1. Write a list of goals
They have to be realistic and achievable. Maybe start by writing this list down. I can’t emphasize enough that these goals have to be ACHIEVABLE. If you are miserably depressed, don’t set yourself the goal of doing a one-hour workout every single day because you’ll just fail and get worse. Instead, start small by doing a few pushups or something and tick that off your checklist as “exercise.” Start small and then work up from there.

2. Don’t be gross: Practice good hygiene
Shower every day; get some natural soap and deodorant, etc.

3. Clean your room
Jordan Peterson is right. Open your windows and throw out all of your unused clutter.

4. Sleep at least 8 hours per day
Get some blue light filtering goggles to wear in the evening.

5. Exercise every day
Do heavy exercise (lifting, etc.) every other day and light exercise (dynamic stretching, etc.) every day.

6. Fix your diet
Eat more protein, good fats, etc., cut out processed garbage, sugar, bad fats, etc.

7. Get enough sun
Take vitamin d supplements if you’re deficient.

8. Disconnect from technology
Take social media breaks. No tech for 1 hour before bed helps with sleep.

9. Spend time in nature
Get out of the towns and cities as often as possible. The rest of the world is still a beautiful place, so appreciate it while you can.

10. Spend time with friends and family
Even simple things, like helping your grandparents with shopping.

11. Try new hobbies (or restart old ones)
Especially social hobbies, like hiking with friends.

12. Cut out drugs and alcohol
There isn’t a drug worth taking but some social situations do require drinking, just don’t make a habit out of it or get shamefully wasted.

13. Stop watching porn
Porn has a terrible impact on mental health, try quitting for one or two weeks at first.

14. Do meditative activities
This doesn’t necessarily mean meditation but can include certain sports, yoga, tai chi, or even just lying on your bedroom floor and chilling out.