A 2013 study by Michael Woodley and colleagues found that average Western IQ has fallen by 14 points from the late 1800s to the present day, almost an entire standard deviation.

In practical terms, this means that during the late 1800s, the average Westerner was as intelligent as a modern-day college-educated accountant, teacher, pharmacist, etc. Today, the average Westerner is as intelligent as a modern-day shop assistant or office worker. [Source: This study, among others].

If our IQ fell by another standard deviation, the average Westerner would be as intelligent as the average Latin American, Middle Easterner, or North African.

Furthermore, the rate of innovations worldwide per capita is also falling, after having peaked around the same time as average Western IQ. See this 2005 study by Jonathan Huebner, a physicist who works for the Pentagon.

“The rate of innovation peaked in the year 1873 and is now rapidly declining. We are at an estimated 85% of the economic limit of technology, and it is projected that we will reach 90% in 2018 and 95% in 2038.”

You best start believing in societal collapses, anon: You’re in one.