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You’ve probably seen the recent “gender” pandemonium but, if not, here’s a quick summary:

  • A six-foot-tall biological male known as “Lia Thomas” won a big women’s swimming competition.
  • People believed that this was unfair because biological males have significant performance advantages over women, such as increased muscle mass, tendon strength, and so on.
  • Many people protested, including female swimmers, which caused a huge fallout across the media.

Fast forward to earlier this week: Senator Marsha Blackburn asked Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson if she could “provide a definition for the word ‘woman,'” as the debate may eventually reach the Supreme Court. Jackson responded: “Can I provide a definition? No, I can’t. Not in this context. I’m not a biologist.”

Her ridiculous response prompted much shitposting:

Leftist media rodents quickly scurried to defend her, churning out insane articles, like this garbage from USA Today. Here are a few key quotes:

“I don’t want to see this question punted to biology as if science can offer a simple, definitive answer,” said Rebecca Jordan-Young, a scientist and gender studies scholar at Barnard College whose work explores the relationships between science and the social hierarchies of gender and sexuality.

traditional notions of sex and gender suggest a simple binary – if you are born with a penis, you are male and identify as a man and if you are born with a vagina, you are female and identify as a woman – the reality, gender experts say, is more complex.

“There isn’t one single ‘biological’ answer to the definition of a woman. There’s not even a singular biological answer to the question of ‘what is a female,'” Jordan-Young said.

There are at least six different biological markers of “sex” in the body: genitals, chromosomes, gonads, internal reproductive structures, hormone ratios and secondary sex characteristics. None of the six is strictly dichotomous, Jordan-Young said, and the different markers don’t always align.

Sarah Richardson, a Harvard scholar, historian and philosopher of biology who focuses on the sciences of sex and gender and their policy dimensions […] emphasized that biology does not offer a simple or singular answer to the question of what defines a woman. “As is so often the case, science cannot settle what are really social questions,” she said.

Juliet Williams, a professor of gender studies at UCLA who specializes in gender and the law, said it’s important to note this isn’t an entirely new debate. The category of woman has long been politically contested. Black women, she said, were not always welcomed in the category. For example, while the 19th Amendment granted women the right to vote, for decades many Black women were excluded from exercising it.

Stereotypical Leftist gibberish. In reality, ‘woman’ has a very simple biological definition that is accepted by everyone except the most deranged Cultural Marxists: “An adult human female.”

  • Women have XX chromosomes and female genetics.
  • Women have female morphology, which distinguishes them from males. This includes female reproductive organs, female secondary sexual organs (breasts), different fat distribution, muscle mass, skeletal shape, and so on.
  • Women perform the female role in reproduction, producing eggs, getting pregnant, etc.

Some women are born infertile, with different chromosomes (e.g. Turner syndrome), or male sexual characteristics, which can be primary (e.g. a penis) or secondary (e.g. a beard). These issues are universally classified as medical disorders (see: “disorders of sex development“) and should not be conflated with transgenderism or any other gender ideology delusions.

It’s also worth pointing out that gender ideology was concocted by Marxists and pedophiles in the 20th Century. For example, the contemporary definition of ‘gender’ (which claims that an individual’s “gender” is somehow distinct from their biological sex) was invented in 1955 by a pedophile called John Money. He castrated a 22-month-old boy named David Reimer and then sexually molested him and his brother throughout their childhood. They both committed suicide as adults, while John Money is praised as a progressive hero to this day, having received countless awards and honors throughout his lifetime. For more information, see my articles: Leftism, Pedophilia, and Sexual Revolution and The World League for Sexual Reform: Pioneers in abortion, birth control, and transgenderism.