“There is no political solution” is a pretty common phrase in dissident politics but it doesn’t seem to mean anything other than “do nothing” or “do terrorism.” Pretty bad advice, to say the least. It wouldn’t surprise me if this phrase was originally coined by some spook but it seems to be parroted by two or three main camps.

The first group consists of people who believe that it is truly over. That the West is collapsing in freefall and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. I will admit that this analysis may be correct. Is it too late? The dominoes have been pushed and the Fall of Rome has been set in motion, but can it be stopped? I don’t know. It seems to me that global IQ decline alone means that future generations will be incapable of sustaining our complex civilization.

Anyway, the problem with these types is not so much their analysis, but their solution, which is to hide in the woods, create permaculture farms, and then wait for everything to blow over. The “Varg Vikernes strategy” glosses over a pretty important fact: The ruling elites are not collapsing our societies for fun or out of pure incompetence. They are intentionally driving us to extinction. Whites won’t be left alone to set up little folkish refugia in the forest. We’ll be harassed and hunted until the end of time. There’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Especially with modern technology.

I would also add that this escapism is pretty cowardly. Even when Rome was on its last legs, noble and heroic men still tried to pick up the pieces and fought to the bitter end (Aurelian springs to mind). However, picking your battles is not always cowardly, which brings me to the second group of “no political solution” espousers…

This seems to consist of people whose idea of a “political solution” is dressing up as a Neo-Nazi and doing silly LARP rallies while trying to rehabilitate the image of Adolf Hitler. They seem to believe that if they take to the streets and shout enough “fourteen eighty-eights” and “sieg heils,” then the masses will suddenly “wake up” and start waving swastika flags around.

Conservative, Right-Wing, or Christian people need to understand that we are, more or less, the political equivalent of pagans during the late Roman Empire, after Christianity was imposed as the new state religion (or “ideology”). We are fighting against a monumental force that is as powerful now as the Romans were then, perhaps even more so. Yes, a lot of regular people are still mostly “pagan” in their ideological leanings (they dislike “wokeness” and so on) but that doesn’t mean much without institutional power. The entire system is aggressively trying to eradicate any and all forms of “paganism,” i.e. the “regressive” and “antiquated” worldviews that are, in the eyes of the postwar order, epitomized by Nazism.

The glorious victory of progressive globalism over “regressive” nationalism is the founding myth of the postwar order. “We must prevent Hitler 2 at all costs!” is its founding ideological principle. As “woke” globalism has supplanted Christianity as the West’s dominant religion, Nazism has been transmuted from a historical political movement into some sort of metaphysical, Platonic evil, with Hitler as the new Satan. The average individual literally believes that Nazism is worse than pedophilia. So, attempting to rehabilitate Nazism and declaring: “It’s time for Hitler 2!” is clearly not an intelligent political strategy.

Rehabilitating Nazism today is like branding yourself a “Devil Worshipper” during the Middle Ages. It’s the political equivalent of trying to storm the beaches of Normandy with five guys dressed in clown suits and armed with water guns. You are not going to win. You are going to be destroyed without incident. Always attack your enemies’ weakest defenses, not their strongest. There is a reason why federal agents and spooks invest so much time in propping up Nazi organizations, and it’s not because they’re scared that the “National Socialist Revolution is right around the corner!”

When this genius strategy fails to garner results, ardent Nazi LARPers often get demoralized and begin to spew “no political solution!” Sometimes, they splinter off into a related but not identical camp: “Accelerationism.” Generally speaking, these are people who have been groomed by sinister, glow-in-the-dark operations that predominantly target demoralized, young, impressionable (and often autistic) social outcasts, and attempt to goad them into committing acts of terrorism or other illegal activities (see: AtomWaffen Division, and so on).

It should be plainly obvious by now, to everyone with a functioning brain, that these “accelerationist” outfits (and the ideology of “accelerationism” itself) are nothing more than glow-in-the-dark entrapment schemes designed to hurt the Right-Wing, conservative, nationalist, and anti-globalist movement(s), and Whites in general. If you want to be an “accelerationist,” then you should join the World Economic Forum. I guarantee that they are “accelerating” society faster than any silly little fedpost squad could ever dream of doing.

“Remarkable filing in the case of high-level Atomwaffen member Kaleb Cole outs Joshua Caleb Sutter, the publisher of Martinet Press (Iron Gates, Liber 333, Bluebird), AWD member & a key figure in the O9A Tempel ov Blood, as an FBI informant. Since ’03”

So, what are the actual political solutions? Nothing exciting. The same stuff that all other political movements have done since the dawn of time. This includes organizing to take over local politics, colonizing academia, trying to court some of the more “based” elites, working on Alt-Tech platforms, organizing activism with parents (like the anti-CRT movement and the movements to protect children from grooming in schools), and so on.

Progress will be incredibly slow. This struggle will go on for multiple generations. You might be dead and buried before our side sees victory; abolishing this system could take centuries. It will also require people to toe the fine line of not being a cuck and not being a revolting freak. The latter is very difficult in dissident politics because the influences of negative freakish behavior are everywhere and greatly exacerbated by social media, dopamine addiction, and the endless quest for hot takes.

To end on a positive note, after the COVID fiasco, mass movements against globalism sprung up throughout the West. Everyone hates the WEF and the Great Reset, and most people have heard of at least one of them. Millions of regular people spontaneously protested against COVID tyranny, digital identity, and so on. We have a huge opportunity to make anti-globalism a mainstream stance again. Pointing out the evils of the world technocracy is now easier than ever.


I forgot to mention the entire reason I wrote this article to begin with: Recently I have seen a lot of people on Twitter and other places telling dissidents to move out of the cities, avoid college/academia, and so on. This is clearly terrible advice for any individual/movement who wants to take political power or even to vaguely influence the direction of society. Like it or not, urban areas are where power is concentrated and our side should be fighting for as much institutional power, wealth, and influence as possible. Even if it’s unattainable, merely being a thorn in the side of the enemy is better than nothing. It’s much easier to do that at a local college, for example, than at a farm in the middle of nowhere.